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New episode tonight! Watch and let us know what you thought. :cool:
This was a good episode, they managed to show some history, without throwing things in your face. It was neat how they showed the survivor video's as part of the story, just made it all the more real. On a side note, my last name is Braun, so it was a little weird having the German nazi with the same last name- they even pronounced it right (most people try to translate and call me Brown, which isn't right). My family was on the other side of the war, and escaped Germany- so it made it really weird to watch a Claus (right?) Braun be a nazi...... Anyway, back on topic, it was a really good episode, and really moving. Glad that Danny defended Hawkes, yet Hawkes took the high road, and Hill got a great little monologue out of it. And 2 weeks off to be with the baby for Danny? Not to shabby-bet he was happy and not to upset with the punishment!!!!

P.S. I watched the Canadian channel, and while there is always a warning of episode content, this week they added to it, something like the content would be hard for some viewers to watch.....
The episode is kind of a nice mix of my favorite characters, but towards the end it leans more heavily on Mac. That’s all right of course, but it’s kind of a shame since Hawkes' philosophies on racism were getting pretty interesting and then got nixed.

The crime itself wasn't the most difficult nut to crack, nor did it feel like it weighed heavily on the initial victim, but the underlying themes of the case brought some tension to the whole show that really brings out the best in the characters.

I did find a little annoying that when Sheldon is getting off the phone Danny is intuitive enough to see his pal is shaken and stop in to give him a pat on the back, but when Flack is flouncing over something Danny's always busy, busy, busy. I have no problem with them wanting to set up Danny and Sheldon like bffs. I mean they work in the same office, they get along just fine, their relationship makes a lot of sense, but why do they have to completely side step an older pre-existing relationship to showcase a new one? How hard is it to maintain these existing inter-office friendships? I'm just asking for a line here or there.

exploring Hawkes' family with mention of his Uncle's untimely demise makes me think either they're rushing to pack in all the Sheldony-goodness they can before he bites it in the finale, OR they're FINALLY giving him some back story because he's going to step up his character involvement next season and they'd better give us more dimension of him to explore. I can't decide, but I can hope it's not the former. :(

I'm surprised with the language they're getting away with in some of the interrogation room scenes, I must say. It's also amusing, and not in a cute way, that CBS can warrant being lenient enough to use racial slurs to make the plot more powerful but can't find it in them to be particularly liberal in regards to the positive portrayals of race, or gender or GBLT issues. So much for slippery slopes.

There's actually a lot of stuff in this episode that I've missed over the last few seasons. For example; Adam. More specifically Adam tagging along outside the lab! Which he does LOTS of in tonight's show, even getting a pound-dawg out of Mac :lol: Ok, it was a little cheesy... especially that they slow motioned it. XD Even so. I'll take it. :D

His character exploration also kind of lends to that former prediction about Hawkes, which doesn't make me feel any better. T_T

Something else we see which doesn't come up nearly as much as it used to, is Mac's proficiency with weapons. It was always a neat little character attribute and I love when we explore it since it tends to makes people adorably uneasy. :D

And lastly, and of course my favorite, is the rebirth of Danny's short fuse and temper issues! Yay! The topic at hand of course inspires a lot of due aggression from most of our major players; Mac and Don get their choice lines in too:

Don: I'm sorry, I don't speak ignorant.

Elgers: I'm done talking.
Mac: Then, shutup.

But watching Danny rearrange the face of "everyone’s favorite neo-nazi" was really satisfying. And I'm not talking about my own blood lust, I just adore seeing Danny be Danny. It's been a long time since his temper got the better of it him. Especially enough to get him 2 weeks unpaid suspension. It's moments like this that give me optimism, naive as it may be, that the show has the potential to be as good as it used to be. All the right ingredients are still there, it's just a matter of digging them out of some rot.

On the down side, this is a prime example of how Danny/Lindsay and their whole unnecessary and poorly handled drama can really leave a stain on any episode. It's easy to say "omg she wasn't even in it how can you possibly keep hating on DL when they're not even around" but the problem is exactly this. Right while I'm in the middle of what is perhaps one of the more interesting episodes this season, the notion that this nauseating stench might waft in at any minute is always hanging over even the best of shows. And even when the episode is good enough to draw my mind away from that thought a while they pull obnoxious little moments like this one and blindside me with the reminder that this horror is still going on in the background and don't you dare forget it will be rearing it's ugly head at the worst of times. I'd appreciate if they could knock it off long enough to let me enjoy other aspects of the show. I know it's there. Don't remind me. It isn't doing you any favors.

