"Going Viral" Episode Discussion (*Spoilers!*)

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Adam Fangirl
Super Moderator
A new episode aired last night! :) Here's the synopsis (the official details are on CSI Files):
When residents of New York City cannot reach the police when calling 911, the Cyber team realizes this is an airborne computer virus that is infecting cell phones and must find the hacker responsible. Also, D.B. meets a woman (Kelly Preston) after responding to a text she sent by mistake.
So, what did you guys think? Vote in the poll and/or leave a comment. :D
I think it was pretty good. I liked it when Avery said about Elijah he had a door to kick out. Some kind of self-mockery since he does that a lot of times in the show :) I also liked how Avery stood up for Nelson.
Even though I cannot always follow the plot due to the lack of technical vocabulary (and thus have to go back a couple of times to put toghether the pieces to understand how they figured something out), I still think this show is doing great, regardless of the ratings. Just because they aren't skyrocketing doesn't necessarily mean the show itself is bad.