Icon Challenge #11: Moulin Rouge - Satine - WINNERS UP!!


This week, we're going to do the beautiful Satine from Moulin Rouge. :)

Please note the changes to the rules (see below)

Here are the caps you can choose from to make your icon(s):

Satine 01

Satine 02

Satine 03

Satine 04

Satine 05

Here are the RULESplease read them carefully:

[1] You must enter your icon(s) at ONE of 2 levels: beginner or advanced. Please state clearly when you send your entries to DaWacko by PM which level you are entering at.

[2] You can enter up to 3 icons, using the caps provided above. If you make more than one icon, you must use a different screencap for each one (i.e. please don't submit 3 icons that use the same cap).

[3] You have until 5 p.m. GMT Saturday October 21st to complete your icon and submit it. PLEASE NOTE – you must PM your entry to DaWacko, not myself.

[4] Your icons must be 100x100 pixels in size – it is any bigger, it will be re-sized, and those never look so good. So please make sure to make your icon so it is that particular size..

[5] The images can be cropped in any way you like. Be as creative as you wish with this step of your icon-making.

[6] I don’t want to see any vulgar words or phrases in the icons. If there is something in them that can be considered offensive, your icon will not be accepted.

[7] You must use the caps I have provided – don’t go around looking for different caps from the same film/TV show or a very similar one. If you don’t use the cap I’ve provided, your entry will not be accepted.

[8] If you need or would like help with making your icon, check out this thread over in the Fan Art forum:

Icon Tutorials

[9] Most importantly, as this is an anonymous competition like the photo ones, YOU MUST NOT POST YOUR ICONS HERE. If you do, it will be disqualified. This is make sure that the voting is unbiased, and so everyone has a fair chance of winning a banner.

Your finished icon should be uploaded to your own Photobucket account (or similar) and then PM the link to DaWacko, NOT myself. Winners may each receive a banner, availble from me (wibble) by request via PM.

Any questions, please feel free to post them here, or PM myself or DaWacko. :)
Re: Icon Challenge #11: Moulin Rouge - Satine

I might just enter this one. :)

Great idea you guys, it looks really interesting. :D
Re: Icon Challenge #11: Moulin Rouge - Satine

I like the idea very much ! ;)

The movie so great !

Because it gives two levels and finally a beginner had a chance, to make a icon for a challenge.... ;)
Re: Icon Challenge #11: Moulin Rouge - Satine

I'm in!
Not a big fan of the movie, but Nicole is great.
Re: Icon Challenge #11: Moulin Rouge - Satine

Ah Moulin Rouge...what a brilliant theme to start with.
Adore that film...(and Ewan McGregor *Swoon*)
Re: Icon Challenge #11: Moulin Rouge - Satine

I'd like to enter, so count me in, I'm no expert at this sort of thing so I'll be joining the beginners' club :lol:
Re: Icon Challenge #11: Moulin Rouge - Satine

Wonderful pictures but i have some problems with the coloring of my icons though. :rolleyes:
Re: Icon Challenge #11: Moulin Rouge - Satine

I'm glad theres a beginners level in this comp!
Cant wait to see the results as the images are so beautiful to begin with!
*sings along to soundtrack*
I'm in the mood to watch the movie now! ;)
Re: Icon Challenge #11: Moulin Rouge - Satine

Ok, so I pulled out the MR soundtrack after I've seen those pics. Feeling very sentimental now. I might make some icons later...or tomorrow. Or maybe not. Nice pics anyways :)
Re: Icon Challenge #11: Moulin Rouge - Satine

I may have to try this out. Plus, I love Moulin Rouge :)
Re: Icon Challenge #11: Moulin Rouge - Satine

I'm glad people are liking the new idea so far, and this week's choice of movie character :)

You know, if anyone has a film or more than one film/TV show they'd like to see go up as an icon challenge, I'm always open to suggestions :) I try to vary the types of movie and TV show I put up, but it's not always easy to get it right and put up something most people will like. So any suggestions, please don't hesitate to PM me ;)