George/Nick: Texan Charm #13

Thanks for posting the link.

You're welcome! No pics of him so far, but they're still coming in so hopefully. :)

ETA: Put a couple of pics from last night in the Ward and in the Facebook group. :)
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Thanks for the links to the articles and pics Smokey!
So nice to know George was out and about in my neck of the woods. We did have a ton of wind yesterday and last night, so I'm glad they all didn't get blown off their red carpet :lol:
Woo hoo! A good week! New George pics yesterday, and he's on Live With Kelly tomorrow, and doing a live chat online Wednesday, and then a (partial) Nickisode Wednesday night! :D
Do we still know if he is going to be on Live tomorrow? He's not on the guest list anymore.

Watching it right now. They just said 'on tomorrow's show' and did not give George's name. :( We'll see whose names they give at the end of the show.


ETA: They just did a commercial for the next 'Live' and George is not on any more. :(
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What the hell? :wtf: :( This was just put out this morning and it still lists him. Of course, they could have gotten their info from the old listing. Wonder if he just couldn't get away to NY this week? Well...still recording it just in case. :)
That's a bummer

Thanks for the heads-up, though :)
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