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  1. Top41

    Top41 Administrator Administrator Moderator Premium Member

    Mar 5, 2003
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    New episode of CSI: NY tonight! Let us know what you thought. :cool:
  2. Carolyn_333

    Carolyn_333 Pathologist

    Nov 27, 2004
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    I just saw a commercial for this episode a few minutes ago. Commercial made the episode look really nail biting, edge-of-your-seat exciting, intense, and just plain A+ good.
    I just hope the episode lives up to the commercial.
  3. roximonoxide

    roximonoxide Lab Technician

    Jul 12, 2007
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    For starters I really thought this episode was going to have a lot more to do with this "triangle" than it ended up. Too bad, I was interested in that. But Danny's conversation with Lindsay asking "how's the baby" not only seemed a weird thing to ask since she's supposed to be only a few weeks along, and this makes her sound damn near labor, but a question like that sounds like he hasn't seen her in ages, which would be unlikely. Her calling it a she already seemed equally strange.

    I'm equally confused at how no one seems interested in Mac Taylor's sudden disappearance from his own crime scene. Sure it was brought up between Stella and Flack but no one thought to.. I dunno.. ring him? Of course they mention later that she did... but at a crime scene I might have been a little more concerned.

    The death of their victim is a pretty interesting one I thought but, everything else that happens in the first few scenes at the lab and on the crime scene gets completely overshadowed by the initial and then quickly revisited moments between Danny and his baby-mama, but that seems to be the running theme this season.

    No better place for a marriage proposal than the street corner while your potential bride is mowing down a hot pretzel. Danny's rapid fire questions that finally lead up to the big one seem like his knee jerk reaction to find out as much as he can about the girl he knocked up, so if he has to see her at the alter he won't feel like he's marrying a stranger, and that's so obvious even Lindsay sees it.

    "You marry me?"

    Ah, those three little words every unprepared mother-to-be wants to hear. At least she had the wits to say no... considering Anna's TV Guide interview she, personally, might have said yes, and we've seen where her input takes us...

    "I know Lindsay is being sensible since the pregnancy came up so fast but when we did the scene I kept thinking, oh Lindsay, he's being so adorable. just go for it." -TVGuide

    I did love the working interactions between Mac, Sheldon and Danny on the top of the empire state building. Just the way each of them uniquely conducted themselves in that particular environment said all kinds of things about their personalities.

    It's good to see Lindsay is FINALLY thinking about the bloody chemicals and toxins she's surrounded with, but if she thinks one experiment under a fume hood is going to save her butt, I fear for that kid. The scene with Stella was not only insipid; to think that Stella was too dumb to figure out her oh so clever ruse "my friend the pregnant csi in jersey." The girl from Montana has LOTS of pals in Jersey don'tcha know! But the whole thing was a pretty dismissive conversation!

    Am I gonna be ok?
    Yah sure, we've got safety stuff. It's cool.
    Oh good, I'll go back to my chemicals now.

    Considering academic labs around the country have much stricter protocol for these situations that's a pretty lax policy. Here's a piece of advice from a working chemist and mother from

    "If I were running the lab, I would, at the very least require her to go to a toxicologist and get the best information possible on the hazards. Frankly - she should get out of the lab. Whatever is known about the effects of common solvents on pregnant women, it's probably not enough. "

    I've said it before, but I love seeing Don and Mac conduct interrogations and while there was a serious lack-o-Flack tonight he was shining whenever he had a moment to. The bar scenes with Bernie were fun, and Don getting a chance to explain his theory about Bernie's connection to Mac. He might not know the difference between DNA and RNA but Flack is such a great resource, it's a shame to see him get passed up.

    Then, with about 8 minutes to spare we see Danny and Lindsay again, still at work mind you, heading down the hall together talking about the future and we finally see Danny say I love you. As much as anyone can express a real sentiment with their arms crossed, in the office hallway, after a rejected marriage proposal. His words aren't completely empty sounding, just strikes me as more of a platonic expression than anything. He never even made much effort to establish contact, like usual, that was initially on her. His I love you seems to come from the same place as his proposal; assuming that's what she wanted to hear.

    It's not even "Lindsay, I love you." It's "I just want you to know I love you." Which equates to something more like "please stop looking at me like everything I do is disappointing, because as the mother of my child you do mean something to me and if you want me to call it love then ok, I love you."

