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"He's five nuggets short of a Happy meal"

Oh Flack, you just made my day.

The rest of the finale was just Ok. I guess i'll watch it again eventually. I tought Carmine overacted in every single scene he was in... but that's just me...

How Shane Casey survived that the real mystery here...wonder what they'll come up with to justified that...i guess I'll spend the summer in suspended disbelief.

and with all the attention the parents give to that kid, she sure doesn't smile a lot.
Ugh ... this finale was just terrible. Glad to see I'm not the only one that thinks so. What the hell are they feeding Lucy ... she's what, one about to turn 2? That kid is bigger than my 4 year old niece. I have to admit that little face she made after Danny was cute :rolleyes: I thought the ending would be some sort of a dream ... or either Lindsey kills Shane.

I gave it a c+
I only saw the beginning 5 minutes, and ending 15 minutes, and thought it was good. I will give it an A.

I hate you people always saying things are lame.
You people should know, nothing is perfect.
Second watch = a little better. But I seriously can't figure out what the point of Shane taking Danny's badge was. Presumably, Danny got it back when Shane was arrested at the beginning, and it's not like Shane ever used it again. The only purpose it served was letting us (and possibly the team) know Shane wanted Danny -- 6 episodes ago -- but the team spent this entire episode acting like that was brand new information.

Minor good moments: Adam's "Stella, wanna get a coffee?" line :lol: Okay, that was cute, if case-related. Also, his little "Really?" moment when Stella stole his keyboard, and calling Lindsay "Linds". Sid just starting to get in a good ramble before he was cut off :lol: Stella calling Mac "Professor". At the very least, the tight-knittedness of this team managed to shine through. And Danny and Casey's showdown in the lighthouse was fairly intense; just diluted by the exact same showdown happening five minutes later in Lucy's bedroom.

Actually, the case itself was good, or could have been good. If it were a midseason ep with no previous connection to any other eps (or characters), this would be one of the better cases from this season. Watching again, I realized I loved all the symbolism references as much as I did in HOtD, and liked the Da Vinci Code-esque aspect of it all, how they had to follow Shane's little clues throughout to find the answer. It's just that Shane's done all this before, only tons better, three years ago. But if they hadn't made the answer so clear in earlier episodes and online hype, it would have come off more effectively. Maybe it was a mistake to have Shane's prints show up on Danny's dogtags all those episodes ago. Danny could've still found the tags, without finding any prints on them. It might've been less clear, then, who Shane was chasing.

The shot of Casey stuffing that...thing down his friend's throat was creepy, though. And finally, I heard a shot go off at the end this time, which means someone fired a gun after all. Which a little more impressive that I initially thought. And I'd complain about SuperShane throughout the ep, but it seems superfluous. Shane's inhuman ability to survive a 30+ foot fall without a scratch, is the least of the problems.

It gets the bump from a C-/D+ to a C, but I'm still upset. And making the entire team look like morons...


JohnBK said:
I hate you people always saying things are lame.
You people should know, nothing is perfect.

FYI I generally don't call the episodes lame unless I find them to be so. There are many from this season I haven't completely enjoyed, that I wouldn`t class as lame, because I usually love the characters in them anyway. But I thought this one was, because it seemed to culminate all my frustrations with S6. I`m hoping S7`s premiere makes up for that.
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I take forever to type, so Maya316 said several things I was thinking. Sorry for being repetitive. :p

I think the episode would have been better if this storyline hadn't required so much exposition to catch people up or remind people what happened several seasons ago. It would have been better if the whole storyline hadn't been dragged out for so long, moving in spurts and then rushing forward at the end.

Having so much focus on Danny and Lindsay going on vacation just didn't fit with the show - I suppose if I was interested in the ship, I would have loved seeing it, but the series just doesn't show that much of the characters' personal lives. I felt like they were building up to the end of the episode because otherwise there wouldn't be enough of an emotional stake in the outcome since we've seen a casual office moment here and a casual office moment there between them this season. Granted, I didn't want more than that between them, married with a baby or not, but I think the emotional connection that was necessary for us to worry over the hiatus just required more exposure to the family than we got during the season - hence getting it all crammed into this episode. I dunno, that's just one opinion. Episodes that follow potential victims while the team tries to save them can be good, but doing one where main characters are the potential victims is...different, I dunno.

The episode wasn't totally horrible. Whether or not you care to see Danny and Lindsay being lovey dovey with their kid probably had a lot to do with whether people enjoyed the hour, and whether or not you enjoy exposition to explain a storyline from three years ago (which I personally remember, but I know not every viewer would)...I dunno. It had its good moments, but overall I was left underwhelmed.

Also? The ending felt tacked on. When they came down from the lighthouse, it felt like the end. Then they were in their apartment, and that felt like the end. Then Danny woke up and went to see Lucy, and that felt like the end - that was the end, obviously, but I felt like the end just kept going longer than it should have.

I do enjoy the puzzle pieces - they were really clever, although I hate when Mac (or anyone) pulls information out of his ass. Yes, I get that these people are smart and know a lot, but to be an expert on every relevant subject is a bit much.

