H/Cal #5 - DuCaine...Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

well, I don't think Calleigh could ever get that angry at Horatio. I think she trusts him enough to know that he did this for all the right reasons & to not hurt anyone.

I hope so anyway - then again we may see a new side to all of them with H going darker. That will suck, cause I don't mind him taking his anger out on the bad guys but I'll be more than irritated if his love for the team get's swiped because of this "darker" storyline.
I don't think I could handle seeing that - it would ruin it for me.
My Please Flo. :thumbsup:

Yes I loved her reaction too! Calleigh is our Gril!!!

WHich is why I had to run over here and share the link for all the DuCainers to see!!!:drool::drool::drool:

Without hope... we have nothing!;) :lol: I will always have hope! Especially for DuCaine.

OH My God, I would just love a DuCaine hug!!! THEY HAVE TOO!!!! Mjszud... yes, yes... a nice long hug!!!:lol:

I knew it! I knew it! I knew it!!!! DuCaine is NOT dead!

Oh my gosh I nearly teared up seeing Calleigh's reaction! I never expected her in a million years to react that passionately or emotionally! I figured TPTB had kinda killed off her emotional side, but she's back! And she's showing emotion about Horatio! This is huge!!!! Wow, I'm on a buzz! :lol: She does really care for him...a lot more than most people think, and I think we're gonna get to see that this episode! And I loved how she got to do his one liner!

And I can't wait to see what happens when she finds out he's alive! I kinda hope he just shows up and surprises her. I wouldn't be surprised if she fainted! Please give us a hug! Please give us a hug! Please give us a hug!!! We deserve it! We've been patient! :D

Now I'm even more excited for the season to start! Bring it on!!!!
Hello my lovelies! Sorry I haven't visited in awhile, but my computer keeps crashing when I try to log on to TalkCSI! Grr.. well, it's fixed now so I'm glad to be adding spoiler boxes to my posts again. :D And anyways...

I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS!!! This is wonderful, perfect, amazing happy news!!! The emotional aspect of this will be heartwrenching to watch, and I just want to see her fall into Horatio's arms like she should... and he'll never let her go!

DuCaine cannot die... it's stronger than the wind and rain!
Hey ALL, BIG WAVE!!!!;)

Now we are talking!!!:p

Of course DuCaine is alive and well... we just have to work for it!:thumbsup:

It can't come easy ya know. :p If it did, we wouldn't be so into it all, ya know. The tension of it happening, like Adam said in an interview over on my site. He said we are just (key word, just) Exploring the possibility of Eric and Calleigh, but once they do get together... were do we go from there. So I do believe Cal and Eric may get together but I do not think they will have a relationship because of the job and all. But hey... what do I know.;):lol:

TPTB are telling us, they enjoy giving us all the tension and the anticipation of what is to come... they like keeping us on edge and hoping. Makes sense. Always the sigh of a great show but oh so frustrating. :lol:

I for one, will be super happy and you will all hear my scream, if we get a nice DuCaine moment or,:eek: Like Mjszud said, a Hug. :drool::drool::drool:

HCrazy runs off squealinggggggggggg! :lol:
I think they totally owe us a Ducaine hug - & this occasion is perfect for it!!

From the look of this teaser, & in comparison to her reactions to other "deaths", she is taking this one much harder & I love that TPTB put that emphasis on it!

I don't know why but I do see a hug coming on, or some kind of "touching". I could totally see Horatio apologizing for making her go through it & her replying that she's just happy he's alive. Enter the hugging & touching...:adore:

I hope this incident combined with what Calleigh already has gone thorugh sticks with the both of them & brings back their closeness. I know it's there, TPTB just need to show it more, like back in the day.

BTW, I took a peek at your website HCrazy & I love it. I'll try & spend some more time there...you can't beat a happy place full of Ducaineness!! :thumbsup:Good work, love!
What's up DuCainers? :D :D It's great to see you all, I missed ye so much!! :) The Summer's been nothing but anticipation and waiting for Season 7, which was helped along by amazing fanfiction by HCrazy and brilliant YouTube videos. Kudos to miamirocks, horatiosangel and everyone! The best video clip being the recent Resurrection teaser posted by the great HCrazy!!

This is my first time using a spoiler box, soo exciting!! :)

My heartrate went up during this scene, especially at Calleigh's reaction, which was amazing. She was devastated. She truly foes care about Horatio, and the thought that he could be dead is heartbreaking. And now she's steaming mad!! :evil: B***ch-slap coming up for whoever tried to hurt her Horatio!!

"We find out who did this. We find out!" Ooohh!!

This basically proves what we have been saying all along about how much Horatio and Calleigh care for each other. Horatio proved that in spades during 'All In', and now Calleigh will prove it in 'Resurrection', if this scene is anything to go by. I'm so glad emphasis was put on Calleigh's reaction to such tragic news, and her emotions are very apparent.

Since seeing the clip, I have this vision of Horatio appearing to Eric and Calleigh at the end of the episode, following their investigation of his 'murder'. Calleigh runs up to him and starts hitting him and beating his chest, screaming at him before she breaks down and holds him tight, saying "I'm so glad you're alive." And Horatio would hug her back, saying "I'm so sorry, Calleigh. I wanted to tell you everything..."