    Also strikes me as odd that none of their personal conversations ever take place outside of the office, which leaves me to feel like they only ever combat these issues when work forces them to be within striking distance of one another. A problem these two have had from the get go, when no one could even tell if they were together or not, since they only seemed to bump into each other on the clock.

    And then off they go to confess everything to Mac, who seems more all right with this than I would have taken him to be. I pictured Mac responding with at least one incredulous look and a rub of his forehead as if to say "good god, these kids can't keep it in their pants." He takes an indifferent and diplomatic approach and congratulates them as the show ends, so I can only hope it was followed by a swift kick in the ass for both of them. As much for being so irresponsible in the first place as for knowing full well she's been running around his lab with child, toxins be damned.

    Overall it seemed a little thinly stretched for all of the players. So many cuts and such a busy case. When they try to cram everyone's role into one hour it often results in only seeing everyone in their element for a fleeting moment, but here's hoping this is a sign we can drift away from this Danny and Lindsay mess for a while and get back into other people's stories.
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  4. Faylinn

    Faylinn Adam Fangirl Super Moderator

    Nov 30, 2005
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    Okies, I'm back to typing as I watch this week. Not sure how I'm going to feel about this one. Guess we're about to see.


    ~ Crazy man is crazy.

    ~ I've had enough of 'boom'.

    ~ Was he going to say something Major over the damn phone? Oh, Danny. :rolleyes:

    ~ OH NOES THERE IS DRAMA WHAT IS GOING ON? *clings to Adam and puts on tinfoil hat*

    ~ Ooh, so exciting. *pees self* :p

    ~ Just so ya know, if that had been me in that truck, there would have been a me-shaped hole in the door, kthanx. ;)

    ~ *pets the Flack*

    ~ *looks for cleavage* :devil:

    ~ LOL, Mac disappeared.

    ~ Hee! Flack's superstitious again. :p

    ~ SID!

    ~ My little sister is currently spazzing out over the autopsy scene. :lol: I'm like, 'Bonesaw, nummy!' :p

    ~ Heehee, Sheldon is horrible. Sneaking in popcorn so he could eat it in the morgue? Not good, bb, not good. ;)

    ~ Pacemaker go splodey? D:

    ~ Microwaved. :|

    ~ 'What happened to the picture?' It went away.

    ~ Hahaha. 'The Triangle strikes again.' :lol:

    ~ Aww, Danny is a cute worried father-to-be. I'm afraid I have to agree with Anna here - he's adorable. Too bad it was a lame way to propose (as an afterthought after asking if she had crazies in her family). :rolleyes:

    ~ Is Sheldon playing with Adam's puzzle thingy? :p

    ~ Sheldon is so sexy when he's excited about nerdy things. It makes me happy in my pants. :devil:

    ~ "Let's do this before somebody wets themselves, please" - I'm guessing it would be you, Danno. Sheldon was all excited about being up there. :p

    ~ Danny's hair is all fluffy. XD

    ~ "Can you hear me now?" :lol:

    ~ I kid you not, my 14-year-old sister just said, "There was something homoerotic about that scene." :lol:

    ~ Mac ain't intimidated by you, foo'

    ~ CONTINUITIES! It's always nice when something escapes the powahs of the Black Hole of Continuity.

    ~ How long did Lindsay's snack break last? Keeps coming in to ask how Adam's doing with all of the evidence. :rolleyes:

    ~ Haha @ Adam's evil laugh. (I didn't hear his entire explanation about the ring, though.)

    ~ Ooh, Flack going after an ex-con. I HAS TINGLE!PANTS

    ~ Lindsay is actually processing something. Wow. :p

    ~ She's actually thinking about the chemicals. Color me surprised.

    ~ Oy. She really tried the "friend" thing? *wince* I'm glad they didn't have Stella act stupid enough to believe that. :rolleyes:

    ~ This whole pulling-back-through-a-surface thing is odd (first the truck's windshield and then the computer screen).

    ~ Significant crazy man was totally significant.

    ~ Adam again :D

    ~ It's a puppy! ^_^ *snorgles the puppy*

    ~ I like when Mac and Flack talk stuff out.

