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How would you grade Forbidden Fruit?

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  1. Top41

    Top41 Administrator Administrator Moderator Premium Member

    Mar 5, 2003
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    Last new CSI: NY episode of 2008! Watch it and let us know what you thought here. :cool:
  2. christalann

    christalann Hit and Run

    Nov 17, 2008
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    This episode was amazing. In my opinion, they got the perfect mix. More episodes like that I say. :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
  3. Faylinn

    Faylinn Adam Fangirl Super Moderator

    Nov 30, 2005
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    Typing as I watch:

    ~ Hey, I recognize that guy playing the cop. :D

    ~ Oh no, body!

    ~ Ew, impaled. :eek:

    ~ LOL, that cereal is called 'Herios' :lol:

    ~ Hahaha @ Mac's milk comment.

    ~ I'm not feeling this whole Ella situation. :rolleyes:

    ~ 'Karma' :lol: Oh, Flack

    ~ Ew, internal bleeding. *wince*

    ~ 'Is it done yet?' - DUN DUN DUUUN

    ~ Up and coming designer, eh? Probably a red herring bit of information. (ETA at the end of the episode: Oops, I was wrong. :p)

    ~ SID!

    ~ Was Sid listening to music?

    ~ Ewww! *gag* Liquified organs - of course he'd call Hawkes. :p

    ~ Gross food is gross. :wtf:

    ~ Hawkes is all confused. :lol:

    ~ ANGELL! *has all of her babies*

    ~ Continuity is good for the soul.

    ~ Stella, where are your boobies? :(

    ~ ADAM!

    ~ Hee, Adam is horrid. :lol:

    ~ Aww, poor baby. :( His father was a douchebag.

    ~ Did we skip a few months, or is she having an alien baby with a rapid pregnancy cycle? :lol:

    ~ "I'm pregnant, just humor me" - sorry, bb, but I'm not eating some random berry just because a pregnant chick said to. :rolleyes: Adam might convince me, though. ;)

    ~ I hate these effing demonstrations. Why must they ANNOUNCE them before they happen? 'HERE COMES A DEMONSTRATION - GET YOUR FAMILY AND GATHER AROUND THE TEEVEE, CHILLUNZ!' :rolleyes:

    ~ My sister loves raw onions all of the time. :p

    ~ My mama eats pickled pigs feet. :p

    ~ "This is wrong. This is so wrong." :lol: Oh Flack, I love you.

    ~ These people never call the cops. *sigh* That's the message of the week: Call the cops when you find a body, kids, or you'll DIE UNTIL YOU'RE DEAD.

    ~ Flack told you, betch.

    ~ Mmm, 'Doc' :devil:

    ~ Ew, flashback. *cringe*

    ~ Aaand she's in his office. I was so hoping she wouldn't be creepy. Please don't be creepy, Ella. *sigh*

    ~ There are half-naked women...modeling purses. *facepalm*

    ~ Oh Sheldon, you so smart, bb. :devil:

    ~ "That is unless you've got something better." :lol: I loved his tone just there.

    ~ Ew, broken neck. >.<

    ~ Poor Stella - she's gonna have to find more to get the bastard. You can do it, bb!

    ~ Danny seriously just said, 'Sup?' :lol:

    ~ I think I've gotten to where I tune out Danny saying 'Boom' - he's apparently said it several times so far, and I didn't hear him say it.

    ~ "I can move Christmas." - Oh Stella, ILU BB.

    ~ Haha, Sheldon took the machine apart. :lol:

    ~ Is that the machine they're getting rid of Adam for? *glares at the machine*

    ~ "High left me hanging." :lol: Adam is such a dork.

    ~ Aaand Ella is crazy.
    And Mac is yelling.
    Crazy bitch is crazy.
    Mac is not happy.

    I wouldn't want to piss Mac off, just so ya know.

    ~ Flack is laying the info down on him. Danny likes it. ;)

    ~ Uh oh, Mac is not happy with Stella.

