Grissom & Sara #31 : Yes. Let's Do It.

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is the game any fun, and can you make the characters do anything...dirty like? lol, jk
i don't think anyone can match sara's voice

GSR on the floor...oh the images :D
I personally think they will kiss because if this thurns out to be Jorja very last episode then I'm sure she wouldn't leave us hanging.
I'm glad I don't have that game then. I wouldn't be able to stand it, everytime I'd end up yelling "You sound nothing like Jorja, you freaking idiot!" She has a very unique voice, no one can sound like her.

Oh, god, "GSR on the floor" I have to hold in a chuckle every time they say "GSR". Has anyone else noticed that they don't say that as much anymore? I think they're on to us... :D
and WP said this in 2005! I'd like to kiss her before the show ends Galaxie Magazine :p and here's a site where you can read this~
Hey guys, I just read a great fanfic for Halloween. "Your Garden Variety" by Cincoflex. Its GSR with Greggo added. Quite an entertaining little yarn & perfect for this time of year. Not much in the smut department, but it's rated M, for lanquage I suppose, so PM me if you need the link.
sorry i this is really stupid question and the answwer is totally obvious, but ive been away on hols 4 the week. If it confirmed anywhere that they get married befeore she leaves, or is it posssible that (god forbid_ she leaves before the wedding?

nuttynickyxx said:
sorry i this is really stupid question and the answwer is totally obvious, but ive been away on hols 4 the week. If it confirmed anywhere that they get married befeore she leaves, or is it posssible that (god forbid_ she leaves before the wedding?


Apparently we find out in the crossover episode that they have married
zooms in on a promo picture of Grissom in Who and What (someone had a little too much free time) and behind the rubber glove you see this really faint outline of a ring. Of course, this could be Billy Petersen's ring that he was just too lazy to take off, but who knows, right? Video/Spoiler Pic
I concur with everyone's optimistic outlooks on the remainder of the show and GSR. I can't can't can't WAIT until Thursday!!! Aaah I'm so excited.

GSR rocks my pink and white polka dot tall boot socks
I am really suprised it is not more chatty in here considering what has happened so far this season. Its been a heavy GSR season and we are only in the 5th episode! YAY! Well.... I am rejoycing in this beautiful thing we have right now because we have no idea what the future holds.

They are frickin' engaged!!

Who would have ever thought after cringing our way through the turned down dinner invitation that we would be squeeing marriage proposal. Oh how I love this ship!

For the future this is what I would like the see happen....

First off, an offscreen marriage. I think the excitment of just seeing them with rings on will be great that we will have to sit around waiting for someone to say something. Or I would love to see Gil and Sara going over a case or something and Gil simply says, "I'll see you later, Mrs. Grissom."

Ooooo or even better. Sara and Grissom being all flirty with eachother and one of them says, "Please, I am married *wink*" Ok so I am off in la la land right now wishing something like this would happen, but I know might never. But hey, I can wish right?

I had an incredible GSR dream last night. Grissom came home late to find Sara asleep in their bed, but she was really crying. So they talk talk talk about her mother killing her father and as she turns away to go back to sleep he grabbed her and held her close and kissed her forehead. Awwwww it was so real, I was so sad to wake up.

Ok enough of my ranting. Yay for canon, engaged ship!
haha, great dream
I don't know where all the rabid fans have gotten to. maybe off in lalaland as well, dreaming and smiling and skipping for joy
we have a geek engagement going on. we are the best canon there is! we win at fandom. lol, everytime i see hear or think of butterflies or bees or weddings or rings or csi for god's sake, i smile. everytime i think or see little moments of gsr from the past i're engaged now.

i love this ship
i don't care too much about what we get, as long as they keep on this fantabulous path they have started!!

ETA: GSR on the inside of a plastic soda bottle
just watched all for our country, that line cracked me up
hell anytime gsr is mentioned i loove it
gsr in the backseat?? anyone?? lol :lol: sorry i'm cucoo
We're engaged!!!! Or least our ship is! :lol:

I know what you mean GSRfanatic_25! I spent three hours last night watching old GSR clips and thinking, "HEHE you're engaged now!" I also watched season 6 clips and was thinking, "HOLY CRAP! They were together then!" Lastly, I watched clips of Grissom being an idot (i.e. the meat thing) and would pretend to slap him! :lol:
haha, funny stuff gsrluver, i'll have to slap grissy from now on. except for the cute things that are like forplay years in advanced

since when are you interested in beauty?
since i met you!

and season's like...lookin for subtext everywhere! thinking "you may be talking about thermite, but you're going home and make some explosions of your own" and "damn right gray hair's sexy, especially when it's giving you beard burn"
wow, i need to lay off the fanfic
or the sugar one

GO GSR best canon ever WE'RE FREAKING ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I watched that video with the spoiler pic in it and as soon as they zoomed in on his hand I started laughing. Silently but hysterically. I don't know why I found it so funny...

I wanted to see the wedding, but as long as it doesn't become one of those things they mention a few times and then just forget about (eg. the coccoon) then I don't really care that much. But I do still want a kiss! Or at least a hug, I could live with just a nice long hug.

I know, it's funny when you're thinking about a season 6 episode and something Grissom or Sara said and then you're just like "Hey, wait a minute, weren't they a couple then?" Then you think about it in a completely different light.
Hey fans.. thanks for the YouTube video, I posted the same one on the 'spoiler thread' ;) mostly anything goes on there. and hopefully this is a fact, and not some imaginary fiction



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