    ~ HEE! Sheldon said "hot damn!" *tingle!pants*

    ~ Those tantoo things (or whatever they're called) are so effing stupid. I will never understand people, I swear. :rolleyes:

    ~ I'm guessing it was the blonde chick at the bar - I knew she'd be significant when they made sure to concentrate on her for a second in the scene.

    ~ This episode feels very long for some reason.

    ~ "two megawatts of portable microwave mayhem" - lulz!

    ~ Aaaand my stupid cable is messing up - I don't have a picture right now. *sighs* :brickwall:


    ~ And it comes back in time for me to see the chick's boobs with that tacky tantoo on one of them. Do not want!

    ~ Ooh, that was the guy that helped steal the USB? *le gasp*

    ~ Bwuahahahahahahahaha! That D/L scene was so corny. :lol: Nothing we didn't know they'd say, though. WHERE IS THIS NON-TYPICALNESS THEY SPOKE OF BEFORE?

    ~ OMG WAS THAT A MANHUG? Not quite what I wanted, but I'll take it. :p

    Preview: Dun dun duuuun - the SecretU chick is back. I hope she's not stalking Mac. :wtf: And LOL at Flack talking about the crap people were apparently eating. :p
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2008
  5. Half

    Half CSI Level Two

    Jul 19, 2008
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    Eh. I gave it a B. It could have been better, but I don't think it was as bad. I kinda got tired of saying "I really don't care" in regards to D/L, but that was bound to happen. I got a little bit confused in the middle with the whole gun thing. This FBI thing looks like it might turn out interesting. Or it might bring out Persecuted!Mac. We'll see.

    I liked Mac's reaction, just because I found it relatively hilarious. At least he doesn't play the "There can be no relationships in this lab" card, because that's been overused and one could call him a hypocrite if he tried. (Although, his drama doesn't involve pregnancy, so he still wins.)
  6. SpeedyMeg25

    SpeedyMeg25 Coroner

    Mar 7, 2007
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    I didn't feel like doing psychology questions, so I wrote down what I was thinking instead. I think it was a good use of my time.

    - - It's official: Flack is getting lost in the NY Bermuda Triangle and is ending up at my house :devil:
    - - haha, Danny asking about diseases. Too cute!
    What is this, 20 questions?
    - - I'll marry you Danny. Stop looking at Lindsay, I'm over here
    - - Awkward silence....:shifty: I hate those
    - - "Let's do this before somebody wets themselves please" That'd be kind of funny actually
    - - Oh the FBI, the big guns. Oh the flash drive again
    - - Don Flack: hard at work. :lol:
    - - "Is that the same suit you were wearing when you picked me up?" Flack doesn't get uniform allowance, be nice to him.
    - - Is he about to play darts? I think he is. Oops, I was wrong. What'd he take his jacket off for then??? Poo, I wanted to see him play.
    - - Um, why is Lindsay around chemicals? Ok, she noticed it too, nevermind.
    - - Nice with the hypotheticals. Lindsay you no fool no one, Stella can tell.
    - - "Anything you say...will be too late anyway." Good one
    - - haha, let's take baby steps. Irony.
    - - Oh, now Mac's in the loop.

    Overall, I give it an A. Seen better episode, seen worse ones. I thought there was some funny lines/scenes. Some drama. I felt it was pretty well balanced.

    Hm, a holiday episode next week. Should be interesting.
  7. CSINYGal88

    CSINYGal88 Hit and Run

    Aug 31, 2008
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    I gave it a B+. I liked how they went back to the flash drive storyline. I like the fact that there's a conspiracy/XFiles like thing going on with the FBI and Mac. The other stuff? Was cute...ya know, with D/L.

    Much improved TPTB!

  8. texmex327

    texmex327 Pathologist

    Oct 2, 2008
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    I liked it. What can I say, I am a romantic at heart, and it made me go awwww when Danny said those magical words, will you marry me....oh wait sorry, wrong words, I love you.

    How hot were the guys on top of the Empire State Building, man, I've really got to go to New York.

    Flack, I so love him.

    C'mon Lindsay, really, you think you can fool Stella. I know she's not dumb!

    Mac--the vanishing CSI, that made me laugh.

    Holy crap! Mac's got a stalker...can't wait for next week!

    Adam makes me laugh.