Overall, I'm not too concerned with the cliffhanger. If Carmine or Anna wants to leave, I could see one of them dying to save Lucy, but I'm just not convinced that either one of them will die. I can't see Lucy dying. My guess is that the gunshot at the end was misleading, or it was Lindsay with a gun, or else Flack was lurking in the closet with a gun Just In Case and ninjas out to take Shane down, or else Mac snipes him from outside on the back of a mythical dragon or something.

The conversation between Danny and Lindsay (admittedly, I was only half-listening) was probably supposed to make us think Danny was going to die. (Lindsay's worry about 'losing' him coupled with him being in the doorway when the gunshot went off, etc.) Or that one of them will contemplate quitting their job or something.

I dunno, I'm just waiting for September to find out what happened. The suspense isn't really there for me any more. I'm more concerned about how the move to Fridays will impact the show's ratings.

That said - as much as I bitch and complain, I do still love the show, and I'm glad we can expect a seventh season in the fall. Whether I liked it or not, a lot of people worked hard to make this episode (and this season and this whole series) a reality, and I have a lot of respect for them. I'm sorry Peter Lenkov is leaving the series to helm Hawaii Five-0, but there are a lot of talented people still there to keep NY on my screen week after week. The actors do a great job, and I've enjoyed spending time with you guys on the board, laughing and ranting and hanging out. NY was my first real fandom, and it's still my main fandom after 4 1/2 years. I look forward to talking about the premiere with you guys in the fall.

(Sorry, got a bit sentimental there - but I felt like I should acknowledge the passing of a season. Or something. *is a dork* :lol:)
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Oh my.. TPTB really thinks this is good enough or even best way to keep the audience interested and make them discussing about it all summer? :rolleyes: Don't they watch the cut before it airs? I laughed out loud at 'at least they have each other.' I couldn't help it. Yeah, at least DL shipers have what they've desperately wanted now but the show is done! I bet NY will barely hit tenth episode next season, because after midseason different show will take NY's Friday timeslot.
I don't know if it's physically possible to survive a fall like that, so Shane showing up like that was too over the top.

Although I guess Shane never had any interaction with Lindsay back in Season 3... he mostly dealt with Mac, Flack & Danny I suppose.

I hate cliff-hangers in general. Although I have a gut feeling they didn't off Lucy.
Oh vey!!!! I could have let all the rest of the stuff I didn't like in this episode slide, if they had done any diffrent ending than they did. But since they didn't I will have no choice but to vent!

The Good:
-not a hell of a lot.
-Flack looked hella hot this episode!
-Lindsey's explination as to how she would get away with killing Danny was kind of creepy, yet still very funny!
-That new imaging table they have in the lab seems like a really cool gizmo, much better than that claw thing that grabed a slide from a wall, that was really stupid this season!

The Bad:
-This seemed extreamly slow paced compared to the other CSI:NY finals that have aired in the past, "Snow Day" and "A Charge of his Post". Not to mention they are perfect examples of being excellent season enders. Lots of action and everything from the episode and the season is wraped up by the end of the episode.
- It seemed that they squesed Hawks, Adam, Flack and the rest in just to say they had all the cast in the season finale, they also seemed miss used in most sceens.
-Shane Casey is the worst CSI villen ever. I trully hope the gun shot we heard during the credits was for him or that the whole end was a dream sequence or something.
-Why when Shane Casey is involved does the whole team of CSI's seem to loose I.Q. points for some reason, it seemed fairly obvious why casey was back and they should have guessed it from the get go.
-The whole Lindsey not getting her messeges when she used her cell urked me to no end.
-For some reason this season all the good guys have been fairly fugly and all the bad guys have been really hot! That guy hanging from the tree that was helping Casey was really cute. I kinda wanted to see more of him, before he got offed!
-Aprently it has taken Casey not only three years to plot revenge but also learn orgagommi.
-Flack had only one semi-good line the whole show, lame!
-Mac seemed fairly absent from this one, which is odd for a season ender. Though last episode was all about him, I would have like it better if that one was the season ender.
-Stella needs to remove her hand from my man's ass if she wishes to keep it! I mean she had Adam this season, I do not want to see her waking up in bed with Flack at the beganing of next season!
-Sigh, more season ending "Danny Drama," I kinda hope that the whole ending really happens and Danny isn't in it next year, which is sad for me to say, since Danny was once like my second fav character on the show!

Final grade for the episode is a D+, and that seems genours to me. This didn't seem like a season ender to me and CSI:NY ussaly has some of the best season enders on TV ussaly. I am truly hoping by next season there is much better stuff planned for the show and for these characters as this is one of the best group of actors on TV.
I hate you people always saying things are lame.
You people should know, nothing is perfect.

Hey John, I know you're new here and all, but try to keep your posts on topic about the show and not about other people in the forum. Everyone is entitled to an opinion here. Thanks.

30 minutes until it airs on the West coast! Looking forward to it, although it sounds like some of my fears about it are justified... :eek:
I hate cliff-hangers in general. Although I have a gut feeling they didn't off Lucy.

There is no way they killed a little baby girl. That being said the last scene is gonna turn out to be some strange dream or Lindsey shooting Shane. I have to say I am hoping for the former because the latter just feels over the top.