Not surprisingly, Stella doesn't bring much to the case overall, but she's got things in store, so it's understandable, and we kind of get to rediscover why Mac, our leader, is so incredibly compelling. When he has something on his plate worth getting upset about suddenly scenes when he's bearing down on someone over an interrogation room table make me tingle and a plot like this makes the entire debacle with Dunbrooke look incredibly petty and inconsequential.

Speaking of bringing up the past, it's been a while since we've heard any tidbits about Mac Taylor Senior, and I enjoyed what I saw, but it left me kind of torn. While I loved the revelation that McCanna Boyd Taylor was a private who had the honour of liberating a concentration camp during the second world war, since it gives me insight the allegiance to uniform Mac has had since youth, I rather liked seeing something stir Mac so deeply without knowing he had a personal connection to it. When he watched the testimonials of those Holocaust survivors Sinise got to chew some scenery like we know he's capable of and Mac is so moved, he moves the audience with him. Long before we understand his familial connection to the war. The long and the short of it is, I love back story. But I love seeing something move Mac like that without him having an individual connection to it. Oh well. I can't have my cake and eat it, I suppose.
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~Do they have to put warnings in front of every episode ever that deals with the Holocaust? (Serious question)
~I hope he has enough money. He wouldn't want them to come after him for not paying.
~You didn't really think that someone was going to wait on the phone for almost an hour?
~Sid, you moved up in Awesome Rank. I refuse to admit that Pluto is not a planet, also.
~Aw, Hawkes, your Uncle Frank. Wait, Danny actually noticed something? He must've finally gotten those contacts.
~MANHUG! I know of multiple people on this thread that will be pleased with that.
~At first I thought that Adam wasn't wearing a t-shirt under that gray shirt. Yes, I actually admitted that.
~How old? Is it WWII era?
~Hey, look, Mac can listen to himself talk.
~Look! It's the jerk!
~That's, like, the subtle way to support your local group of Neo-Nazi?
~Hawkes, just punch him. Danny won't tell anyone. Okay, that's bad. I might have wanted to do the same thing, Dan, but do you not remember what happened to Flack a little while back? And he actually didn't do anything wrong.
~"Sorry pal, I don't speak ignorant". Love you, Flack.
~Hawkes is completely right, Danny.
~"I already said I'm done talking." "Then shut up!"
~"Back in the day, I would've shot your racist ass." Love you also, Mac.
~Fourth generation? That's not actually that much, genius.
~Okay, I think this guy is awesome.
~I was always under the impression that the numbers were on the inner arm. They don't teach us anything in History, so someone correct me if I'm wrong.
~The bullet wound kind of looks a little bit like a cross. /random comment
~That photo looks Photoshopped.
~Criminal Minds tells me that cutting off a girl's fingers and feeding them to her isn't sadism, Adam, so I think the word you're looking for is "overkill".
~HEE! I was just about to write "Closet Nazi" when Flack said it.
~Woah, okay, ew.
~CBS news is talking about a Holocaust survivor. Did they read the episode summary or something?
~MAC/ADAM FISTS! (I'm not being slasher, I'm being squeeful.)
~Oh, look. Subtitles.
~What the heck, excuse to spend time with wife?
~Stella, you're Sir Not Appearing In This Episode.
~The touchscreens are cool.
~WTF? No longer awesome guy.
~Mac does not like to be played.
~Okay, AW. That's so adorable. And Mac looked like he was about to cry. I figured it would be his father.
~That was also adorable.
~Hee. Mac with yamaka. (I probably spelled that wrong. Or named it wrong. Or both.)[/SPOILER]

God, I LOVED Danny slamming that guy!!! Not just for Hawkes but for who that ____(Insert swear here)____ was! I wish they could've nailed him for murder, though. That would have been such a great resolution. At least they got him for burglary, right? Overall, I thought it was one of the best eps of the season.
This was a moving eppie and I like how they worked in the survivors' stories.