    Wow, the autopsy stuff was really something. I gotta laugh every time they use a pig, (its an inside joke at work)
  9. CCA

    CCA Police Officer

    Jun 26, 2007
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    I actually liked this episode. I looked at my mom and was like "this one has me going huh I can't figure out who the bad guy is" lol and then when Flack got onto the ex-con and then this nice blonde chick shows up I'm like "oooo yeah they showed way to much attention to her, for her NOT to be involved!"

    I rather enjoyed it, it was something different. I liked that she got away lol, cause so many times they catch them and that is usually not the case.

    I also to found it funny that Mac disappeared and everybody like "huh..well that's weird his car is here but he's not...maybe he had to pee really bad"

    My highlight was Flack coming into the bar taking off his coat and talking to the ex-con like they were old war buddies....mmmm
  10. PerfectAnomaly

    PerfectAnomaly Resident Smart Ass

    Feb 6, 2007
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    I haven't read any of the reviews, so if I'm reapeating it's coincidental.

    I figured out how TPTB is going to be atypical about the DL baby story line. They're going to leave out any shred of reality or believability. There were so many things wrong with tonight's episode from a DL stand point I don't even know where to begin.

    1. Danny and Lindsay being all happy, happy, joy, joy on the phone to each other. It's not necessarily out of character for Danny to all of a sudden be all excited about the baby and Lindsay doesn't have enough of a character for anything to be out of character, but it would have been nice for TPTB to explain how they went from the tension in the last episode to perfectly comfortable in this episode. Yeah, they both saw what happened to the pregnant girl in the last episode and yeah Danny spilled his guts to the girls parents. Danny and Lindsay didn't interact at all after the awkardness so to jump to them being perfectly cool with each other is just more of the same hole ridden plot DL has been from the start.

    2. Danny asking Lindsay about her family health background on the street outside the lab. If she said there was a family history of mental illness was Danny gonna make a run for the subway? WTF was that about? I think being parents to be and scientists it would make sense for them at some point to discuss their respective family health histories but not like that.

    3. Lindsay talking to Stella about the possible dangers of working in the lab AFTER she handles the toxic chemicals. You must be the dumbest scientist ever, honey pie. God help the poor child when you're alone with it. And then Stella tells her there's nothing to worry about. Really? People who post here and work in labs know there's plenty to worry about. And if Lindsay has been through all of the safety training wouldn't she know it was safe? Someone seriously needs to call child protective services before this kid is even born.

    4. Lindsay's lame ass "I have a friend" thing. That's one of the oldest cliches in the book and I honestly can't believe professional writers on a prime time network show dusted it off and seriously used it in 2008.

    5. Danny saying "I love you" to Lindsay. It looked like he was having trouble spitting out the words and then was on the brink of busting out laughing. Yeah, Danno, I totally believe you love her. :rolleyes:

    6. Danny and Lindsay telling Mac and Mac looking like he's going to be the proud grandfather. I guess if toxic chemicals aren't a hazard to a pregnant woman's fetus then two people who work on the same team being in a relationship and having a baby together is a non-issue. Funny how both Vegas and Miami have rules about team members being in relationships but NY doesn't.

    7. They aren't even trying to hide Anna's stomach yet Lindsay isn't supposed to be far enough along for anyone to notice she's pregnant. I didn't realize writing in Anna's pregnancy equals we don't give a damn how stupid the characters look. But on CSI: NY it seems it's all about Lindsay and Anna credibility be damned.

    The case didn't interest me either. The big ass microwave gun was ridiculous. I knew the ex-con dude was involved and after they found out he had a daughter I knew it was the blonde chick from the bar. It surprised me that Flack didn't realize that. He's always been on top of things so I don't know what the hell happened to make him drop the ball this time. Maybe Danny told him about the baby and that he loves Lindsay and Flack was too busy laughing to himself to notice the chick in the bar. Not even the awesomeness of Adam, Hawkes and Sid could bring the grade up this week.

    The only thing that saved this episode from a big honkin' F was the continuation of the stolen evidence. I can't say I'm thrilled about Mac being under suspicion for stealing it, but I am intrigued as to how it will play out.

    I gave it a D+
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  11. RearWindow

    RearWindow Victim

    May 8, 2008
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    I'm not a huge DL fan, but Danny really was adorable tonight. Although I probably would have given an A- if he had his glasses on. I would have liked to be in the room when they told Mac instead of watching from outside.

