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    Being new can be a bit overwhelming sometimes, here are some helpful Links, Tips, & Information to help you out and reference back to if you need it, though it maybe overwhelming try to getting familiar with it is all we are asking, Any New updates will be put into other posts on this thread. If you run into problems or questions do not hesitate to PM Smokey or DJRideout.

    FAQ, Annoucements, The QSF Board, The Csifile News, News Discussion Forum, Premium Memberships, Having More than One Account, More Then One Account Reminder!, Name Change Request, Picture Use, Solicitations, Just A Reminder Rule

    Abusive Private Messages:

    T'Bonz Wrote the following in the Shipper forum but we want it clear in here as well. Abusive PMs. PMs are not a right, but a privilege. If I find that someone is being abusive via PM or chasing off people because of venomous PMs, I can take away the right of PMs for said person or ban the person. Don't say behind everyone's back what you won't say to their faces.
    NOTICE: To use PM's (Private Message's) you much be here Two (2) weeks and have Fifty (50) posts.

    Avatars & Banners:
    Avatars: You must you must be here two (2) weeks and have Fifty (50) posts before you can have an Avatar, and then they can be uploaded to this server and no longer needs to be hosted at another site (ie photobucket, etc). Go into "User CP" then "Edit Avatar" and follow the direction they give. If you don't see your avatar retry it again, and then if it still doesn't work, you can ask in QSF (Questions/Suggestions/Feedback) Forum for more help. The max size avatar you can have is 140x140. Avatars cannot carry Adult Content, Swearing, Baiting, Trolling, Flaming, or shipping real life stars in them.

    Banners: You're Banner must be no bigger then 220 wide, by 75 high, also as a part of the signature rules, you can have either a "Banner" or "Text" but NOT both, we ask that you abide by these rules. If we notice your sig is not inline with the rules we will post or PM you regarding this matter, and we would appreciate for your full cooperation in resolving the matter. Below is an example of the Banner size.


    To resize a banner if you do not know how to do it, you can always go into the "Art Forum" and ask for help, there are plenty of talented people who can help you. Banners cannot carry Adult Content, Swearing, Baiting, Trolling, Flaming, or shipping real life stars, in them.

    Chatting & Self Censor:
    Chatting: Please Remember this is a Message Board NOT a Real time Chat-room (you can tell if your doing it by the time coded on the top of each post), it makes it difficult to monitor and could result in warnings, or locked posts, we don't want to take away your freedom to post or talk, we just want you to remember this, the rules state as a general rule, don't post more than two or three threads in a forum within a reasonable length of time.

    Self Censor: When it comes to swearing we ask that you censor yourself (even just a little), since the board censors are not on to do it for you, there are many ways of doing this and I have faith that you all know what they are, this is not a general rule of the board, but something being asked by the moderators of this forum, because of the minors on the board (even if they already know it) its still nice not to constantly see swearing all the time.

    Edit Time Of Posts or Editing Mod Comments:
    Edit Time of Posts: You have up to 24 hrs to edit your posts, in hopes of slowing down the double posting, now you can go back and edit your posts and make the changes or add to it.

    Editing Mod Comments: If a mod edits you're post it is done for a reason, do NOT go in and remove said edit from the post, doing so is subject to an Official Warning, and possible removal from the forum.

    Episode Links, Fan Vids & Downloading Discussions:
    Episode Links: There are three legal ways of getting CSI episodes online those are CBS's Innertube and iTunes, and Youtube (with provided by CBS). Anything through is going to be legal.

    Fan Video's: There are many definitions to what a fan video is, one might say its one that has bits and pieces from different scenes spliced into one video with music added, others would just say that its just a singular scene from a single episode that is untouched. It only goes without saying that there will most certainly be Fan Videos floating around. That being said untouched is fine, spliced can have copyright problems, even with the "Fair Use Act Protection".

    Downloading Discussions: The "Intellectual Property" rule in which it states that you can not discuss, request or link to any material that is downloaded. If you have any Questions or would like further information on this please do not hesitate to ask in the "QSF" (Questions, Suggestions, Feedback) Forum. - As long as it is from a legal site (ie itunes, walmart, etc) being where you pay for the downloads is allowed to be discussed (we ask that you specify or we may think you are talking about a site that is considered illegal (kazaa, Fansites, MIRC, BitTorrent, Usenet, eDonkey or P2P, etc). As T'Bonz has said its evolving so we are taking it one step at a time.

