Hey Guys

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CSI Level One

I'm not sure if any of you guys remember me, but I used to be on here a long time ago. Well, I'm back (lol).

There's been alot that's happened that's kept me from being on here. Both personal and school related.

The main thing was that, my dreams of being an infield CSI/Police officer were crushed. I was told that due to a knee injury that I had a while go, there was no way that I could've passed the agility test. That really took a tole on me, being as that was my dream.

Since then, I've gotten a degree in something else that I'm passionate about (Motorsports Management....I know, I'm a redneck....lol).

Just thought that I'd come here and give you guys the message letting you know that I was back.

See ya,

Nicksbabygurl :)
Welcome back nicksbabygurl, it's always lovely to see old faces return to the forum. :) But as we have lots of new and returning members things would get a bit cluttered if everyone opened a new thread to introduce themselves, so I'll lock this one and ask that you post in our Introductions/Farewells thread instead. Thanks! :)

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