    ~ He's responsible for everything that happens in the lab? Like Danny knocking Lindsay up? Does that make it a threesome? :p (How's that mental image?)

    ~ Sheldon's all excited. :devil:

    ~ She chewed something that made her DNA go away? I'm confused. :confused:

    ~ WTF? Don't people ever just shoot each other anymore? Spiking her drink with sodium hydroxide at a party where people eat weird crap? Riiight.

    ~ Mmm, Angell is so hawt. She makes me happy in my panties.

    ~ Angell walks into danger - and danger bows at her feet, foo. :devil:

    ~ "I'll be in touch." *tingle!pants*

    ~ I totally saw this coming from the preview. Mac just pulled a Super H, rushing across town to save her.

    ~ Girly didn't even try to kill herself correctly...Ha! She did it on purpose. Mac, bb, don't be fooled by her craziness.

    Also, please don't have sex with her before you figure out she's batshit. :eek: I haven't seen anything to suggest they will, but the thought scares me.

    Okies, no preview since there's no new episode until next year. Overall, it was a pretty good episode. :)
  4. SpeedyMeg25

    SpeedyMeg25 Coroner

    Mar 7, 2007
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    Aw, I can't believe that the season is already like half way over. :wtf:
    Seems like just yesterday I was waiting for the season opener to start!

    l'll give the episode an A, thought that it was pretty good.

    "I am being adventurous, this milk expires in two days." hahaha, good one Mac.
    And Stella could probably move Christmas if she wanted. But Mac would have to approve it of course

    Mac seemed a little bit grumpy tonight, or at least I thought that he did. It's also a little creepy that Ella was all over him too. But I can't blame her, so would I :devil: But him saving her after she turned out to be psycho was cute

    Danny and Adam had a lot of cute, funny moments together over the elephant poo. Come on Danny, Adam just wanted a high five! Albeit a smelly, dirty, crap covered one...

    Although someone will probably disagree with me, but Danny wanting to feel the baby kick was too cute! :p

    And poor Flack! The man just can't get a break with all of the nasty food stuff. But I can make it better, I'm a good cook when I want to be. ;)
  5. MacsGirlMel

    MacsGirlMel Mac's Personal Assistant

    Feb 5, 2006
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    I wanted to smack Mac one when he was talking to Stella at the end, and say "if that's the case that you worry about your lab, why are you ignoring two of your CSIs bopping each other right in plain sight?" I like D/L but did see the hypocriteness there.

    I so thought Stella was in trouble at the end, I couldn't hear the voice well, and I was like "come on, not again, isn't once enough?"

    I hope he doesn't fall for Ella, she's kinda stalkerish to me. Don't like her.
  6. texmex327

    texmex327 Pathologist

    Oct 2, 2008
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    No I agree with you. That was so sweet. I'm in love all over again ;)

    Mac & Crazy chick! WTF! If your gonna slit your wrists, cut deeper. DUH!

    Angry Mac & angrier Stella, wow. Don't mess with her Mac, c'mon she's not gonna back down.

    Angell & Stella working together, that's gonna be fun to watch.

    Flack, how I love thee

    Adam was too funny. I can understand why Danny didn't want to give him a hi-five. I wouldn't either.
  7. CSINYGal88

    CSINYGal88 Hit and Run

    Aug 31, 2008
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    Gave it an A. I like how they have continuity, with the Greek consulate guy. But what is Stella getting into! She's bringing Angell into it too!

    That chick is definitely psycho. I hope Mac just brings her to a psych ward!

    No preview for an epi in January? :confused:
  8. DetHiggins

    DetHiggins Police Officer

    Sep 24, 2008
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    I gave it an A. It would've been better without the iffy-ness that it had.

    Some thoughts....

