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  1. Redsiren

    Redsiren Hit and Run

    May 1, 2008
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    I was gonna post up my live review, but I don't have time to edit it right now, so instead, I'm gonna go by the 'If you have nothing nice to say...' school of thought and just say the following.

    Carmine is an AMAZING actor. This episode showed it to a T.

    Don's new nickname officially needs to be Irish. :lol:

    And Adam needs to stop hanging around Danny and Don so much. (the 'mutt' line, is what I'm talking about. :p)
  2. Brinchen

    Brinchen Pathologist

    Jul 17, 2007
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    I'm not sure I've voted for an episode yet. :p Will do now. This episode gets an A+ from me. For me, it was simply amazing. What an intense and great episode! I totally loved the way this storyline was told through Danny's POV. And I'm impressed by both, Anna and Carmine.

    This episode was so emotional! And it was shown so well. Many unanswered questions have been answered now. Finally! Although I wasn't surprised at all that Danny and Lindsay are together. And that they are back together. Never had a doubt that they were before. And now still are. But I'm happy Danny finally spoke it out. This also showed me that both saw each other in a relationship. Which, again, was no surprise to me.

    The scene in the locker room was fantastic. So was Danny's talk to the victim's parents and the scene at the very end. I loved how Danny talked about Lindsay and that it was a good thing he met her. You could clearly see his feelings for her.

    I love how much this episode told us with little scenes, expressions and every spoken word. And with this wonderful scene at the end. Danny and Lindsay stood close to each other and then their hands touched. I cannot wait how this storyline will continue. I cannot wait to see how they'll deal with their baby. Wonderful episode! I'm still impressed by what I've seen. And I'm happy to see that we DL shippers got another episode for our Best DL Episodes Ever list. First NWILL, SOOH, SD and now The Box. Perfect.
  3. andunesilme

    andunesilme Lost in the parking lot

    Nov 13, 2008
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    Just finished watching ep again. And I have to say that i disagree with most of you (/all of you? don't remember any more..), the Danny POV was .. awful :scream:. Carmine is a brilliant actor, but still .. somehow this 'Danny sharing his worries with some weird-couple' was odd. And those close-ups. No, not nice (haha, and I'm not that much of a Danny fan either). Too close. It gave me agonizing feeling while watching, just screen with a face and voice and yellow brick wall. Maybe this was the writers plan, dunno.

    Yup, I agree with ya 100%. You said aloud exactly what I was thinking. Except I was also thinking how awful that motorcycle was. If it's supposed to be 'cool' thing to do, why the heck choose that kinda mc? Nah, okay, maybe it's Carmine's (dunno?), but .. he looked like a sack of potatoes riding a mc from that angle of view. And too much face again. Not cool. :wtf:

    Oh, and yes, this wasn't that bad ep at all. Some awful moments, but I like to think that this was just another pretty-good CSI NY ep. Worth watching. And I have never seen AB as a bad actor. I haven't thought that was worth focusing on, but her character is just boring. TPTB should've given her a better character to work with (and i just can't focus on acting, 'cause i want to see the show and the plot and everything that is connected to characters. Not actors. Nah, I can't write my thoughts properly.

    This was one awesome scene! :drool: The whole interrogation, I mean. I would love to see this kind of moments more. Mac and Don. haha. Loved Mac's laugh, it's not often we see that, he should really laugh more. And the arrest too, "just say it" "class dismissed" :guffaw:I'm truly a friend of a bad humour :D

    I'm sure I had something else to say, but now I don't remember anything. Grrh. haa! Now I remember one thing: Flack + jeans = no good. I have a thing with men in suits, so this casual clothes-thing was not yummy :D

    I gave this ep B.

    // EDIT.
    yeah, now i remember one thing. In the few last eps (i think in the whole 5th season..) we haven't seen any interaction between Lindsay and Danny, and now suddenly Danny is all 'are you sick? are you okay?' on Linds? Whattaa? How did this happen? Have I missed something important, 'cause I really don't remember even smallest bit of them talking. Too fast for me.
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2008
  4. Elsie

    Elsie Shopaholic

    Sep 21, 2006
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    Firstly, welcome to Talk CSI. Obviously this episode was always going to create rather a lot of both positive and negative reactions, and thank you for posting your opinions. We do welcome all opinions about the show, regardless of what they may be, and all that we ask is that the people posting them are respectful of each other and their right to have that opinion. Questioning why people watch the show if they don't like every aspect of it isn't helpful, nor is it pertinent to a grading thread. I would also have interpreted your first post in the way that others did. Sweeping generalisations are also not particularly helpful in creating reasonable and interesting discussion, they usually just generate a negative reaction. Let's move on.

