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    Hey CSI-lovers,
    Are you all enjoying the newest season as much as I do? I just can’t express how much I like it, just mind-blowing. Every week I’m literally waiting for the newest episode and I even record the episodes so I can re-watch it another time. So yeah, you can say I’m pretty addicted to CSI. :luvlove:

    Because I know not everyone is so addicted to it or because some of you are new to solving crimes I want to give you a small dictionary that can help you solving the crimes along with the team. So if you don’t know a word, forget about searching the whole web and just look if it’s written in here. It saves you a lot of time, time you could spend watching the best show everrrr!!!

    Well, I’ve talked enough. Let’s begin! By the way, if you have a word which is not explained yet, send me a message and I’ll update the dictionary immediately.


    Automated Fingerprint Identification System. AFIS is the system which has all known fingerprints in their database. As soon they need to identify an unknown fingerprint they run it through AFIS to see if the fingerprint is already known to them. It can give them a new suspect or it can confirm they are on the right track.

    A suspect can prove he or she didn’t do it by using an alibi. It can prove that the suspect was in another place at the time the crime was committed. The CSIs check the alibi and if the alibi is correct the suspect is no longer a suspect.

    Alternative Light Source. ALS is a blue light that is used to make things more visible. Things like fingerprints are difficult to see in the normal light. So they use ALS to make it easier.

    The autopsy is done by the medical examiner. He examines the victim to determine how and when the victim died. Mostly he can also give an indication of the murder weapon.

    Ballistics is the scientific study of the use of firearms in criminal acts. Bullets fired have an unique mark and can determine what type of gun was used. Bullets found at the crime scene can be compared to weapons of different suspects to find a match. Weapons are also registered to people so if they found the weapon they can easily find the suspect.

    The calibre is the diameter of a bullet or of a rifled firearm. It is measurable and is therefore used in ballistics. When you know the caliber it is easier to find which gun was used in the murder.

    Cause of death. It is the reason why the person is dead. Sometimes by accident, sometimes on purpose. It wouldn’t be CSI if it wasn’t because of a natural cause. So mostly the COD has something to do with one or more persons involved.

    Combined DNA Index System. It is more or less the same as AFIS but for DNA instead of fingerprints. It is a system which has all known DNA profiles in their database.

    Crime scene
    The crime scene is the place where either the crime was committed or where the victim was found. The victim isn’t always murdered at the place where he is found.

    Crime scene investigators. This is the team that collects evidence and investigates the murder. They also find suspects and question them. They are the most important people in the series and return (almost) every episode.

    Deoxyribonucleic acid. It is genetic material which is unique to each individual. All known DNA is put in CODIS and DNA can be used to identify a John or Jane Doe.

    Dead on arrival. When a victim is DOA he or she was already dead when the team arrived on the crime scene.

    Evidence is all the material collected to find the murderer. These are collected by the CSIs


    Fingerprints are the marks left behind by your fingers. It is made by the ridges on your fingertips and are unique for every person. AFIS contains all known fingerprints.

    Forensic entomology
    The study of insects. Insects found at a crime scene or at the body of a victim can tell when and where the crime took place. It can also determine the time of death and how long the body lies there.

    Gunshot residue. When a weapon is triggered it leaves residue behind on the shooter and the surrounding objects.

    Jane Doe
    Jane Doe is used for an unidentified female victim. The origin is unclear but most likely it is because John and Jane were the most common names when they came up with it.

    John Doe
    John Doe is the male version of a Jane Doe.

    Las Vegas Police Department. The police of the Las Vegas.

    The reason why the murderer committed the crime. The intention can be different for everyone.

    Serial killer

    A serial killer is a murderer who committed multiple crimes. Mostly the murders are linked to each other.

    Time of death. The time when the victim died, this can be determined by for example the body temperature or forensic entomology.

    Without a victim the CSIs wouldn’t have work. The victim is the murdered person and without him or her there wouldn’t be a crime scene or murderer.


    A witness is a person who has seen the crime but didn’t have anything to do with it. He or she can sometimes give a description of the murderer or of an event that happened before.

    Hope you all enjoyed it!
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