    As for the microwave story, I thought it was ok. Seemed a bit far-fetched, but it kept my interest. I'm not too familiar with the pineapple sticker-thingies, but when I used to tan ages ago, I swore you put those in a discreet place. Why on earth would you want a burnt chest with a white pineapple on display? Seemed really weird.
  12. LpoHeartsNick

    LpoHeartsNick Rookie

    Jan 11, 2005
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    Ok, corney yes. What made it all worth it for me, was Mac's Dad hug to Danny.
    I loved the way he put his hand on Danny's cheek, such a "proud Dad" moment.
    I thought that was sweet.
    Yeah I agree on the adorable but Im happy Lindsay didn't say yes and jump into his arms. Wipes forehead-phew!

    I liked the Hawkes-ness of the ep. He didn't annoy me once, which he usually does in every scene.
    And last but not least, Adam, sqweee!!! I heart him all dramatic "the triangle strikes again" Oh shush up and just stare into the camera, he's so damn pretty!
  13. Carolyn_333

    Carolyn_333 Pathologist

    Nov 27, 2004
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    I gave it a B. It was better than "The Box", which I gave a D-. But it liked a bit being as good as "Veritas" and "My Name Is Mac Taylor", both of which got an A+ from me. Starting here, I'm gonna break this post into little paragraphs.

    That view looking down off the Empire State Building made me dizzy. WHEW!!! Where's my Xanax??? It nearly gave me a fear-of-heights panic attack it was so real looking. I do have a genuine fear of heights. I'm getting dizzy just thinking about that view. I'm glad Mac, Danny and Hawkes were using those safety straps.

    This Danny/Lindsay ship is starting to grate on my last good nerve. They were a cute couple that I liked and really wanted them to get together from season 2's "Zoo York" to season 4's "Child Play". Now they're like some soap opera couples, they just get on my nerves. :scream:UGH!!!:scream: HEY, CSI: NY!!! Leave the soap opera drama to the CBS soaps Young and the Restless, Bold and the Beautiful, As The World Turns and Guiding Light.

    I'm gonna say this in all bold CAPS for strong emphasis "IF CSI: NY's SEASON 5 DOESN'T GET ITS ACT TOGETHER, SEASON 5 WILL BE ITS DOWNFALL." Once CSI: Miami had a crappy season 4 they never really recovered. They finally completely lost me as a fan in September of this year. I hope CSI: NY isn't starting down that path.

    Is that dang flashdrive gonna be the next 333 storyline for Mac??? Cause if it is, it's got nothing on 333. I'd forgot all about that flashdrive till tonight. I didn't forget that 333 storyline. Well, one reason might've been cause the writers reminded us of 333 in every episode right up till the end of the 333 storyline in the episode "The Thing About Heroes". They didn't do that with this flashdrive.

    Why did they add Robert Joy to the opening credits??? AJ Buckley's character Adam got more screen time than Robert's character Sid. In fact, I believe Hill Harper's character Sheldon Hawkes got more screen time as M.E. in season one than Robert Joy's getting this season as Sid Hammerback.

    You know something. Proof reading this post up to the end of that last paragraph is making me think I should've voted C, C- or D+. B might've been a bit too generous. Yes, I did say at the beginning of this post that this episode was better than the last episode "The Box"...and it was, but I'm beginning to question by how much.

    Well, I'm through ranting...for now. I'll rant some more later after I rewatch this episode and find some more stuff to rant about.

    Note to Anthony Zuiker: WAKE UP!!!
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  14. lynerjy

    lynerjy Victim

    Jan 10, 2008
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    Man that was boring.

    And I don't think I 've evEr been bored by a CSI NY episode so that was surprising. For some reason or the other the episode was just all over the place. They were trying to do too many things at once and not in a coherent manner -- it was a toss up throughout the episode if I could remember whether they were talking about the pregnancy, the strange FBI business, the murder..

    the case probably had the potential to be rivetting but it absolutely wasn't. I just didn't care if this old and tired criminal had a fancy magnet or not, or whether his daughter bought a fancy chopper or not. I don't care about what relationship or dynamic they might have had because it was so causal. It's really as if the writers this time paid zero attention to the case and just stuck in thoughts for it in between lunch breaks. The case was just.. easy. I could have done it. Nice idea with the exploding pacemaker, but that was about it.