Fanfic, anyone? :)

If anything like that happens, I would be really happy. And a big hug!! Agree with you mjszud!! :drool: :drool: :drool: But I'd like to see some real emotion from both of them, and a really big reunion.

I would have to agree with HCrazy on the tension issue. It's a trap that the writers will have to avoid with any couple, and with Horatio and Calleigh. I would have to compare that with House and Cuddy on House MD, whose relationship has been full of flirtation, banter and sexual quips(on House's part at least). They have been dancing around each other for years, and are not together in the canon sense like Horatio and Calleigh.

The hallmark of any perfect TV couple in my own opinion is that even after the first sparks fizzle out, i.e first kiss, first date, etc., they still share a deep bond of love and still keep that chemistry. Things might not change much after the tension has been fulfilled, apart from the fact that they kiss and hug more. (That is deffo a good thing!! ;) :lol:) Even though they are seeing each other, there still has to be loyalty to the qualities that attracted fans to the couple in the first place, such as their professionalism and caring for each other, and the fact that all they need to do is look at each other and communicate so much. Seeing them work together was a dream, and their partnership clicked from the very beginning.

We have watched Horatio and Calleigh's relationship develop, blossom, and deepen for 7 years. We have had a fair share of ups and downs. Horatio and Calleigh have never been given the chance to explore the intimate and romantic side to their relationship, which is a great pity. 'Things get worse before they can get better', as the old phrase says. And we have overcome the worst possible hurdle with the 'distance'.

Now we can live in hope with the new season, and keep the H/C faith!! :)

Our moment is coming, when our thread title will surely come true! It's the final countdown!! :D :D

Here's "The Hug" from 'Lost Son', one of many fond memories of this wonderful couple, one of many more to come. :)

http://i173.photobucket.com/albums/w76/EmeraldEyes06/CSI Miami - Lost Son/PDVD_065.jpg

DuCaine forever!!! :D
Yes, Yes, Yessssssssss!!! :drool: MJ. A hug! A big squishy and squashy hug and they must hold it forever!!!:drool::drool::drool: Drooooool cloth needed here and now! Hehehe

Hey Eeyes... Great to see you and oh so many great points!!! Yes to all of them! I agree, all us DuCaine rs agreeeeee! :thumbsup:

We have a whole promising season ahead and I hope we get a few and maybe more, touching scenes with H&C. They say it is going to be a darker season... so maybe the characters will lean on each other more now than ever.

I am so wishing for that reuniting hug for H&C when the end of this first episode comes. OH and a FF on it... Oh My God, emerald!!!:eek::eek::eek: yes, yes!!! Calleigh pounding her fist on his chest and breaking down while he consoles her and apologizes to her... and then off they go into a wild and rampant love scene! Hahahaha Woooooo HOoooooooo! :luvlove::luvlove::luvlove:
Great idea Emerald, wonderful!!! :adore: Ahhh, soft sigh.

I can hardly wait to see how it will all be played out. My heat is going pitter patter. Almost down to 7 days, 4 hours and 23 mins for me here in New York! Lord help me!:lol::lol::lol:

Can you say... Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! And that is another thing I am looking forward to. The change of the credits in the beginning. :lol::lol::lol:

HCrazy runs off very excited!:p
Okay my DuCainers... Here is my first manip for you all and for Season 7!:thumbsup:


Have fun watching tonight's episode... I can't wait to tell you all about it!!! I am dying over here!!!!!!!!! :lol::lol::lol: So much to talk about.... so much, our Calleigh.... Ooh, her reaction, the teams reaction. Our H&C. Can you say Miami is Back! Ack!:guffaw:

I say we are so going to get H&C this season. And we always have manips too! ;)

:drool::drool::drool: Click on it and get ready to SQUEEEEEEEALLLLLLLL!

Hcrazy :lol::lol::lol:
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^^^ :adore::adore::adore:

Awh, thanks Hcrazy, I suppose that makes up for the lack of DuCaine in last night's epi. :( :wtf:

I was really surprised that her emotions went from being sad & weepy to "oh ok let's get the ball rolling, now Im pissed", :lol: but I guess that is our Calleigh.
Still, it stunk that there was no chat between them after she found out he was alive. One tiny scene of him talking to her about why he did it (like H did with Eric) would have been a nice touch.

It really didn't make any sense that he wouldn't have spoke to her about it, especially after her being so torn at first. He owed her - I thought :eek:

I'll just pretend that off screen H went & talked to her, they hugged, & then they all went out to celebrate his resurrection over champagne :p
Hey MJ,

Yep, I completely agree. Not only Calleigh either but what about Frank! He is always by Horatio's side and he was upset too. I wish we could have had a nice ending scene where he would have explained to all of them why he did what he had to do.;)

I guess I will just imagine it in my head too!:lol: Oh and maybe write a missing scene to satisfied my brain he really did talk to her... them!:lol::lol::lol:

Great Episode! I am hoping for some nice DuCaine scenes and pics, so I can make more manips!!!:drool:

If I see H with Julia again I will... PUKE!!! :lol::lol::lol: Although it makes for some very nice MANIPS!!!:devil::devil::devil:

well hey y'all i've been away for a while from this thread:) i come back here and find it empty come on people!!!

pass around the cookies!!!! :):):):)