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    May as well answer this one again as it's been a while. :D

    1) Name: Genevieve

    2) Birthday: November 30th.

    3) Age: Twenty.

    4) Favorite Music Genre: Rock, Classic Rock, Inspirational.

    5) Favorite Band/Singer: None at the moment.

    6) Favorite Song: Tennessee Line, by Daughtry.

    7) Favorite CD: Get Born - Jet

    9) Last CD you PURCHASED: Can't remember. It's been so long.

    10) Last CD you BURNED: Can't remember.

    11) Last concert you went to see: Haven't yet been to one.

    12) Favorite actor: Chris Pine.

    13) Favorite actress: Katie Cassidy.

    14) Favorite action movie: Armageddon.

    15) Favorite comedy movie: None so far.

    16) Favorite cartoon movie: UP!

    17) Favorite drama movie: I don't really watch drama movies.

    18) Favorite romantic/romantic comedy movie: None so far.

    19) Favorite scary movie: The Exorcist.

    20) Last movie you saw in theaters: Inception.

    21) Last movie you rented: Shutter Island.

    22) Last movie you purchased: Avatar.

    23) Favorite television actor: Misha Collins.

    24) Favorite television actress: ...Katie Cassidy.

    25) Favorite television cartoon: The Simpsons.

    26) Favorite television sitcom: Friends.

    27) Favorite television drama: Supernatural.

    28) Favorite television channel: A&E.

    29) Favorite author: None so far.

    30) Favorite Books: 'Good Omens'.

    31) What kind of car do you drive: Chevy Uplander.

    32) What type of job do you have: Full-time student.

    33) What's your eye color: Blue

    34) What's your hair color: Dark brown.

    35) How tall are you: Just found out the other week that I'm 5'5". I'd been under the misconception for years that I was one inch taller. :lol:
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    1) Name: You can call me PianoWizzy :)
    2) Birthday: Na-ah, I'm not tellin' you that.
    3) Age (for those who don't wanna do the math): between 12 and 20. I can act 5 or 50. Depends.
    4) Favorite Music Genre: Ummm, pop rock, I suppose, but I can't really pick unless I say anything but punk, hard metal, or rap. [The last has the very special exception of Linkin' Park.]
    5) Favorite Band/Singer: Elton John, hands down, no questions asked.
    6a) Favorite Song: Tinderbox by Elton John
    6b) Favorite CD: The Captain And The Kid by Elton John
    7) Band you secretly like but don't want others to know: I'm not ashamed of any of my preferred music artists/bands.
    8 ) Last song you listened to: not in it's entirety, but Mars by Gustav Holst. Kinda sounds like the Star Wars theme song, I think.
    9) Last CD you PURCHASED: Night Castle by Trans-Siberian Orchestra
    10) Last CD you BURNED: don't expect me to remember that sort of thing.
    11) Last concert you went to: Only concert I went to. Elton John on his Rocket Man tour.
    12) Favorite actor: Jim Parsons, Wallace Langham, Kanul Nayyar, David Caruso, Gary Sinise, Ray Langston
    13) Favorite actress: hmm. I don't really pay much attention to other females. They are uninteresting, I think. [I'm female, by the way, as some may conspire otherwise :lol:]
    14) Favorite action movie: Action movie, what action movies have I seen...?
    15) Favorite comedy movie: Johnny English.
    16) Favorite cartoon movie: TOY STORY 3.
    17) Favorite drama movie: Drama, hmm, what dramas have I seen...?
    18) Favorite romantic/romantic comedy movie: Hmm, what romance have I seen...?
    19) Favorite scary movie: Hmm, what scary movies have I seen...?
    [do you see a trend yet? I don't really watch a lot of movies.]
    20) Last movie you saw in theaters: Toy Story 3
    21) Last movie you rented: I don't rent movies...
    22) Last movie you purchased: No clue, right there.
    23) Favorite television actor: Well, all the actors I listed above all are in this list.
    24) Favorite television actress: Again, I'm not one to pay much attention to females in general.
    25) Favorite television cartoon: Futurama. Or, admittedly, Buzz Lightyear Of Star Command. But I adored Lilo and Stitch! I loved Kim Possible! Umm... I'm terribly undecided.
    26) Favorite television sitcom: The Big Bang Theory, hands down.
    27) Favorite television drama: CSI, CSI Miami, CSI NY, all equally. Lower on the list includes The Mentalist and House.
    28) Favorite television channel: CBS, and if I still had Toon Disney or Comedy Central, those would be there as well.
    29) Favorite author: James Patterson, K.A. Applegate, J.R.R. Tolkien [I'm a geek, if you haven't caught on to that yet]
    30) Favorite book: Daniel X series, Animorph series, Maximum Ride series, Lord of the Rings series...
    31) What kind of car do you drive: well, when I'm old enough, I'll be driving a light blue BMW
    32) What type of job do you have: I'm a professional piano player, believe it or not. I'm not even old enough to drive, too. :guffaw:

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