    While there are many people from all around the country, please be aware that this is an English speaking board, a few words in your native language is fine (as long as we can interpret them easily) but otherwise please keep it in English, and if you are not fluent in English don't worry about it, no one is judging you on it, you're spelling or command of word, and if they are please feel free to report it to a moderator in that forum, just remember we all make mistakes sometimes.

    Letters or Smilie Abuse & Posting Discussions:
    Letters/Smilie Abuse: We get that people are happy and they want to show it, but overuse of lettering or smilies is a no-no, as is overly large smilies that you link yourself to a post. As a rule of thumb try not to go over 3 extra letters in a word or 3 smilies in a row, and or try not to over load your post with smilies, this can stretch the screen and be inconsiderate of others.

    Posting Discussions: Also adding substance to your responses, more then one line or one word, or alot of smilies, over drama of words or letter, its good to give opinions, other wise it might be considered spamming substance in a thread keeps a good conversation flow, adding in that everyone has the right to their opinions, we ask that you respect that and remember the rules state that you can disagree with someones opinion but you can not attack the poster.
    We need to keep in mind so that we may maintain a balance in the threads, where the bickering, arguing and snarky comments are kept to a minimum or out altogether. Telling someone to "not watch the show if they don't like something" that is actually rude, flip side telling someone they cannot discuss something is also rude.

    Notify Mod Button:
    There is a button on each post that a user can use if they find that the post is breaking the rules, this will send the mods of that forum a message that we need to see that thread a little faster them usual, just click this button [​IMG] then pick the violation, and if its not on there choose "other" and please write in either way what is going on (eg. Fighting in thread). Please do not abuse this feature, if you are not sure then hold off, usually there is a mod that pops in at different times, but if you feel its needed then use it.

    Pictures Posting - Hotlinking - Copywriting
    Picture Posting: When posting pictures in threads please keep them in thumbnail form no bigger then either 2 Medium pics around 130x130, or 3 Small pics around 115x115. Anything bigger (or over the amounts listed) should be put into no more than "12 URL Links" per post. Remember you can always show the Thumbnails with a clickable link to a bigger version (as shown in the post below).
    As well remember to give URL links a name (not just re-put in the addy) a good descript of the pic will be helpful. Also please only "Showing" pictures from your own site (ie Photobucket, etc.) hotlinking is not allowed Pictures can not carry Adult Content, Swearing, Baiting, Trolling or Flaming in them. If you are new please note that you have to have 100 posts before you can post a picture, until you reach that mark you can use the "URL" link to the picture.

    Hotlinking: is when link to a picture and it shows up to be seen in the post. (for example if you see a cool picture on a second site and bring it over and post that pic in full view that is hotlinking, and is pulling that other sites bandwidth. Not to mention would get the post edited. Clickable Hotlinking: is when you post the image as explained above and then click the picture to go to a bigger picture which is on that secondary site. thats a no-no as well. But clickable URL linking: Like with News stories or to go visit a site, or to go see a picture is not considered hotlinking, it's not stressing bandwidth, and it brings over traffic of peeps who might not have seen the site.

    Copywriting: Posting a spoiler word for word (or lines as well) is not allowed, we ask that you put it in a short summery of you're own words. Some places that we or they prefer that you not link to them for the spoilers, pics or vids, some places like 'sides' & 'SpoilerTv' that you are not allowed to mention or link to please be mindful of this. If asked to cite you're source contact DJRideout or Smokey for help if you are unsure. Copyright violations will be edited and or removed. Due to copyrights the use of Scripts in whole or in part will no longer be allowed to be copy, pasted or linked to on this site, what you can do is summarize in you're own words a description of the episode/s and discuss it from there. You can use descriptions as described in the scripts as long as you don't not infringe on any of the copyrights of the site in which you are getting that info.

    Ship Discussions:
    The only time a ship discussion is allowed in LV is when said ship is canon and pertains to said episode. Anything other than that (ie rants, wishful thinking, overall talk) belongs in "Shipper Central".

