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  1. Top41

    Top41 Administrator Administrator Moderator Premium Member

    Mar 5, 2003
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    New episode with an old face--watch and let us know what you thought! :cool:
  2. roximonoxide

    roximonoxide Lab Technician

    Jul 12, 2007
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    Warning for spoilers if you didn't watch the 7PM show.

    Don't let the promo's fool you. Mr. and Mrs. Wentz-Simpson only get maybe ten or fifteen minutes of screentime. Tops. And despite the voice-overs claiming that they're Bonnie and Clyde wannabe's they actually have nothing invested in the original crime. Talk about hype. She's just a wrong place wrong time hotel maid, who tries to capitalize on finding some drugs and her patsy boyfriend playing along with her not so bright idea. Bonnie and Clyde... hardly.

    On the plus side we got a lot more out of Sid tonight! Even if I was slightly confused as to why he was present at the raid on that warehouse to bust Marty, the Wentzs and those goons who offered to buy the drugs. It was still nice to see more from the often under utilized coroner. It's too bad we didn't get more of Sheldon too. It could really have been played up as a story for the coroners and doctors amongst the team.

    It's not lost on me that Lindsay's been gone a couple of day's and the "changed man" she married is up to his old stunts. Leaving his vest behind and persuing armed suspects when he shouldn't be. Reminded me of On The Job when Danny darted after the crook in the closet before Mac could stop him, and we all know how well that ended for him. It's a nice little action piece for Danny, Mac and Don, but I wish we could have seen more reprimand after Danny flaked out and forgot his vest. What a Messer. :rolleyes:

    Later while he's washing Little Stevie's blood off his hands and examining his wedding band, whilst getting an appropriately timed phone call from Lindsay, we get further proof of just how much a new man he is while he starts lying to her again. I think Danny has confused becoming a new man with becoming the man he used to be. If that's the change he's talking about I'm on board.

    After his thoughtful looks over the lockerroom sink and watching Marty breakdown at gun point I'm left wondering if seeing what became of Annabell and Marty Pino is making him question his snap decision to hitch his wagon to Lindsay's, since Sid and others have done nothing but vouch for their relationship. Two days after the wedding the groom still has cold feet? That's not a great sign, but I can't say I'm surprised.

    I like touching base with this Greek coin story line without being exposed to the entire chronicles all at once. A nice side story that plays out in bits isn't something we get a lot with NY and it's a shame, because Stella and Angell are working with it pretty well. It's interesting to see that Stella's lies have the capability of eluding Mac's usually well tuned bull$hit detector, but then again he's probably not screening his golden CSI and 2nd in command for authenticity all the time. I just hope his reaction is proportionate to the misconduct when he does find out about this. We all know by now he isn't a big advocate of insubordination.

    As much as I enjoy seeing Stella and Angell in this side story I'd be remiss if I said I wasn't wondering about the safety, and legalities involved in trapping someone in a shipping crate and mailing them to The Republic of Cyprus. I wonder what kind of legislation is on the books for such a situation.

    ETA: They make first mention of Stella taking this to Greece if she has to and as much as I'd advocate spending their budgets on interesting locations over uninteresting guest-stars I shudder to think this ends up becoming NY's version of Horatio and Eric zipping off to Brazil for vengeance. *cringe*

    While the show goes on swimmingly without Lindsay they make sure we're reminded of her through Danny's comical conversation with Mac and of course Danny's phone call. It didn't feel like overkill either. In fact it supports the idea that her character would be just as useful as a rerruring or guest star if she is to stay on as Messer's baby machine.. err wifey.

    Zero Adam rarely makes for a winning episode with me, and while I always miss his presence I graded this episode much higher than most for the season if only for their attempts at continuity. It's a rarity for NY writers that they keep their facts straight at all. I feel obligated to praise them when they so much as make an effort.
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  3. CSi:Idette

    CSi:Idette Hit and Run

    Jan 5, 2009
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    I'm really excited for tonight!! I consider Wednesdays my Date Nights! LOL :lol: With the team! I don't want to read the spoliers yet lol i want to watch then i tell you what i thought about the episode! ;)
  4. Faylinn

    Faylinn Adam Fangirl Super Moderator

    Nov 30, 2005
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    Typed as I watch:

    ~ *fondles Sheldon*

    ~ So she's not an ME? Dear person who writes the CBS press releases - GET THE EPISODE DESCRIPTION RIGHT, PLZ!

