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    This is a discussion thread for any (past or present) television show. You can discuss your favourite, least favourite characters, why you find a character interesting, etc. But please always remember to mention the title of the TV show.

    Yes, least favourite character discussion is allowed, as long as you are reasonable and it doesn't turn into bashing and/or flaming. Please respect everyone's opinion and don't try to shove yours down on their throat :) Please start the least favourite character discussion only if you have a constructive opinion. (E.g. "I don't like him/her, she is an idiot." is clearly NOT allowed.) Please keep in mind that this is a character discussion thread, actor/actress discussion can be found in different threads.

    Here's an example, although you don't have to follow it exactly:

    Favourite characters:

    Addison Montgomery (Private Practice):
    I could go on and on about her. She is, and has been my favourite fictional character for 5 years. For some reason, being broken 24/7 just fits her and I can never get enough of it. I love the way she sees life and I wish she was a real person, because I'd go look her up and be BFFs :D

    Ellie Torres (Cougar Town):
    She's the character I just cannot hate, and she makes me not to hate her so much that it results in love :D Her unfriendliness cracks me up. She's hilarious.

    Phoebe B
    uffay (Friends):
    She is such an amazing weirdo, and she believes in strange things in which I also believe in. Another hilarious character.

    Chandler Bing (Friends):
    He's like, the only guy on TV that I can actually relate to. His jokes are the funniest, and the character is just so perfect with the "I'm not successful with women" thing, which makes him so adorable.

    Gregory House (House M.D.):
    I recently started watching House (I know, I know... :lol:), and I love him already. He's a bit like Ellie on Cougar Town, but more reasonable. What makes him so unique is that he may be rude, but he's always right.

    Least favourite characters:

    Sara Sidle (CSI):
    It's not like I hate her, no. I was just never able to relate to her. I know a lot of people really like her, and I kinda like depressed characters in general, but she is somewhat different. I always wanted to make myself like her, but I couldn't. So if someone can give me some ideas, that'd be great :D

    There are a lot more characters I could talk about, but I don't want to bore you guys with my list :D
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    Hmm...I didn't start getting into tv shows until kind of late, but I'll contribute.

    Favorite characters:
    Julian Sark (Alias): I don't know if anyone remembers this character from way back in the day (early 2000s) but I always loved this guy. He was just so condescendingly British that I couldn't help but find him lovable. I used to think all Brits were that sarcastic.:)

    Sydney Bristow (Alias): One word can describe my love for this woman: Rambaldi. Don't know what Rambaldi is? Well, I could spend a good couple of minutes explaining it, but I don't have the time.:lol:
    Least Favorite Characters:
    Sookie Stackhouse(True Blood): In the books, she's a lot more independent than she's protrayed by Anna Paquin. Every time I watch the show, I find myself sighing in frustration. I guess weak women equals good tv.:rolleyes:

    Melinda Gordon (Ghost Whisperer): Ugh. I can't even describe the many reasons why I find this character dislikable. Maybe it's the show itself or, probably, it's the actress.

    Peter Griffin(Family Guy): I love Family Guy, but it makes me so sad to hear some of my international friends associate Peter Griffin with all Americans. I don't watch Top Gear and automatically assume that British drivers are all like Captain Slow aka James May.

    That's it for now. I can't really offer any reasoning behind liking Sara or not since I'm a big Sara/Jorja fan myself. I'm kind of biased.:lol:

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