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    Okay so this is a really random thread but its for all the songs that go with eric and calleigh and their relationship. so if u no a song, name the artist and the title, if its eric or calleighs point of view (or both of theirs) and maybe a timeline if u can?? is this type of thread even aloud, cuz im new here so?...
    Heres a list of songs i no:

    Land Antebellum- Ready to love Again- Calleigh pov, i think it could be her thoughts b4 she kissed him in 7.16
    Landy Antebellum- I run to you- both pov- during their relationship, probably in season 7
    Taylor Swift-Breathless- could be both pov- maybe wen eric comes back from puerto rico??
    David Archuleta- Crush- eric pov- b4 they get together
    Glee cast version- cant fight this feeling- eric pov- before they're together
    Brandy-Fall- calleigh pov- wen she decides she should be with eric
    Clay Walker- Fall- eric pov- eric telling calleigh its ok to need someone
    Faber Drive- Killin me- eric pov- before they get together
    Boys like Girls- Contagious- eric pov- maybe their talk after in the wind
    Jordin Sparks- Next to you- eric pov- before they're together
    Shawn Desman- Shiver- eric pov- around beginning of relationship (pretty much from 7.16- before finale

    srry its so long :eek:
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    <3Csi.Miami<3 Welcome to shipper central.
    There is already a song thread located here...

    Eric/Calleigh song thread

    Also, in song threads, we ask that you post more than just the lyrics. Perhaps why you think the song fits the couple, etc..

    Enjoy your time here and let us know if you have any other questions.

    I'm locking this thread.
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