How can I find CSI episodes where the 'exchange principle' is quoted?

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    I am trying to gather a gift my my grandma. The thing is that Edmond Locard is my great great grandfather and I would like to make a compilation to my grandmother of episode where his name or theory is quoted. So far I only found one episode:
    - CSI Miami : Out of Time (Saison 8, Episode 1)

    Thanks for your help
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    Re: How can I find CSI episodes where the 'exchange principle' is quot

    Welcome to the board, cstagnara. I only have a few of the dvds, but I did a yahoo search and found the following. In the original CSI (the Vegas team), season 1 episode 16, "Too Tough to Die", this quote takes place:

    Nick (about the victim): Did she know the guy? Did he use his car or hers?
    Grissom: Locard's principle: He took a piece of her away with him and he left a piece of himself here. (beat) We get to find it.

    (It was the one-liner just before the opening theme song.)

    Edited to add:
    Also found this one from the original CSI, season 1, episode 23, "The strip Strangler":

    "Everybody knows white cotton fibers aren't like fingerprints. They can't be traced. You don't get a ... match on a towel."
    "In theory. But the truth is every object is changed by its owner. By his habits. His ... washing machine, for instance. His detergent."
    "The totality of microscopic elements. It's Locard's Theory."
    -- Syd Goggle and Gil Grissom (The Strip Strangler)
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