    ~ Nice flashback to tell new viewers who Marty is (and to remind those older viewers who don't remember him).

    ~ Sheldon doesn't like Flack asking Marty tough questions. *hugs Sheldon*

    ~ Lots of exposition about the Greek storyline - but at least they're talking about it.

    ~ Aww, Pino with his wife. Sid will find the truth, bb.

    ~ Pino kind of reminds me of my cousin. [/random]

    ~ Aww, Sid. :( *hugs him* I love him and Sheldon in scenes together.

    ~ Hur hur hur hur hur, Lindsay wants to process the beaver. :rolleyes: What a f*cking lame conversation. Dear writers - please don't put such ridiculous words in Danny's mouth, please.

    ~ Danny and Flack. :adore:

    ~ Oh, Mac and Sheldon - I love it when you speak nerd. ;)

    ~ Eww, it came from a dead guy - that's...morbid. Who comes up with these stories? :wtf: (But of course the dead guy had a Very Rare Medical Condition that makes it easy to locate him - how convenient.)

    ~ ANGELL! :D *does dirty and unspeakable things to you*

    ~ Stella's taking time off work for this? Uh ohs. :eek:

    ~ Oh Angell, you're so good. Be my lesbian lover, plz. :devil:

    ~ Hee, Flack immediately asked Danny where his vest was - gotta keep Danno safe. ;)

    ~ Is it like a sleezy version of the Bunny Ranch or something? :wtf:

    ~ That's some big-ass holes in the door.

    ~ Danny, you moron - the Incubator leaves and you're chasing suspects without a vest? :rolleyes:

    ~ Where is Flack to save Danny's sorry ass from the frickin' automatic weapon?

    ~ Lucky shot, Danno - I'm glad they didn't have him rig up a gun like the spoilers originally said he would. That might have been a bit much. :p

    ~ Dun dun duuuun, Pino is involved. (That might be surprising if I didn't read the spoilers. Damn spoilers. :shifty:)

    ~ This episode is dragging ass - I blame the lack of Adam. I was expecting lots of Adam as an added bonus to having no Lindsay. :( Oh well - hopefully he'll have some good stuff next week.

    ~ Ew, Marty's workshop is narsty. :wtf:

    ~ Omigah, I totally forgot Danny is married - thanks for the closeup on his ring to remind us. Or is the blood on his ring meant to be symbolic of...something? (Symbolism isn't my thing.)

    ~ Lindsay must have a Danny-is-doing-something-stupid detector because that phone call was conveniently-timed. And Danny lied. Good job, Danno. :rolleyes:

    ~ Also, I wonder how many times a day she calls him because she's bored - he's working, he'll call you when he's not. Gotta check on his spawnling, after all. So go hang out with your family or something. He'll call you. (It's a pet peeve of mine - my sister used to call my mother 6 or 7 times a day just because she was bored, and it got on my damn nerves and my mother's as well because she couldn't get things done while chit-chatting with my sister about nothing of importance. :brickwall:)

    ~ I don't think shipping a guy to Cyprus in a shipping container is legal or anything. But I expect this show will brush it off.

    ~ And Diakos is dead. Dun dun duuuuuun.

    ~ Mac, don't you think Stella is acting suspicious? SHE'S ACTING SUSPICIOUS.

    ~ Aww, Sid, you couldn't have known. Marty was desperate, and you would never expect a friend to do something that horrific.

    ~ As much as I was wishing they'd bring back Pino, it sucks that they only brought him back like this. What next - they fulfill our desire to see Maka again by bringing her back and telling us she's part of the Asian mob or something? :rolleyes:

    ~ Ugh, Pete and Ashlee. Stunt casting blows chunks. At least it wasn't more than a few scenes.

    ~ Oh, Sid. :(


    ~ Damnit, somebody give Sid a hug. :( Sheldon, go hug him. I DEMAND MANHUGS!

    Preview: Hmm, we'll see.