    Man, what a boring episode though. They even spent a minute too long on the top of the empire state building doing what could have been done in 5 seconds. Good. They're on top of the empire state building. There're no microwaves. Very nice. Now get off.

    Anyway there were some perks, like the Danny/Lindsay proposal,.. for the first time it actually looked like Lindsay had more than one level. I liked the way Anna took the time to show Lindsay understood what Danny was trying to do and that she wouldn't have him do it, in her simple "No." it was quite good actually.

    I'm at least starting to get the feeling that TPTB just might handle this pregnancy D/L fiasco well, because at least, very gratifyingly, they're not trying to magically create something out of nothing. The way they've played it, and I credit both Carmine & Anna on this, is the falling into a necessary relationship as opposed to choosing one, and from that they've both made conscious as opposed to primal decisions to love one another. In their interactions you can understand the complicated and confused relationship they had before, and it appears it was as unclear to them as it was to us, and they are now as unsure of this union as us, and have yet commited to it on faith that something good can come of it,... as hopefully we will as well.

    Oh and dear CSI NY, stop with the poor political puppy Mac!! I get his doesn't play the political game and always gets caught up in its ropes.. enough! I don't care to see him do the same things over and over again. Now bring me an interesting storyline. Like steLLa's.
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  15. Flacknatic

    Flacknatic Hit and Run

    Jan 16, 2008
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    I gave it a B+, it had some great stuff in it like a mature and logical approach to the Danny/Lindsey/baby situation. The crime story while starting off cool was pretty easy to solve. When you figure out who did it 30 minutes before the cast dose it defiantly hurts the story. But here’s run down of what I thought.

    The Good:
    -A good helping (and use) of Flack this episode.:drool:
    -More Sheldon in this episode than we saw of all last season, Thank you!!!
    -Follow up on the whole flash drive plot from earlier in the season
    -Mac up to his tits in conspiracies, creepy Feds and trouble.
    Note: You think the “people high up in the government”, the creepy Feds talked about have anything to do with the creepy Greeks from the embassy, that are threatening Stella? :confused:
    - Lindsey worrying if the chemicals she was using might be harmful to her unborn child. I was wondering if they where going to use that, great that they did! :thumbsup:
    -The sweet little Stella/Lindsey moment!
    -Adam being geeky yet adorable (he’s growing on me every episode).
    -“Satan’s Wheel”, sounds like some kinky gay sex toy. I WANT one for Christmas and I want to use it on Flack and Adam!!!!!! :devil:
    -Death by exploding pacemaker, OUCH! But So Dam Cool!!!! :eek:
    - Sexy boy-toy security guard as a suspect having Mac and Flack play “bad cop/bad cop” with him. “How about Det.’s Taylor and Flack take you back to a privet cell and show you what a pair of hand-cuffs and night-stick is really used for, you hot little f**k pup!!!!!!!” :devil:
    - No Det. Angell this episode.
    -Great New York shots and use of the cities’ landmarks.
    -The ending when Danny & Lindsey tell Mac about the baby. You don't here what's happaning but can tell what wonderful moment it is for all of them. Really bring the whole feeling that this team is also a family.

    The Bad:
    -Week ending to the Crime story, with bad villains and it was easily solved, that really urks me! :scream:
    - Under use of Danny, and please give the man back his glasses he is much sexier with them! :cool:
    -Poor/week motive for the bad guy!
    -The perp is a trampy, bottle blonde, with fake knockers and a store bought tan, give me a break!!!!!! :wtf:
    -EXTREAM close-up of said fake breast, yuck!
    -Not enough Sid.
    -Mac pulls a Houdini and no one bats an eye-lash. Of course he disappears or gets kidnapped about two to three times a season so maybe its just old hat for everyone by now? :brickwall:
    -Taking a shot a Flack, NO BAD!!!!
    -Danny pops the question to Lindsey and doesn't bother to buy the girl a ring first, dude what's wong with you????

    The Ugly:
    -Danny’s hair, it looked like he had moose and squirrel up in there!
    - A bad guy that looked like he had already died of cancer six months ago, not six months from now! And what the hell was that thing on his lip ( I couldn’t tell as I don’t have HDTV.)
    -Artificially tanned, artificial boobs with a tan-too???????
    -The over use of terms for the human breast, !'s, ?’s, bad spelling and smiley faces in this post. Also for using the “term f**k pup“, for that I am truly sorry. :eek:
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