    Keep spoilers out of clearly unmarked threads, alot of people don't want to know about a future episode, if you want to discuss a spoiler you can do so in the "Spoiler Lab", if asked about a spoiler direct them to the Ep thread, or Lab please. - Spoiler Pictures have a thread separate from the lab this thread is for future unaired episode pictures and discussions on said pictures.

    Stars Personal Life Discussion:
    The stars tend to draw a line between the public knowledge, and their private lives, and its a line that this board expects its members to respect.
    What is appropriate and what is an invasion of privacy? When a star states publicly (via interview, official website, ect) things from marriage to children, divorce to dating, sexual origin, charities they help, their feelings on certain aspects that are happening in the world, etc, that is appropriate to discuss.
    But when you dig deeper or speculate on what they have not spoken of or eluded to, that is a line that should not be crossed, because going further then what they have publicly stated is an intrusion of their privacy and not appropriate to discuss.
    Also lets keep discussion of body parts to a limit, there is a point in which you can go to far, this includes naming them as well.

    Please do look around, duplicate posts on the same subject can be confusing, and if you look at the bottom of this forum you will see drop down boxes just click and choose how far back you want to go for more pages.
    You can also go into the "User CP" and Edit "Options" and then down to "Thread Display", your options are: Mode: How the threads are displayed (oldest, newest, etc), Posts Per Page: How many posts you can see (between 5-40), Thread Age Cut Off: This will allow you to determine how many pages of threads you will see.
    Once a thread goes over 1,000 posts it will be locked and if its going good, another one (ie Part 2) will be opened with a link to the old one in the new thread, and the new link in the old thread. Know this doesn't mean we are doing away with the thread, we are just closing the old and making it fresh again.

    USER CP:
    This is where you would make all your changes all you do is go to the top of the forum and once in there you just click "User CP" then you will see a list on the left side such as:
    -Editing of, Email, profiles (IM info, Websites, etc), options (ie thread display, etc) & Avatars.
    -Private Messages, Subscribe to threads, and Miscellaneous options.

    Warnings by mods:
    We usually give members a chance by giving three types of warning depending upon the severity of the problem, you might receive:
    -A gentle reminder: Just as it states you will be reminded of the rules.
    -Unofficial Warning: This will give you a second chance if we believe its warranted.
    -Official Warning: This means you will be reported to the Admin from there it will be between you and them.

    We reserve the right to Change or Update at anytime. Thank you. Please Remember To Check Back **Locked**
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    I am just adding this as a temp for those who need to know... for those who want to use the "Linkable URL" there are two ways to do this..

    Picture Posting Size Change:
    see above "Pictures Posting-Hotlinking-Copywriting" topic and you will see it. ;)

    URL Linkable Code by hand [ url=AddyOfPicHere]Name Of Pic Here[ /url]
    Or Click [​IMG] then follow the code to where you put in the name (it will show the addy again) erase the second addy and put in the name.

    How To Link Thumbnail pic to bigger pic, (Just remove the spaces)
    [ url=BigPicAddyHere][​IMG][/url]

    Also you might have noticed, this looks different then the last help guide, we re-did it all links workable, and alot of the info is now set for this board. If you have problems with the new board don't hesitate to PM us or go to the QSF (Questions, Suggestions, Feedback) board.
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    Anyone looking to write the powers that be of the show, here is who and the address (Thanks to Wojo for the address).

    Carol Mendelsohn (or any other writer or producer)
    Executive Producer, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
    c/o CSI
    100 Universal City Plaza
    Bldg. 2128 Suite B
    Universal City, CA 91608

    If you don't want to use Snail mail you can go through the CBS website, though I can not Guarentee that they will see it this way, but here is the link. "Feedback"
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    Putting this in each new thread can be time consuming so what we are doing is putting it in here and then linking this post in the first post of any new character/actor, etc thread.


    1. Lets remember NOT to post pictures of any kind of future episodes in non spoiler threads, any ep pics must be from those that have already aired, if its an ep night (Thursday) then you have to wait until the last airing (U.S. Time) which would be 1 am (thursday/friday) to discuss or post anything from any new eps. Keep this in mind for the future. Also if you have pics of future eps we have a thread Right Here to post them.

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