George/Nick: Syndrome Ward Pics#28

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yes myfuturecsi I am a mod but one is still allowed to have fun as long as it's in the guides lines of the board :)
You guys are so amazing with the pics and captions... I never stop giggling at some of them... Jackie BTW nice icon...
I started giggling in class when i saw that...LOL:guffaw:
I have enjoyed ya'lls post for quite some years now and will continue to do so.... Keep up the great work everyone...:)
Hi, firstable. Sorry that I am away for such a long time. My hubby and I started a restaurant so it's very busy right now. My first night off now :D.. Well, I still find the time to make caps from For Warrick. Hope you all like it.
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Babs as always thanks for the pics :) New Nick is greatly appreciated :) Also good luck with the restaurant. Goes and Drools over screen caps :drool:

Welcome to the Ward BlackKat :)
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