George/Nick: Texan Charm #13

Hopefully this means good news for George. Even if it does say it's for the foreign market. I like the poster they have at the link. :thumbsup:

Archstone Distribution Acquires ‘Gutshot Straight’ With George Eads, Annalynn McCord, Steven Segal, For Cannes, Highlight Hollywood News

Archstone Distribution has acquired foreign rights to the crime action thriller Gutshot Straight for the upcoming Cannes Film Market. Directed by Justin Steele, Gutshot Straight stars George Eads (CSI: Crime Scene Investigation), AnnaLynne McCord (90210, Excision), Steven Seagal (Above the Law, Under Siege), Vinnie Jones (Snatch; Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels), Stephen Lang (Avatar), Ted Levine (Monk, Shudder Island), and Tia Carrere (True Lies, Lilo & Stitch).

A professional poker player, Jack Daniel, gets mixed up with the underworld when he takes a wager proposed by Duffy, a mysterious gambler. In order to protect his family and himself, Jack must outwit Duffy?s cunning brother Lewis and scheming wife May as each attempts to force him into murdering the other. Seeking help anywhere he can find it, Jack turns to Paulie Trunks, a loan shark looking to collect on Jack?s poker debts, who might want to protect his investment.
Scott Martin, founding partner of Archstone Distribution said: “We are excited and honored to be working with the producers of Gutshot Straight. It is a well made film with a strong cast and we look forward to offering it at the upcoming Cannes Film Market.”

About Archstone Distribution: Archstone is a sales and distribution company focused on delivering high quality theatrical films and documentaries to the world-wide audience headquartered in Los Angeles.


Gutshot Straight Trailer (rough cut)

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so, if tonight is the season finale of Flipping Out, when are we going to see the Eads' house all finished?
They're calling it Facial Hair Friday this time...

11. Nick Stokes - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Stokes has gone from beard to clean shaven and back again this season. We like him with the beard. George Eads stars in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Wednesdays at 10/9c.

I thought he looked great with the beard.

And Wednesday, he was looking mighty hot.

He was also great in the episode. Loved hearing "Nicky"
I've lost count of how many times they've posted with a question about liking/disliking his hair/beard. I guess at least they're thinking of him. ;)
Obviously this is good news for George - the bigger the international audience the better. Hopefully Archstone gets it distributed in (or distributes it in) the US and Canada at some point.

Gutshot Straight sells for Archstone

George Eads stars as a professional poker player.

Archstone Distribution has sold Gutshot Straight to more than a dozen territories, including the UK (Solo), Japan (Presidio), Middle East (Italia), Poland (Kino Swiat), Scandinavia (Lucky Dogs), Pan Latin America (Polarstar), Germany (Maritim); Thailand (Mono); former Yugoslavia (Stars Media); Czech Republic (Pa-Dora), Benelux (Premiere TV), and Africa (SQN).

The deals were done by Archstone’s founding partner Scott Martin.

Justin Steel directs the story of a professional poker player who gets mixed up with a mysterious underworld gambler.

The cast features George Eads, AnnaLynne McCord, Steven Seagal, Vinnie Jones, Stephen Lang, Ted Levine and Tia Carrere.

Some fun George related stuff from the CSIWritersRoom...

Kirk Joshua‏ @KirkJoshua1
@CSIWritersRoom Shaved head in tact for Nick for the new season?

CSI Writers' Room ‏@CSIWritersRoom
@KirkJoshua1 not sure. We'll see when George shows up to set next week! :)

Sophie F. Bootsma‏ @sophiebootsma
@CSIWritersRoom About George – isn't his wife pregnant? I remember him saying something like that around January. Any updates on that?

CSI Writers' Room‏ @CSIWritersRoom
@sophiebootsma she's still pregnant and doing well!