    I have to admit, I was expecting this episode to be really emotional. But it left me cold. I thought the case would be emotional for everyone involved, but to me it didn't come across that way at all. Lindsay seemed emotional when she told Danny that she knows him, but other than that, it didn't do it for me. It's a shame, because I do love it when an episode can make me cry. :lol:

    I think it was different, once again, it didn't do it for me, but the idea and design certainly had potential. I like that they tried something different, even if they didn't quite pull it off.

    :lol: I was also thinking of a lot of other things that I didn't say... It was bad, he did look completely ridiculous, and the close ups of him, what, thinking about stuff and then smiling? Like he's had time to think about things and now he's happy? What a bizarre scene.

    I don't know, I was beginning to wonder if I'd been too harsh about this episode, but then I think about it some more and I just want to cringe, again. I think that Carmine was pretty bad, and I'm talking about the monologue scenes, but then I'm not sure if anyone could have delivered those sort of scenes well? The writing, reactions, inappropriateness of the situation...I can see how it might look good on paper, I'm not sure why it didn't work in reality.
  5. carol41

    carol41 Civilian

    Apr 10, 2008
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    I voted A+ as a massive D/L fan it had everything i wanted to see. carmine and anna acted so well. The locker scene was awesome. And when Danny was telling the parents the birthday gift Lindsey received as a kid was lovely. can't wait until next week.
  6. imaguestage

    imaguestage Dead on Arrival

    May 4, 2006
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    I was really looking forward to this episode. I'll admit that the idea of a DL baby wasn't exactly the most thrilling thing for me but I like Lindsay so I was looking forward to her having a storyline.

    Well congrats TPTB, you've officially made me lose all respect for Lindsay and frankly, I don't like her anymore.

    Danny admitted that he and Lindsay weren't officially together when he got together with Rikki. I suspected as much even before the confirmation from Peter in an interview. However, I still believe that Lindsay felt something was going on between her and Danny at that time because of her monologue and her attitude with Danny after it. Why cop that kind of attitude if you don't think you have some sort of romantic attachment to him? Her behaviour is not the behaviour of someone who is hurt that their platonic friend has been ignoring them.

    Danny said last night that he was sure that Lindsay knew what happened between him and Rikki but they never talked about it. So, Lindsay knew that Danny broke things off with her and then got involved with another woman but since Lindsay is in love with Danny, she just won't ever bring it up so that she can go back to being with Danny?

    Didn't their previous relationship end because they couldn't communicate? Their answer to that is getting back together and then not communicating? Really? That is a mature and honest relationship? Really?

    Lindsay Monroe you are an effing idiot. You are the embodiment of every simpering, please-just-love-me-because-I-have-Daddy-issues! woman out there who will accept anything from a man so long as he says he wants to be with you. I thought you were better than that Lindsay.

    When you get back together with someone, you have to work on the issues that drove you apart in the first place. In the case of Danny and Lindsay, the issue that drove them apart was Danny feeling that he could not confide and/or rely on Lindsay during the hard times. That is a huge deal. He couldn't rely on her so he distanced himself from her and found someone he could rely on and confide in.

    When they discussed getting back together, Lindsay should have wanted to know why Danny was able to find that connection with someone who, up until Ruben's death, he wasn't overly friendly with. Why with Rikki? What was Lindsay lacking?

    I know people are going to say “Why are you blaming Lindsay?” but sorry, she has just as much a part to play in this as Danny does. For whatever reason Danny couldn’t go to Lindsay after Ruben’s death and if you are in a relationship with someone (or having a freaking CHILD) you can’t just let something like that slide by. It is a warning sign, complete with a wailing siren, flashing lights and a big sign that says “DANGER! DANGER!”

    I understand why Danny would want to avoid discussing what happened. It’s not pleasant and it dredges up memories of what happened to Ruben. That doesn’t excuse Lindsay. After telling him twice that she was in love with him and getting either no response or a cop out response, she still goes back to him happily. There is no discussing of the fact that Danny was easily able to find what he wanted in Rikki but not in Lindsay. It is just another example of how these two don’t communicate with each other and yet TPTB seem intent on convincing us that DL are in this loving and honest relationship. Maybe I could have bought it if they had Danny say he was in love with Lindsay but again, TPTB hint around it but still won’t have the guy commit to it.

    So sorry TPTB but you can’t convince me this is a “loving” or “honest” relationship between two adults when you have one acting like a teenage girl who will accept anything so long as the boy stand by her side. I expect that on shows for teens but not on a show for adults. Can we please have an adult relationship on this show?

    The other aspects of the episode were okay. The case was a bit predictable and I’ve seen the whole baby kidnapping thing done before. They did have some great guest stars this episode. I loved the scene with Mac, Flack and Reggie.

