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How would you grade The Formula?

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  1. Top41

    Top41 Administrator Administrator Moderator Premium Member

    Mar 5, 2003
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    New CSI: NY ep tonight... give it a watch and let us know what you thought! :cool:
  2. cavanaughdevil

    cavanaughdevil Victim

    Nov 6, 2008
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    I watched this 3 hrs ago (6pm Central time) and I loved the final scene.
  3. wildcat

    wildcat Witness

    Dec 23, 2009
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    - Action-packed opening. :thumbsup:

    - Is that the racing track built just for CSI? - Looked good. In the dark – even authentic. ;)
    Lindsay is in the field – in jeans (a nod to her fans – no dress yet :lol:), but in high-heels. :thumbsup:

    - Hey, everybody except Sid is there! Great! :thumbsup: Could have brought Sid too, because without him Hawkes doing an autopsy looks weird. Well, Hawkes and not Adam playing with computer recognition program is also a bit weird. :rolleyes:

    - Again Flack without suit. :devil: I believe there was not a single episode this season with Flack in suit and tie. I’m missing his suits. :( No, Flack looks great in anything, but Flack in a suit is truly special. Dear TPTB, please, bring back Flack’s suits!

    - I liked all the guest stars except the one playing Santo’s wife. – She looked so false through the entire episode and had all the expressiveness of a plastic doll. :angryrazz: It’s been striking when during the interview after the guy died Stella looked infinitely more shocked and depressed by his death than his wife. The same – later on, when she and the manager were interviewed at the same time.

    - Adam, Danny and Lindsay become auto-mechanics for a day – cool! :thumbsup: I liked this short exchange:
    L.-(very surprised) You race?
    A.- PlayStation! :guffaw::guffaw:

    - A very nice scene with Mac and Stella talking about Mac’s childhood dream. :adore: I loved the change in Mac’s mood and appearance – from being mad and brusque on telephone to mild, full of memories and smiling while talking to Stella to serious all-about-business after the call from the hospital – a wide spectrum of emotions in a very short time, excellent acting. :thumbsup:

    - Did not appreciate the new office toy – a huge electronic table on which Lindsay was looking at the photos – there was absolutely no need for something like that and it is (and looks) very inconvenient. :shifty: – It could work as a wall screen, but a table -…. ?

    - The plot was interesting :thumbsup: – I didn’t expect the car being sabotaged by the owner of the team. And having it sabotaged not once, but twice for different reasons was also an interesting twist.

    - LOVED the last scene – with Mac and Stella racing. :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: That was fun! Too bad they didn’t film a few more seconds of that – I’m sure Stella kicked Mac’s a.. . :guffaw:

    - Again only one case, but the episode was dynamic and there was place for everybody on the team. :thumbsup:

    Well, I liked this episode very much – A+.

    P.S. There is one question which is bothering me. What’s up with Danny’s badge? Now it’s been what – a month since he lost it and 3 weeks since he found out that it’s been probably stolen by Shane Casey? And…? :rolleyes: Still did not report any of that – neither the loss nor Shane being out of prison - and running around town without badge? Hm… I’m wondering what would be the consequences in such situation for any cop? :wtf:
  4. Maya316

    Maya316 Lab Technician

    Jun 7, 2009
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    More exciting than last week’s, the case itself was still fairly predictable. Which unfortunately means there wasn’t anything particularly noteworthy to comment on there. The team owner and the best friend were suspicious from the first three minutes in, so it wasn’t much of a twist when it ended up being one (the owner) instead of the other (BF). I think it might’ve been more thrilling if it had been Danica’s character who was the culprit in the end. Especially since she didn’t seem to have much to do. However, I did enjoy it.

    I really enjoyed the scenes where Adam, Lindsay, and Danny were working with the car. They were fun and consistent; they made me lol; those parts reminded me of You Only Die Once and Down the Rabbit Hole, and they played off each other really well. Adam into video-games and Lindsay into race-cars – all that was made of win, and I loved the one scene where Mac joined them. But they all badly needed to shower in that one. Except Mac.

    Speaking of Mac, that final scene where mini-Mac in his soapbox derby racer was superimposed over Mac on the track ...should have been corny, but I found it too cute to care. Partly because of the mini-Mac, but the grin on Mac’s face when he got into that car was pretty great, too.