    Overall, the episode kind of dragged ass. I hate that they brought Pino back as a killer. NEEDS MOAR ADAM.
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2009
  5. Half

    Half CSI Level Two

    Jul 19, 2008
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    -Hee, the room service lady actually made me laugh, because it's very true.
    -They recognize the girl, but don't know why.
    -Anabel Pino, cause of strife. I appreciate that Mac doesn't insist that Marty's innocent.
    -Oh! Now I recognize Pino!
    -I like RandomProfessorGuy. (Pete?) What d'ya know, Kolovos and Diakos are actual bad guys, who woulda thunk it?
    -Aw! Sid! :(
    -Okay, I would've liked a picture of a crime scene around a beaver. That sounds like it actually would've been funny. (*gasp* I just realized that the word "Montana" wasn't in this conversation!)
    -I don't really miss her, but whatever, Mac. :rolleyes:
    -Heroine out of human. Okay. Writers? Creepy.
    -Mad Cow Disease? Am I right? Am I right? Is Bio useful for anything? :lol:(That's what Crooksfeld-Jacobs Disease is. Yes, I spelled it wrong.)
    -Mmm tasty drug-addicts? :wtf:
    -Wait, was that Ashlee Simpson in the beginning?
    -Okay, now Angell knows that Mac doesn't approve. I like that she sort of sighs and asks how Stella's going to keep Mac in the dark, but doesn't at all try to talk her out of it.
    -Angell's sort of like "Hold on, we're doing what now? Last time I checked my badge didn't work in other countries." *laughs*
    -"If this turns out to be a setup, I'll kill you." :lol: She will, too.
    -Forgetful much, Danny?
    -"Members of his fanclub." Read the badge lady. *laughs*
    -Dude. No one tries to kill Mac and Flack.
    -Danny, you be stupid. Seriously. Even though I'm not sure a vest would be very helpful in this situation. What the hell does that guy have?
    -I disapprove. But nice shot.
    -The guy actually confesses? And sounds almost appologetic?
    -There's a distinct lack of Wentz/Simpson-Wentz. Oh, wait, it's only 10:34. :lol:
    -Adam is Sir Not Appearing In This Episode. (Yes, I stole it from that Criminal Minds blog.)
    -Oh Marty. You so should've known better. How the hell did you come up with this plan?
    -Yeah, look at your ring. Because Lindsay would've brought you back to life and killed you, and I think I'd approve.
    -"Hey, babe." Meh.
    -Very clever. I like it.
    -"I lied!" :guffaw: Oh, this is all kinds of awesome.
    -How exactly are they planning on explaining finding Diakos's body? Oh, wow. "Unidentified female caller"? *laughs*
    -She wants to tell him... but knows she can't. And he so totally knows that.
    -Wait, wouldn't there be evidence of Angell and Stella being at that scene? I wonder if anyone will think Stella killed him?
    -Sid realizing that his friend is a murderer/organ-thief is a nice moment. We haven't had many serious moments like this with him.
    -Let the MEs talk him down. Love.
    -Love. Sid. All sorts of awesome.
    -I say "A-". Greek storyline, Marty storyline, and the general episode was very good in my opinion. The Diakos-death thing was a bit of a surprising ending, and I'm not entirely sure if I liked it, which dropped it to the A-. Something seemed rushed about that part, as if TPTB needed him out of the picture, fast.
    -Ashlee/Pete: Eh. They weren't in it enough for me to care.

    A lot of speculation was focused on how they bring Kolovos and Diakos in. And, well... we need to revamp that a bit, since they're already out of the picture.
    Holy crap. :wtf: Who the hell could make that shot?
  6. roximonoxide

    roximonoxide Lab Technician

    Jul 12, 2007
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    Sometimes the writers are so deep... sometimes they're so not, but I like the way you're thinkin' with this! Blood on the ring, a premature removal of his ring. All of that could be foreshadowing to a certain caliber of writer!
  7. SpeedyMeg25

    SpeedyMeg25 Coroner

    Mar 7, 2007
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    Aw, it had to be Marty didn't it?
    I always really liked him too. :(

    Anyway, the story was fairly interesting. However, in New York City, why do I think that it wouldn't be too hard to find pre-dead junkies? Unless fresh dead junkies were required?

    Stella sending the Greek guy away on the boat to Cypus was funny. How thoughtful, she even remembered a pillow and blanket. :lol: Stella should have told Mac everything though, it's not like he hasn't already probably figured it out...

    Pete and Ashlee weren't as annoying as I figured they were going to be. Not that I know a whole lot about them anyway, but my sister seemed worried that the two of them were going to be on the show. I didn't even know they were married, or had a kid. Fascinating!