    I love seeing Sid and Hawkes working together but since when did Hawkes become Sid’s assistant in the morgue? It seems like the past few episodes, that’s all Hawkes has been doing. I like seeing him out in the field and talking to suspects. :(

    Overall grade: D
  7. PepeBee

    PepeBee Rookie

    Nov 15, 2008
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    Knowing that this episode will be the a D/L kind of thing, I was actually expecting for something bad. Even if I do not have any liking, or will I ever have, a liking towards Lindsay, I can say it was a pretty decent episode. Not as good as some of this season's episode (my favorite being SLS) but not so bad for the palette.

    It's great to showcase Carmine's acting because it really was good. I just hoped that they didn't put too much Carmine in it because I feel that Danny is having way too much of Carmine and not Danny. Other than that, I think what he did was stellar. Carmine is real badass!:p

    However, the way that the story was being presented didn't sit well with me. It's pretty odd to see Danny opening up to the vic's family/parents just because of the circumstances that, maybe, made him feel the same way they were feeling. Maybe I'd like it better if he opened up to someone...more familiar? The last scene wasn't my cup of tea also. It's so awkward and...fake? I don't know. The sincerity that I felt between...Sam and Don, or Stella and Adam in the past episodes weren't there or wasn't evident between Lindsay and Danny.

    I think I can give Lindsay the time of day but maybe her character just isn't up to par or at the same level of creativity/backstory/interest as the other cast. I feel like she's always a sore thumb among all of them.

    On the other hand, Adam's schoolboy crush looked really adorable! I'm really falling in love with his character. AJ fits perfectly as Adam.

    And of course, Casual Flack. :drool: IRISH!:guffaw:

    All in all, this episode's a C for me. And I think I'm being generous with it. :p (please don't hate me). ;)
  8. xfcanadian

    xfcanadian Pathologist

    Oct 3, 2005
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    meh, i liked it. I thought the case was really good, especially since there was a real life case that was similar to this.

    I liked how Sid got to work out in the field for a bit! That was nice giving him more screen time.

    The pregnancy thing was ok, until the end...blah. Way to cheesy for me. I blame GSR, ever since that storyline was introduced, it opened the unholy flood gates of cheesy romance on the other CSI shows.

    But Lindsay is not expecting anything from him, i have always seen Danny as an immature male character.
  9. CSINYGal88

    CSINYGal88 Hit and Run

    Aug 31, 2008
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    I gave it a C-. I think that the fact that they had some intense melodrama, as far as D/L is concerned. I was a major D/L shipper, but now? The writers just destroyed that relationship. The soap opera that they made out of them, was just not CSI franchise material...well, as far as NY is concerned.

    I don't think the fault is with Anna's's the writers. Even Carmine couldn't understand what the hell they were doing with the two characters.

    I didn't like the fact that Danny spilled what was going on with the vic's parents. That seemed totally OOC.

    It sucked. Hopefully the next episode, (which we have to wait TWO weeks for, because of that effin stupid Victoria's Secret "fashion show") will be better.

  10. racefh853629

    racefh853629 Pathologist

    May 1, 2008
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    I actually found it the complete opposite, in that it is within his character. These are two people with whom he will probably never cross paths again. Whereas with the team, he sees them day in, day out. He knows all about them and their lives. Opening up to them means they have to know his secrets, and they could judge him and think he's a bad person.

    I think he would have the same problem with a therapist. Speaking his issues to someone he has to see repeatedly, when he doesn't want to feel like he's done something wrong. Because even Lindsay said it herself- "I know you. I don't expect anything." She feels like he's going to fail, and he's afraid his friends will say that too.

    And I'm not attacking Lindsay for saying that, I'm just reading it like I saw it.

    I gave the episode a B-. Not exactly the best plot, but Adam's adorable and Flack had some good lines. Loved the "merry band of numb nuts" line... I was dying laughing. And Carmine does angst so well... just awesome.

    I'm a fan of the retrospective show... you know, start at the end and show how we got there. I think it works well, as I've seen on NCIS. But I think that punctuating it with present day just serves a little confusion.

    And I love me some casual Flack any day. ;)
  11. La_Guera

    La_Guera Lab Technician

    Sep 8, 2005
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    There were so many problems with last night's episode that I might seize trying to articulate them, and it's a pity because when I saw Danny talking to an unknown individual in what looked like a grotty little room, I thought that perhaps he was talking to Louie, or Flack, or his parents. Maybe even Mac. It would make sense and offer continuity as well.

    And then I realized that Danny Messer was baring his soul to two strangers who had recently learned that the pregnant, teenage daughter they'd kicked out of the house had been murdered. Two strangers who were waiting to pick up their grandson, who'd been cut from his dead mother's belly by a desperate husband.