    -Mac would make an adorable guinea pig

    -Wow I love when Mac and Stella fight

    -Stella's gonna be in some serious trouble

    -Mac you're a complete idiot. She's not suicidal if she cuts across. Like my science teacher told us "If you're going to commit suicide, do it right. Cut down the wrist, not across." And don't fall for her. First it's like illegal because how old is she. Second like what the crap?

    -Mac was hot breaking down the door

    -Mac, just because Hawkes tore apart a machine, it doesn't make it right to make him feel bad.

    Those were some thoughts. There were a bunch of amazing stuff, but that girl is just IFFY!!!!!!!
  9. Sam-Maddy

    Sam-Maddy Rookie

    Sep 6, 2008
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    I give this eppie a solid A. I thoroughly enjoyed watching it.

    Yay for Emmanuelle for being in this eppie! I was so happy to see her name in the credits. Although, I'm a little worried. The last two people who had those Greek coins ended up dead. I hope nothing bad happens to Angell.

    Ella kind of creeps me out. The scene where Mac burst into her apartment to find she slit her wrists reminds of a scene from Fatal Attraction where Glenn close slits her wrist and Michael Douglas helps patch her up.

    So does parties where rich people eat weird food replace the parties where rich people snort coke through hundred dollar bills?
    Last edited: Dec 18, 2008
  10. lynerjy

    lynerjy Victim

    Jan 10, 2008
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    OOOOohh. (with a cross on the o) good. episode.

    So, mostly I'm biased because I love the Stella going rogue storyline. Despite how she grates on my nerves for that sanctimonious/victim/hero complex thing, where all the people in the crime lab seem to think the crimes they investigate are all about them (re 333), I love the way they're testing the boundaries here. I'm actually concerned for Stella's job, for her standing with Mac -- held in suspsense, in real curiosity, in ways that no other storyline has been able to before. I simply love how after leaving the episode I can't tell if I should side with her or Mac -- I truly appreciate the complex ride csi NY seems ready to throw me into for the next few weeks.

    And parallel to Stella and her Vendeta, another good set up is with Mac and his stalker -- particularly in the way it was developed with respect to Mac, providing him more than a one dimensional dilemma with an expected outcome, (re Drew and his plan to make Mac suffer), but with a crazy sort of crazy stalker instead whom even Mac can't seem figure out. Mac doesn't know what's going on with this lady, and neither do I, which puts me in a perfect position to be fully absorbed in future developments down this line.

    Two cents about the rest of the episode -- touche to how freaky and freaked out Sid was at the victim's insides bubbling out. Kudos to pulling Angel in onto the Stella situation, definitely prevents it from being a cliche about Stella and her rule flouting, turning it into a much meatier storyline. It makes it even harder for me to figure who's right and who's wrong, especially when how Angell drew in the Ambassador was so elegant and crafty.

    Loved Flack weaving his fingers together going "facts, science". Even if I'm personally not sure what the difference is between facts and science. Liked D/L's shared excitement over the baby kicking -- again I like how the writers are not trying to stress anything other than their being bound by the child and not some made up overnight love. Poor adam, always with the poop.

    My only complaints are that much like last weeks episode, the show tried to feed us one too many things at once. Two cases with two strong storylines for our main characters branching off them, and not only that the berry case was a rich story of its own. I found myself getting lost at moments like Hawkes fixing the DNA machine... maybe it's just me and an element of ADD, but there were too many things to ponder and I got lost.

    More complaints also about a lack of clarity in Stella/Mac's confrontation of what exactly Stella is doing wrong here.. and what exactly about the "ethos of the lab" or whatever prevents her from trading favors with criminals. Her means of baiting Diakos, while over enthused, seems clever and of potential and they didn't make it clear enough as to why Mac shouldn't be on board.

    One more thing -- Stella seems very intent on going her own way on this one, but at the same time, it appears so is Mac, with his situation. Every confrontation with his stalker is one on one, including his response to her possible suicide (which I find peculiar, since the Mac I think I know would have called EMS instead of individually approaching someone who apparently already takes their relationship too personally). Perhaps it was for the sake of highlighting these storylines, but I fear that if both of the show's leading characters suddenly decide to go off delving into their own issues, the show may just lose its central footing.