    Aw, Sid at the end. Too cute. Poor guy though, Marty was his friend. I wanna give him a hug. :(

    Overall, good episode I thought.
  8. ~Sarah~

    ~Sarah~ Lab Technician

    Jan 22, 2009
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    Well, Danny is lucky he didn't get shot and killed. There is no way he should have gone after the suspect. And lying to his wife telling her everything normal when he was just covered in blood after a shoot out? Not the brightest of ideas.

    Mac should have been able to tell that Stella already knew the guy was dead from her reaction but I take it he didn't.

    More Sid in this episode! And we're back into the Greek storyline.

    Overall I did like the episode though. I'll re-watch it pretty soon.
  9. Axelsonfire

    Axelsonfire Pathologist

    Oct 16, 2008
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    I really liked this episode. There were some parts I thought were a bit OOC, including EVERYTHING Stella is doing!!!! The whole thing with Diakos and the coins is so OOC for Stella. Especially because she once told AIDEN not to get carried away with catching the bad guy. And what did Aiden do? She got carried away and wound up dead. So Stella of all people, shouldn't be getting carried away with a case.

    The Pete and Ashlee thing was way overplayed. They had, what, a total of 2-3 scenes tops? They were very unimportant characters in the whole episode.

    I'm a D/L fan but that whole line about Lindsay finding a dead beaver and wanting to make it a crime scene seemed very fan fiction to me (No offense to fan fiction writers. I'm one myself. But it just seemed way too, for lack of a better word, juvenile for the CSI writers).

    As a SMACked fan, I loved Mac and Stella's ONE conversation with each other. That conversation completely saved the episode in my mind. When Stella was walking away from Mac, I could see from her face that she felt like crap from lying to Mac. I also think Mac knows she's disobeying him, but he's not saying anything.

    I really liked the Sid scenes. Those were needed. We don't see too much of him.

    So if I was going to give this episode a grade, I'd give it a B. Not the best episode I've ever seen, but it wasn't completely horrible.

    G'night everyone!

  10. Jessica6

    Jessica6 Police Officer

    Dec 14, 2006
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    Regarding the blood on Danny's ring...I think it was more of a... "Im married now, I have a baby on the way, look how stupid I was...not wearing a vest, etc"

    I liked this episode. Soooo much Sid, which I love. Robert Joy is amazing, he reminded me (not that I need reminding...) why I love Sid so much. I like the whole ME "band of brothers" thing they had going on with Sheldon, Sid and Marty. However, yeah, I dont like how they made Marty a killer...BUT, I loved the creativeness of the story line.

    And the Stella/Greek thing- also very good...I was waiting for that storyline to resurface again. I wonder what is gonna happen to her (and Angell) once people find out what exactly they did....

    And, YES, OK, I did laugh when Danny mentioned Lindsay wanting to corner off the dead beaver and recreate a crime scene. ....I thought it was funny...slash weird. But funny.
  11. texmex327

    texmex327 Pathologist

    Oct 2, 2008
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    I gave the episode an A...please bear with me as I attempt to recap what I liked and didn't...I'm fighting this stupid cold. :scream:

    What I liked:

    ~Flack :drool:
    ~Sid made me want to give him a hug. He couldn't bear to do an autopsy on his friends wife (even if he was a killer)
    ~Danny should really listen to Mac, is he trying to get killed. :confused:
    ~Stella & Angell....they rock :thumbsup:
    ~Angell telling that guy that she would kill him...I don't doubt that she would.
    ~Stella's professor being proud of her...that makes me smile :)
    ~Angell & Stella locking the guy in the shipping container, talk about cheap travel :lol:
    ~Look Danny's wearing his ring, aww it is true love. :lol:

    What I didn't like:

    ~Pete & Ashley...I don't like her, please don't do that again. I was really kinda hoping that her character would have gotten shot, but I guess I was asking for too much.
    ~Stella & Mac only got one scene together...and c'mon Stella, Mac knows that you are lying to him. Please don't lie to him. :scream:
    ~Is it really too much for me to ask that Flack & Angell work together, who cares if they are dating, I see no conflict.