    That was when my head exploded. I flatly refuse to believe that Danny Messer, the same Danny Messer who believes he can solve all his own problems, and who tells his best friend that he never asked for his help, would admit to a victim's parents that he'd boned a co-worker, knocked her up, and was now in a quandary. Danny's emotional, not a moron, and if I'm to believe that it is in-character for him to behave this way, then I have no choice but to consider him an alarming narcissist. What police officer plays "Guess How My Life Sucks" with a victim's family, a game which in this case divulges personal information about a fellow officer without her knowledge? An asshole emo wankknob, that's who.

    And don't even get me started on either the canonical spackle job to explain the baby bump or Lindsay's handling of the situation. The writers would have us believe that Danny and Lindsay began a serious relationship after he stuck his cue in her corner pocket on the pool table, a relationship that was never seen and only mentioned as a negative, a poor decision on Lindsay's part. Then, Danny slept with Rikki; Lindsay, with her super special psychic Montana cowgirl powers somehow knew he'd cheated, but because she's such a damn martyr, she took him back anyway.

    I say "cheated" here because Danny tells the couple that he "messed things up", which to me indicates a knowledge of wrongdoing on his part. It's possible that Danny considered his liaisons with Rikki "cheating", and probable that Lindsay does as well.

    Let's think about this, especially in light of her later outburst of, "Because I know how you are; I don't expect anything from you."

    Allow me to translate from Narcissistic Bad Writing to standard English.

    Lindsay: I, who have l33t psychic powers, knew you cheated on me. Yet by the grace of my tender heart, and by my sadistic desire to make you grovel and beg before my rose-scented awesomeness flavored with the earthy tang of Montana badass, I took you back, so that you could better yourself through a lifetime of penance, and so that I could satisfy the tingling itch in my downhome squeezebox. No, no the one the penicillin won't clear up.

    Knowing you're a cheating, irresponsible douchebag, I chose to have unprotected sex with you on multiple occasions. Once I found out I was pregnant, I chose to keep it a secret for weeks and then imply that you'd shirk your paternal responsibilities. That you don't have my l33t psychic powers is neither here nor there. Oh, and even though I've known of my pregnancy for several weeks, I haven't told Mac or Stella and have likely exposed the baby to dozens of harmful chemicals. When the baby is born with severe deformities and mental impairment, I will blame it on your crappy New York genes and not on my staggering lack of maturity or common sense.

    Aren't you sorry you stuck your pistil in my flytrap now?

    I pity the child; with such strong parenting skills to guide him, how could he go wrong? I'm sure that in sixteen years, Uncle Don will be there to talk him out of the shopping mall before another hostage dies.

    And oh, dear God, the scene of Danny riding his bike through the city was the stuff of an Evanescence video. The hot bike. The pensive expression. The utterly ludicrous and scene-killing helmet. "He's an angsty, brooding bad boy, but remember kids, safety first."

    Someone, please, shoot me in the face.

    The scene with Mac and Flack in the interrogation room was a breath of fresh air, and I loved Mac's science lesson. Also, I see what you did thar with the foreshadowing, TPTB. It was the single bright spot in an otherwise abysmal episode.

    Well, that and "his merry band of numbnuts."

    Oh, Flack, I love you so.

    Bottom line: If I had hurled any harder, my asshole would've exited my left nostril at Mach 3. If it weren't for the occasional episodes like "Admissions" and "Dead Inside", I would wash my hands of this showpiece of special education cinema.

  12. LpoHeartsNick

    LpoHeartsNick Rookie

    Jan 11, 2005
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    Yet you continue to watch the show.
    I pity you.
  13. Springmoon

    Springmoon CSI Level Two

    Mar 22, 2006
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    That was completely uncalled for. Is it that viewers like myself and La Guera who don't like an episode or a character, or a plot line are not allowed to express those opinions? You're entitled to your opinion, but we are not to our own? I disagree completely with that, clearly. I pity you your inability to allow other people to disagree with your opinions.
  14. CCA

    CCA Police Officer

    Jun 26, 2007
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    For me, the only thing that saved this eppy was Flack. I loved the scene in the interogation room, definitely hinting to something in the near future. Mac lol almost laughing at the poor idiot, their faces were priceless as to seeing a man just hit his head on a table for no apparent reason.

    As for the D/L my adhd kicked in and I played with my new kitty cat (shrugs) so what happend ;)
  15. Top41

    Top41 Administrator Administrator Moderator Premium Member

    Mar 5, 2003
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    If I see something like this from you again, you will receive a warning. That goes for anyone who posts this kind of crap--this thread is for commentary about the episode and not about how you think other people should stop watching the show simply because they don't like an episode or a pairing. I think everyone here should be able to behave like adults when discussing a show, and not like children who can't handle opinions different than theirs. That's not too much to ask, is it?

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