I totally wasn't expecting Braun to be the killer. It's sickening that after all he did, he has the nerve to pass himself off as a survivor.

I loved Adam's line about being in between girlfriends.
OMG this is so weird!! So my local news popped on right after the ep and a body was found in a field in my town and the victim was stabbed AND shot. Sound familiar?? Crazy...

Anyways, back to the ep. Wow that was so sad. I was bawling by the end. I thought it was amazing though. I loved the Danny and Hawkes stuff too.

Omg next week! :lol: Adam's face is priceless!
Typed as I watch, as usual.

~ Pretty people and expensive jewelry - we've never seen that on this show! :p

~ Dun dun duuuun, dead guy. Well, dying guy. And nobody ran to help him, they just scattered. :rolleyes:

~ "The auction house stood to make a killing." "They're not the only ones." YEAAAAH! :p

~ I get the feeling I won't be commenting much this week. :p

~ SID!

~ Aww, Sid, Pluto will always be a planet to me too. ;)

~ Oh, Sheldon. :(

~ Manhug. *sniffle*

~ Oh Adam, you're horrid. :lol:

~ Dun dun duuuuun, swastika tattoo.

~ Sheldon looks very handsome in a suit.

~ Uh oh - this can't be good.

~ Damn, Danny went off on that douchebag - not that I blame him, but damn. :wtf:

~ "Cannoli-eating"?

~ Aww, Sheldon. :(

~ Nice conversation between Mac and Elgers - not nice because of the subject matter, but nice that Mac kept his cool and didn't get agitated over the hate Elgers was spitting.

~ Oh hai, Ed Asner.

~ Nice conversation between Mac and Abraham.

~ Adam helping Mac. :adore:

~ Ew, dead pig. Haven't seen one of those in a while. Bleh.

~ Adam at the scene. *pet pet* At least there's no poo to sift through this time.

~ Ooh, the bookcase was moved.

~ Dun dun duuuun, Nazi stuff. But if he's proud to be a Nazi, why hide it all behind a bookcase?

~ Elgers again. :mad:

~ Ugh. I just Googled "zipperhead" because I had never heard it before - I did not want to know where the term came from. :(

~ Mac got you, douchebag (to use Flack's word).

~ Aww, Adam is like Mac's right hand man or something.

~ Did Mac just give Adam some dap? :wtf:

~ Background on Mac = plus 1 for the episode

~ That flashback was sad - all the more sad because stuff like that actually happened. :(

~ Subtle reference to the flashdrive, perhaps.

~ Danny's suspension sounds like it'll be a fabulous honeymoon. :rolleyes:

~ Abraham is Klaus. Dun dun duuuun. :eek:

~ That was a long interrogation - a lot of exposition.

~ Damn, that was creepy when he was looking at the mirror. Such a quick change. *shudder*

~ Poor David. :(

~ I teared up at the story about Mac's father and the scene with Hannah. *wibble* :(

Preview: Oh dear - let's hope they can get the baby-related comedy out of their system quickly so we aren't subjected to it for too long.

However, I can't decide whether they used Adam because he's the go-to man for Acting Dumb And Funny Simultaneously - or if it's to try to appease the fans who aren't thrilled with the baby drama. :p

Anyway, I'm not sure I'd consider that the biggest thing that's coming up, but I'll be glad when it's effing over.


Overall, this was a slow episode, but not in a bad way - it wasn't a fast paced story, but it did have some more exciting moments. It was a serious story, and I think they dealt with it well. There was a bit of monologuing, but it wasn't unpalatable. Ed Asner did a phenomenal job - as did our main cast, of course. This was a much more pleasant Mac-centric story than some of the others we've gotten. :)

I wonder if we've seen the last of Michael Elgers?
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I sooo loved this episode. Season 4 needed more goodness like this.

The one thing I feared was that they were have a Mac and his dad scene in the end, because we know his dad's gone. But it was unfounded.