    I see no good coming from Stella lying to Mac, someone is going to get hurt and I really hope that its not Angell or Flack because I will cry :(
  12. Ninja1088

    Ninja1088 Witness

    Oct 16, 2007
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    I liked the episode overall, espcially the fact Ashlee and Pete were barely in it. I hate the fact Marty was brought back only for him to have become a murderer/drug pusher. It seems to be a theme of many tv shows, a likeable guy/gal is brought back only for them to be killed or become a murderer themselves. I don't give Marty a long time in the slammer, I think he'll off himself before that.
  13. cSiNyFrEaK30

    cSiNyFrEaK30 Police Officer

    Mar 26, 2005
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    I thought overall it was a very good episode, actually one of the few this season that I can give a SOLID A too without rethinking it too much. I was very saddened that Adam didn't make an appearance, but the lack of Lindsay did help ease the pain from that a teensy bit;)

    Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz were definately over hyped, all they really did was play two dumb people trying to sell some drugs they found. I definately would have been more intrigued if they had actually been the "Bonnie and Clyde" wannabes the press release made them sound like.

    I actually kind of liked Marty being the bad guy, in the end. I did like his character when he was an ME, but I thought they did a good job of transitioning him into the killer in the episode--i even thought they gave him more of a sympathetic light to tell you the truth. It was mentioned he had a gambling debt, and all he wanted to do was try to solve it by selling the heroin, and it was clear that he was devastated over the loss of his wife. Plus, it got us some great Sid/Hawkes/Marty moments, more specifically Sid. I loved his involvement with this one, although I wish we had been given a flash back of him talking to Annabel, instead of just voices in his head. Either way, I loved him following them to the bust at the end of the episode to confront Marty. Robert Joy was amazing in those scenes, and I'm glad he got the chance to shine.

    And THERE you are, crazy irresponsible Danny Messer that I love! Him forgetting his vest and then running off after the guy anyways at least gave me a brief glimpse at the old Danny that we haven't seen while he has been tied to Lindsay. I really hope they don't just drop this shooting thing-he was clearly shaken up about it, even when he was trying to play it cool and talk to Lindsay on the phone. You could definately still tell his voice was strained, and I hope that's remembered later if he gets in the same kind of situation again. I was kinda surprised Mac didn't tear him a new one though after the shooting, at least tell him it was irresponsible to chase after a guy and get in a shootout with a guy when you don't have any protection and back up doesn't know where you are. He tore him apart in On The Job when he couldn't recount exactly what went down in the subway and then went to IAB about it anyway...but maybe thats more of the OOCness of Mac we've been seeing these days:rolleyes:

    The Greek storyline...I still really don't know where I stand on it. Besides watching Angell and Stella work together (which I think is awesome), I'm really not too intrigued by it at all. Now that the two guys that I knew were involved in it are dead or in carriers to Cyphrus (and come on, locking someone in a crate isn't illegal or wouldn't get Stella/Angell in trouble??), I really don't know how invested I am with the storyline anymore.

    The preview for next week looks interesting....and was that a native american getting killed? I thought only rich white people got killed in New York....?:rolleyes:

    I'm glad they are bringing in a little more diversity to the show though, and I can't wait to see how it plays out.
  14. Sam-Maddy

    Sam-Maddy Rookie

    Sep 6, 2008
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    I really enjoyed this episode. It was great to see Angell working w/Stella. I love that they shipped Kolovos back to Cyprus. I hope we get to see more Angell soon.

    I thought Mac had a look on his face that he thought something was off with Stella. I wonder how long before he finds out about her and Angell's investigation.

    When Danny took his ring off, I thought it was fall down the drain or he was gonna leave it on the sick only to find it gone later. I think it hit him in this eppie that he can't so reckless anymore now that he a husband and has a baby on the way.

    I was surprised how little we saw of Pete and Ashlee, not that I'm complaining. It's just that the promos made it seem like they were a much bigger part of the plot line.
  15. lynerjy

    lynerjy Victim

    Jan 10, 2008
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    i like how an old character was brought back and his dark and very twisted and very unique heroin business was revealed.. good epi in general!

    But as much as I love Stella, her tricking somebody into a container and then shipping them off to Greece is hilariously weirdly out of character imo. i was so out of it the entire time because i simply couldn't imagine stella to decide to do any of that. I mean, he simply shoved you down a staircase. over reacting, much? i would have assumed it was all part and parcel of being a law enforcer.

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