    Flack’s different; darker and more subdued. Yeah, people’ve been saying it for weeks, but with the way he was all excited over that motorcycle in S1’s finale and his reluctant admiration of the “Batmobile” in 4.03, it was somewhat depressing to watch him not even get a little excited over the cars. I could’ve sworn those would be exactly the kind of thing he was into.

    The name Dobby. Gah. I doubt they could've picked a worse one for the vic. I could not stop picturing Harry Potter’s Dobby.

  5. Jade_Nolan

    Jade_Nolan CSI Level One

    Nov 22, 2009
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    well this is Gary we're talking about here!! :hugegrin: a full spectrum of emotions is sorta his thing!!! :luvlove: i sooooooooooooooooo loved this scene! the way his eyes lit up talking about his dreams when he was little, and apparently still nurture to this day! all men are just little boys inside, i swear! ;):adore: and i loved Stella's line, "Little Mac Taylor, soap-box derby champion!" and he got all embarrassed and shifty and smiley! :adore: .................... *cough* anyway, moving on............. ;)

    LOVED the ep!! great team involvement, minus Sid. I'm assuming this is because no actual autopsy was done. if you notice, even though Santos was in the morgue, he hadn't been actually 'cut into' - just xrays.

    Flack: "It's the hottest ticket in town."
    Mac: "Hotter than anyone expected."
    i had to wait to make sure he wasn't going to then slowly, and in dramatic fashion, pull out a pair of sunglasses and coolly put them on!!! it always makes me laugh when they give mac, horatio lines!! :lol:

    Adam, Danny and Lindsey make awesome garage mechs!! :cool: Danny needs to get dirty more often, i actually liked Lindsey talking cars and seeming so comfortable around something 'non-girly'.........and Adam? loved Adam!!! :lol: Playstation!!! that was awesome!! :guffaw: but by far the bit where he 'stole' Danny's 'BOOM' line was the best ever!!!!! :guffaw::guffaw: i don't often actually laugh at something genuinely funny during an ep, but this had me about falling out of my chair!! :lol:

    *random* oh, and that all silver 'upstairs' to the car trailer and the shot from one end of Flack looking around?.....uber cool!!

    liked the new techno computer table!! but then, i'm a sucker for gadgety things, and i just want to get my hands on it and try it out!! :D

    did not see the team owner as being the one ultimately responsible! i had Santos' wife and the crew chief pegged for some level of involvement from the instant i saw their essentially non-reactions and complete lack of surprise as the accident and when he went into cardiac arrest at the hospital.......:p anyway, liked the twist and double twist of sorts!

    more melty :adore::adore::adore::adore: for the end scene!! loved mac and stella's banter! i've been missing old times...........

    only quarrel i have is the 'coincidence' of using Danica Patrick as a guest star right as she debuts with NASCAR.............and that photoshoot scene........please.....don't try to tell me there wasn't some sort of publicity stunt going on here!

    so there, all my random immediate thoughts! :D i'm sure as disscusion unfolds and i organize my brain a bit better i'll be able to talk more intelligently about it, but for now, i'm done!!


    oh, and i heard his name as 'Davi', not 'Dobby'. ;) 'Dobby' would have been hilarious though!!! :guffaw:
  6. sjhubby

    sjhubby Prime Suspect

    Apr 10, 2008
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    Loved it for a change:) I have been so disapointed with season6 so far:eek: this was a nice change. ;) I am just happy to see Adam, but disapointed no Adam and Stella.:scream: I was suprised the owner was the killer:wtf: It was nice to see Lindsey again, but I am getting a little tired of Danny's condasending attitude towards Adam. :devil: Last week and this. JMO By the way what is a dirty s peter, When they were in the garge Adam said that the car used the same fuel as his dirty s peter:confused: what is that:confused:
  7. Carolyn_333

    Carolyn_333 Pathologist

    Nov 27, 2004
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    All I can say to that is "The BLACKHOLE OF CONTINUITY strikes again."
    Someone really should talk to TPTB and the writers at CSI: NY about that dang blackhole.

    It was pronounced Dah-vee and I bet the reason it was pronounced that way is cause the vic's name was spelled Davi.
    You're probably thinking "How does she know how the vic's name was spelled?" Here's how I know: At the beginning of the show there was a fan in the stands holding a yellow sign with blue glittery letters saying "We luv u Davi."

