Grissom & Sara #31 : Yes. Let's Do It.

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keep the faith guys - gotta remember that NO WHERE has it been said that GSR will be ending!!! a lot of interviewers instantly jumped to this conclusion when it was announced that Jorja would be leaving, but no-one of any authority has backed these theories up. Sara WILL be back! we KNOW that! when? why? how? who knows? but she WILL be back. Oh yeah and I see a ring in that pic too - added to the fact I see one in the pic from 8x07 of Griss reading the letter... I'm pretty sure they've tied the knot... what are the chances of Billy forgetting to take his ring off 2 episodes in a row when it's never happened before?

the thing that really struck me with these promos is quite how exhausted Sara looks, and I mean in all respects - emotionally, physically, mentally - she looks as if she hasn't slept in weeks and has just simply given up, she's now just going through the motions of her everyday life, but she's 'not there', so to speak, anymore. Her heart just isn't in it, she's fed up of fighting a losing battle. it's totally heart wrenching to see from a character who always went the extra mile, to see her so resigned, giving up so easily... what's even more upsetting is it appears that no-one noticed that she was burning out until she was just a pile of ashes...
I've been thinking that Sara looked so washed out in her last ep & the next ep because Jorja was probably upset about her tenure at CSI coming to a close. Although on the pics of Jorja we've seen since she finished CSI she looks pretty good. Especially that EW pic.
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Me too, I had company who were talking in between the scenes, so I watched it again today, after work, and wa-la.. it was there, with stupid Hodges horning in right behind them :( he's such a dud! this will be a tear jerker, and I just posted the "I will remember you" on the Sara/Grissom song thread
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That is so sad, she is burning out and nobody notices. I can't believe it, bnot even Grissom noticed. She like gave up on this victims. It is like she physically can't do the job anymore. It has affected her too much. She has defiinately grown since the first time we saw her. She was so full of energy and whatnot and now she hurts and it makes me hurt too. Unfortunately from the promos and last week's ep. I don't think they are going to get married before she leaves. If she got married to him then why would she lkeave, they just gotr married, she shouldn't leave. I think she will call it off and then she will eventually come back and then they will have to start all over again.
You know what's bugging me? We have never heard Sarah say "I love you" to Grissom. I know that he has never spoken those words to her directly, but he did admit that he loved her to the team. I'm just worried... what if the writers decide to throw us a curve ball? I belive that she loves him. We know that he loves her. GOD this sucks that we even have to worry about this. I hope they just fade her to the back. GSR can continue in the privacy of their home. We can get little GSR snippets with them on the phone. Unfortunately, I don't think the writers are going to give us a happily ever after. I fear that the last 8 years has been for nothing.
I hope they do get their "happy ever after" - even if it's not now, I really think Griss and Sara deserve to have their happy ending when the show comes to an end, after all the s**t they've been through, it would be wrong to have it end any other way... mind you TPTB and sense don't always go together, as we have discovered! I just don't think it would be very audience pleasing, after dragging us along for 8 seasons giving us tid-bits here and there, to then break them up - surely even TPTB aren't that stupid (ok maybe they are...) I am still optimistic that, in the long run - Sara's temporary departure will do GSR good and only serve to strengthen what they already have, I don't know why I believe it, but I do.

I like being Stupidly Optimistic - it makes me happy :D
GSR---I was a Buffy and Angel fan. I keep thinking about how Joss Whedon said he didn't believe in happy endings. None of the characters ended happy in that series. It was painful, but beautiful.

Now I'm thinking the same about GSR. I'm in the stages of grief from denial to acceptance. I hate that the marriage spoilers, leaving for counseling, etc were crapolo. To me it looks like she leaves as damaged goods and Grissom goes back to freaky man. For once I wanted a happy ending on CSI. CSI never ends happy b/c someone is always dead. Also, I curse you and praise you fan fic writers who created a world so much more beautiful and satisfying than what I'm afraid we'll get. My heart is breaking and I'm an old women with a family and "life." This hurts so much worse than real life right now.
I wonder, if the writers strike goes on for months like they think, will BP & MH come back for next year? What happens to their contracts. If they don't start filming again for six or nine months or something I wonder if JF would come back? I hope this strike helps all us GSR fans out.
Speaking of the strike The girls at YTDaW are doing some stuff to support it. Go to the WGA Strike thread if you're interested in supporting the writers.
BrookeSidle said:
That's because Jorja couldn't not look great if she tried.

and the only thing i have keeping me going is that she WILL be back.

i'm pretty sure GSR is safe

question: which picture is it that yall see a ring in?

depressed sara=breaking my heart
at least we have fanfics and reruns to warm our hearts a bit ,right...? :confused:
I think I see a ring. I have enlarged that darn pic to 400%... Gosh, he has sexy hands. If Sara leaves Vegas, can you imagine how much this is going to mess with Grissom? He's always been a little creepy. A sexy kind of creepy. He will be left with his bugs and just a taste of what could have been. It will destroy him. Same as if she would have died in Dead Doll. It's what he has been afraid of all along. Poor guy. I hope that I'm wrong, but writers love to build us up only to rip out our hearts. It makes no sense, and I do think they will lose viewers if the kill GSR. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. And I want a geek baby damn it. I want to know that Grissom gets to go home to life, after dealing with death all day. The man deserves to live.
I as well and "STUPIDLY OPTIMISTIC" I refuse to accept or believe that this is the end.. or maybe I'm just stupid. :confused: so what girls are we left with? Cath and Ronnie..great NOT..& grumpy sad Grissom :(part of the heart of CSI will be missing

Sooo...who's got ideas as to how to survive till next Thursday? Also, who's got ideas as to how to console me seeing as I'm horse showing wednesday-sunday, AKA absolutely NO time for csi :(
I'm passing the time reading fanfics & making fanvids. If TPTB won't give me the GSR I want I'll make it myself or read a fanfic with a good ending.
I just get to thinking, they have known for so long now that Jorja would not be sticking about for the reason of the season, if they didn't intend on keeping GSR going despite her absence, wouldn't it have been better to end it before it came out? I mean why go down the route of exposing them, having her transfer to swing, having Grissom propose - i mean big major storylines here, THEN to split them up? it just seems like a hell of a lot of character development storylines for nothing! Nope.. I'm still Stupidly Optimistic, not read anything concrete to say GSR is ending... and Sara WILL be back!
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