-We now have backup for the McCanna thing hehe. Is Mac Mac Jr then?
-*wonders if Mac Sinise will ever make a guest appearance on the show*
*wonders about the name's origins...I can't find it in any baby name books*
-I love AngryMac...he's cute when he's mad
-Points for the Ed Asner appearance.
-Hawkes and Adam were awesome

Fay, did you say dead PIG??? They all better take precautions lol. Or maybe we can have a new plot: The whole team gets Swine Flu. It'd have some good shipper moments lol

*braces for annoyed remarks about the promo*
I missed the warning, now i'm gonna have to pull it up on On Demand tomorrow. I think mom might like to see the rest anyway, she fell asleep partway through.
I think they did a pretty great job with this episode and with the content in general. The flashbacks and everything gave this episode a slightly different feel, but I liked it. And, it moved me completely. I was tearing up- it gets me everytime.

I also liked Mac's "Then shut up" line and Flack's "I dont speak ignorant..." Ed Asner did awesome too, IMO. It was all good, really.
An "A" for sure from me.
-> Sheldon is so damn HOT in that suit.
-> Great acting by Gary Sinise :thumbsup:. I think the writing is never up to him. He's amazing.
-> Loved Danny back to his own self again!! Woohoo!!
-> Overall the story was well written but the plot was really very predictable, the "twist" was not really a twist, as we could easily guesss the outcome and who was the bad guy... but still I liked it.
Excellent episode. Two thumbs up. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

There were so many things in this episode that I really loved, I really don't know where to start. For one, I LOVED Hawkes tonight. Hill Harper brought so much emotion to the character, and I did tear up a little bit when he was speaking to Danny about the interviewing the Neo-Nazi. The speech could have come across preachy, but Harper delivered it perfectly, and really hit the message home. You could tell what a deep connection Hawkes had to his uncle and the lessons he instilled in him...and it was awesome to finally get some more Hawkes background.

I also LOVED seeing Danny in this ep...FINALLY he was the old Danny Messer who temper can get the best of him, and his attitude in the episode really was great. I do wonder though how all he got for beating up the Neo-Nazi was suspension, but hey, it was something that took second fiddle to the overall plot of the episode, so I didn't mind it....maybe it will be mentioned some other time.

The topic of the Holocaust was a heavy one, and I have to say, I thought they did it very well. The emotions were definately riding high this week, and not just with Mac or Danny. The look on Flack's and Adam's faces when they find Xander's stash of Holocaust items as well as on Stella's when they are interrogating Braun at the end said it all....While it was excellent, I do wish they would spread out some of this stuff to other episodes, too. The neo-nazi was slurring about a million different ethnic groups in his interrogation, hardly any of which we have seen this season....hint??

Speaking of Braun, that was one development I did NOT see coming, and I have to applaud the writers on that. I suspected that he had more to do with Xander's death than he was letting on, but at the time I just thought it was going to be a personal revenge kind of thing--that maybe Braun found out what Xander was doing with the Holocaust items and killed him. The idea that Braun was actually a Nazi in disguise was a great twist....I was angry and shocked that he was the killer in that regard, and It really sent a chill through my spine when he was talking in the interrogation room.

And finally, Mac. While his character has been used as a mouthpiece for the network on some things, and he did make some little remarks tonight that did seem kind of akin to that, I have to say he was my absolute favorite in this episode. Hands down. Gary Sinise really impressed me throughout the whole thing, and the emotion (thats my magic word today!) and passion Mac was feeling was really out there. I especially loved the end, when Mac finds out it was his father who had helped out the man from the last Holocaust survivor video. That moment when he hears the name...I definately had to dry my eyes. The final moment with Esther's sister was also very touching and sweet...

This episode would have gotten an A either way....but I have to say the Sheldon/Danny manhug (FINALLY!!! MANHUGS!!) and Adam's fist bump with Mac (no matter how cheesy slow mo it was) pushes my grade to an A+ :thumbsup:
Wow...what can I say, tonight brought me to tears. Damn you Mac Taylor!

~Flack! Your one liners, I love them, I really do.

~Danny and Hawkes, manhug! Oh I love them.

~C'mere Hawkes, I'll give you a hug too. So sorry about your favorite uncle. :(

~That Neo-Nazi guy scares me

~HA HA Danny slammed him into the floor

~I felt sorry the guy (Abraham, or whatever his name was)

~The testimonial was very moving

~I want one of those touch screen thingys at my house

~Go spend time with your wifey Danny, I'll be here too when you get back :lol:

~I really thought that Mac was going to honor his late wife as well as his father.

~The last testimonial made me cry

I gave this episode an A+.