    I haven't decided on my grade for this episode.
    Right now I'm going back and forth between C and C+.
    I'll let you know what I decide when I decide it.
  8. ~Sarah~

    ~Sarah~ Lab Technician

    Jan 22, 2009
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    Thoughts as watching:

    A puddle?
    This is quite a long intro to the murder.
    What is it recently with the long intros? This one was nearly 3 and 1/2 minutes... longer than the Lingerie Football
    Feet... of Mac
    Oh a threatning note
    Theme Song... they should go back to the original version of it
    Well, there is Lindsay in heels. I feel like Stella and Lindsay are always in heels.
    Adam! Nice to see him this week.
    Why does Danny always like to point out she's from Montana?
    Playstation? That's Adam
    More economic talk... what ever happened to the cutbacks?
    So all the letters were written by the same person
    John Weaver, hello
    Anger Managment... sounds like he needs it
    Well, Flack dislikes racing
    The name of the episode...
    He really does not look good
    Heart attack?
    Does that technology really exist? Throwing photos around like that?
    A mention of Sid, but Hawkes is talking about the autopsy again
    Kind of like nitrous oxide then?
    They all just stare at Adam... stole Danny's moment
    An affair?
    The team owner did it
    This reminds me of Catherine & Nick racing cars

    His name was Davi, not Dobby. Davi is a variant of David. It's more common in Portugal/Brazil I think.
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2010
  9. Maya316

    Maya316 Lab Technician

    Jun 7, 2009
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    Hm, I guess it's possible that Flack not being into the cars could be because of the BHC -- I kind of hope so :lol: It's not that I don't enjoy the new direction EC's taking Flack's character in, but it really sucks to see it get so far as having him lose interest in the things he used to enjoy. That strikes me more like depression.

    Ah, okay - I kept hearing a 'b' where they were saying 'v' :wtf:, and then I didn't see the sign. That makes so much more sense, though :lol:
  10. Fwuzzfwuzz

    Fwuzzfwuzz Hit and Run

    Oct 21, 2009
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    Episode was okay. I don't know - season 6 doesn't garner much excitement from me. Season 5 was a lot better.

    I pinned the friend at the beginning but I completely forgot about the bald dude. Was it just me or did the friend look a little like a young Harrison Ford?

    I was super happy that Adam was back and they didn't make him boring and serious. Haha. Stealing Danny's thunder was hillarious. And the playstation line was so Adam.

    Love that little touch screen thing. It reminds me of the new touch screen computer Microsoft is making. Where you can stretch the picture with your fingers. I was more in awe of it reading the phone's memory without a connector. Is that possible or just science fiction? (I'm a huge techy geek)

    I heard about the last scene but it wasn't as bad as I thought it was gonig to be. I thought it wasn't going to be real cheesy like the football scene two episodes ago but it was fine.

    Also, I did an eye-roll as well at the "hotter" line. haha Those type of lines were what had me hesitant to get into CSI in the first place. I hate puns.
  11. Karlia

    Karlia Rookie

    Nov 7, 2009
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    Watching it now!

    First of all, I hate when they do what I call actor/actress recycling. They bring in actors/actresses from other well known tv-shows. Is Hollywood really that small ,that the lack of talent makes them hire same people over and over and over again.

    I'm sure that Kevin Kilner is a nice guy and no doubt good actor but does he have to be everywhere?
    Just yesterday I was watching The Closer, Blue Blood ( season 2, episode 1) where he plays a cop who shoots another cop and now this. :scream:

    Nice outfit Lindsay! *thumbs up*

    Hahahaaa Adam is super dork!:guffaw: Playstation! :lol:

    Car stuff.... bleh... Not a big fan of cars.

    Must be illegal for Flack look so hot on the screen! :eek:

    Can I play with that touchscreen table, that Lindsay is playing with!

    Ha whoooopidoooo!

    "Little Mac Taylor the soap box derby champ!" - Made me smile, squeal and made my day! :thumbsup::thumbsup:

    Hahaaaa Adam and "boom" joke. Epic fail! :lol:

    Team owner....figured from the start!

    OMG they are so cute in those racing costumes! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
    I'm enjoying this way too much! :eek:
    Bet , Stella kicked his butt! :guffaw::guffaw:

    A for cute SMacked!
  12. Plenilunio

    Plenilunio Lab Technician

    Feb 19, 2009
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    Bland episode. Not a disaster, but not memorable. C
  13. GregNickRyanFan

    GregNickRyanFan Holographic Moderator Moderator

    May 16, 2008
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    Oh thank goodness I'm not the only one who noticed that!