    Conclusion -- like the show's direction, although I have fears that their hold on it is tenuous. If next's episode is still a good one, then this may be my most fantastic season yet.
    Last edited: Dec 18, 2008
  11. CSINYAddict

    CSINYAddict Rookie

    Dec 31, 2007
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    I am not pleased with this episode, sure it was entertaining...but some things really bothered me.

    This Ella chick is creepy, it's obvious she has some problems as she has a complex for older men. The ending with the card on the door warns that this crazy chick will be here for more episodes. First the 333 stalker now her? Please enough with these stalker storylines...

    Dare I say it, but Mac was hot this episode. :p

    I am worried for Stella because she is going to be in a huge amount of trouble. I really wish she wasn't so attached to finding this Greek psycho. I don't want her jeopardizing her career with this. I hope everything ends well. I am liking her partnership with Angell though, that's something new.
  12. Carolyn_333

    Carolyn_333 Pathologist

    Nov 27, 2004
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    I pass on grading this episode. I took a nap and didn't wake up till 9:25 PM (Alabama time). Dang Digital TV is messing with my RCA TV's Guide Plus+ and its built-in VCR's clock. The tv didn't turn on and the vcr didn't record the episode. :klingon: :scream: :( :angryrazz: :brickwall: :mad: :censored:
    I want screen caps of that post card on Ella's wall the episode ended on...before the visual effects started picking it apart one letter at a time.
    I didn't get it read before the visual effects took over. I thought it said "I will make him love me."

    However, after reading ^^that part^^ of Faylinn's recap, I'm beginning to think it said "I will make love to him."
    That's why I want screen caps to see what it said for myself.

    To Mac: Don't fall for Ella's tricks. Please. You ever see the movie Fatal Attraction???
    Ella is a sick-o psycho.
    Last edited: Dec 18, 2008
  13. GTuruturu

    GTuruturu Witness

    Jan 31, 2008
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    Flipping loved this ep!!!! it was packed full of goodness. grossness, and just the right amount of Awwwwe that's cute. It was busy, but i liked it, keeps me pondering over the break,

    Adam is soo cute, i love love love when Danny and Adam interact, and i agree his dad was a class a jerk, and i'm glad to see that came back, maybe an adam and pop story line in the future huh huh, don't count on it right, but a girl can dream.

    Stella, i'm like holy poo Stella DO NOT PULL an Aiden!!!! and i loved that she pulled Angell into this, girl power, wow!!!!! fun fun fun, i love the anger rarrrrr!!!!

    Mac's stalker, seriously, girl, you need help, first you fall for your dad now Mac!!!!! something is wrong, im sorry, but ewwwwe hes too old for her!!!!!!Sabrina will come in and kick her ass!!! =)

    Hawkes went surgeon on the computer, fun, fun....yea mac can't be wrong its gotta be the multi million dollar computer....hmmm....super mac agian, ugh.

    thinking thinking, Danny's gonna be a daddy, (= it just makes me happy =)
  14. MacsGirlMel

    MacsGirlMel Mac's Personal Assistant

    Feb 5, 2006
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    glad to see this ep was well receieved :)

    LOL @ super Mac...maybe H has been giving him lessons
  15. Ninja1088

    Ninja1088 Witness

    Oct 16, 2007
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    One has to remember Ella was flirting online for months with a man who turned out to be her father. (That would throw me for a loop!). Then her father is murdered and her mother goes to jail for killing her father. I've seen it on shows before and in real life(criminal justice major). People that have gone through stuff similiar to her or lost loved ones sometimes form unhealthy and stalkerish attachments to cops or other people that have helped them out. It is stalking but not for the normal reasons. Having said that, this girl needs definate help ASAP and Mac needs to cut off ties with her ASAP

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