High School Musical!!!!!!

I loved HSM 2! But I didn't think it was as good as number one, the songs and the choreography were better in my opinion but number one was just brilliant, with the ultra catchy songs we all know and love and sing at the drop of a hat. But the new songs aren't as catchy. My favorite characters Ryan, he's just fab in the second movie coming into his own, I'm not sure if he's gay or not though. I'm completely for Zanessa their so cute together :D
hi guys,i just saw high school musical 3...and i have a new ship!!(besides CaRWash..duh).Anyway my new ship would be ryan and kelsi(btw ryan evans is my favorite character )and i was wondering wheter it is just me who thinks they are cute and are there any fansites out there for them?Oh and lucas grabeel is just so cute and looks way younger than he actually is!And i love his voice too..what about you guys here?
anyway anyone here seen hsm 3?i love it ...and the ryan and kelsi seen at the piano ,,oh my god(i mean i did think in the 2nd movie that they were a bit cute..but i didn't think anything)..well there was a scene when ryan and kelsi were at the piano and then ryan ask her out and then plays the song on the piano ..i think my heart skiped a beat or two..literally..oh and after the movie finished..i was a bit dazed and i think happy although i wished they would have had a proper duet or even more than 1 duet(just so you know..later when we went to eat dinner,my aunt ask me what i want and i wanted to say more duets for ryan and kelsi or at least 1 proper duet..they are so cute together!!:)anyway i saw it on friday and i have been trying to find some fan groups to share my passion about this new pairing...so if your ship they or know a website on they..please let me know..:):)

and keep this thread alive..lucas grabeel/ryan evans fans;)and of course High school musicals fans.
I am so looking forward to see High School Musical 3!!! I loved the first 2 movies and I can't wait to see this one!! You guys are so lucky you have already seen it!!!
I am trying to learn the words to the songs so I can sing them in the movie theatre :p
Yeah I know, I am a nerd :lol:
When the movie was first shown, I didn't mind it too much. Bit cheesy for my liking - I much prefer Grease. Then my elevn year-old little sister got it on DVD. And CD soundtrack. And now every song drives me insane.

Ever since the advert for the third movie was shown in April or something, everyday I was asked "Hazel will you take me to see that when it comes out?". Gets a little bit annoying after a month LOL! Thankfully I didn't have to go see it, my ever so sad mother decided that she really wanted to see it and they went on Saturday.

How relieved was I?!?!