    I loved that photo table thingy. Especially when Linds slid the photo down to the other end to Danny. I thought it was cool. I want one! :lol: If only I could afford one and had a place to put one. :lol:

    Lindsay: You race?
    Adam: Playstation. Those games are realistic.
    Danny: Okay, Speed Racer. :lol:

    OMG! Is that first person they talked to Jay Underwood (aka The Boy Who Could Fly)? Haven't seen him in a long time.

    :lol: at Adam's noise that interrupted Danny's "boom". :guffaw: But when he made that noise and they all looked at him, I thought for sure he was gonna say something about playstation again cause the noise he made sounded like a sound effect on a video game. :lol:

    Aww man... we didn't get to see who won the race at the end. :lol: And them racing reminded me of Cath and Nick racing. Oh and the kid playing young Mac really did look like he could be Mac when he was younger.

    I gave the episode a B.
  14. talkingtocactus

    talkingtocactus Coroner

    May 24, 2009
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    i enjoyed this ep, it was definitely a standout in this season. it reminded me quite a lot of older eps - especially the scenes where they moved the car to the warehouse to be dismantled and rebuilt.

    it was lovely to see adam, danny and lindsay as mechanic types and i'm glad they allowed lindsay to get her hands dirty and show the boys up a bit on that score although danny, we KNOW she's from bloody montana, can you just drop that now? and we KNOW you're married to her, can you also drop the terms of endearment? we really really don't need reminding.

    i agree with Jade_Nolan, i want one of those photo tables!

    i did like adam's playstation comments but i think his "boom" was definitely the line of the ep, it was so funny. :lol:

    there were some pretty good lines generally actually - although the "hotter than anyone expected" was straight from the horatio school of cheese, it also made me smile so i didn't mind too much. i loved mac's line when danny asked him how drivers go to the bathroom, it was a simple line ("you don't want to know") but the delivery was good.

    another way it reminded me of older eps was we haven't seen mac under pressure from other parties in a while, the mayor's office, the businessmen etc, it was nice to see a return to that.

    i agree - well, you know i do, and it was nice to see him being able to work that a bit this time, the quick and apparently effortless transition between angry (on the phone) and nostalgic/sweet (with stella) was a nice touch.

    speaking of which - i thought mac was great this ep, he had a bit more scope than we've seen recently which was good. i liked when hawkes said something like "oh, you're a superfan!" and mac looked either embarrassed or annoyed or *something* and corrected him to "just a fan".

    his talk with stella about soapbox derby was so cute, it was nice to see a bit of their old interaction again, with them bantering and joking a bit instead of being deadly serious. i had one minor issue with it - hadn't we established years ago that mac's childhood dream was to be a marine and he was never out of fatigues? so where did this other dream suddenly come from? i'm not saying little boys can't have more than one dream but it did seem to come from nowhere.

    the last scene was lovely - in total contrast to the football scene which was just cheesy (thank god they ditched the slo mo this time!), stella and mac's banter and the fact that the driver was in on it really helped it work. and mac looked so excited about it, it was really cute :)

    overall i gave it A- (mainly for the constant reminders of lindsay's marital status/heritage).
  15. Cyn-B-Demented

    Cyn-B-Demented Police Officer

    Jun 7, 2009
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    I wonder how they can work a crime scene in heels lol I usually wear heels when I don't have to walk or stand-up too much :lol: I also thought Linday's hair color is looking good this season!!! :cool:

    I looooved how he was almost there the entire episode. I think Danny, Adam and Lindsay made for a great team, to my surprise.

    Hahaha, I thought the same thing when Lindsay was playing with it :lol:. I guess it does exist, CNN has a similar thing. They used it a lot during the presidential elections. It also look similar to Bamboo's Cintiq but it ain't the same kind of gear..

    Would have been awesome to have Sid and Hawkes perform the autopsy together.

    I loved that moment and Adam's facial expression :guffaw: You could tell AJ and Carmine had fun shooting that scene together. It felt like AJ wanted to burst out and laugh :lol: Loved it!

    AGREE! I couldn't shake that impression all the time I was watching Formula. The plot was too similar for my taste. It also reminded me of Playing With Matches (S4), for some odd reasons.

    I concur. Why is everything so bland this season :(.

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