Have the soundtracks changed?

Discussion in 'CSI Music' started by dean18, Oct 27, 2014.

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    I have bought a few old CSI NY episodes and I find that the songs listed on old webpages from that time include songs that do not appear to be in the episode. I know that small parts of songs are often used, but it sounds to me as if there is a great deal of ambient music in my version and some of the original songs are missing.

    For example Season 3 episode 20 "what dreams may come". Looking at some old webpages from that time, sometimes in other languages, I have found these songs listed as being from that episode:

    1 Calling All Angels Jane Siberry and k.d. lang Jane Siberry
    2 I’m A Superman Dean 18
    3 Talk Coldplay Chris Martin, Guy Berryman, Jon Buckland, Will Champion,
    4 Sun Star CHUMP and Marcela May Wojtczak Jeff MacDonald

    I have listened closely to my itunes version of the episode and don't hear these songs. Is it just me, are these old postings wrong, or have the soundtracks been changed from the original broadcasts?
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    The problem with music is that it has to be cleared to be used, and once shows go to DVDs, it can get expensive, which is one of the reasons why shows are NOT on DVD. This may be the case.

    Read the "Home video" section in this Wikipedia article. [​IMG]

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