Gary #4....Soooooo Nibble Worthy

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Holy Crap I think I might explode.

I havent been on in a while due to the fact that I moved and have to unpack blah blah I come to this thread and at the top of the page see something about Lt. Dan OF COURSE I go back to see them....and I did...and ....OMG I could have a heart attack right now.

Sorry that I have no idea whats going on.... =/
And Ransom is fantastic. Gary is very, very, very hot in it.:drool::drool::drool:

And to prove MacLady's point just some peeks about how hot. Who needs a shower now? Line up ladies :drool::drool::drool:





OMG!!! :drool::drool::drool:

He's sooooo handsome and sexy!!!! Ahh.. It's hard to focus what I'm doing!!!
I think that I'll need a cold shower!
Also you guys confirm me that I gona duy Ransom next time when I have change!!!
Hey is Ransom a good movie? Cause was about to buy it, but I didn't...maybe later then...;)

Yep, you *have* to see Ransom... sadly there is a LOT of the "potty mouth" in it, but it's worth watching just for the Mirror Scene (anyone who's seen it will know exactly what I'm on about) :drool: :devil: The pics Jools posted are just the PG-13 version...
I HAVE to see that movie again. It's laying around here somewhere, I'm sure it is...:confused:

I'm going to find it, watch it and then...take a cold shower:drool:
Hey what are you talking about "mirror scene"???? that were he's..."without "any clothes"???:drool::drool::drool:

Apparently I have to find that movie!;)
I got this funny idea that's be quiet here for some time, all of us watching Ransom. :drool::drool: I'm feeling the hotness all over this place. Time we brought in a pool to cool off all together :rommie:
I started watching 'All The rage' last but I was so tired I only got half way through :lol: BUt I did get to see a bit of Morgan :D
Aaaagghh...I couldn't find 'Ransom' anywhere. I know I have it, I just can't find it. I have too many movies, I really should organize them....
I did came across 'Snake Eyes' though and I have to say, Gary in uniform was a really good substitute for 'Ransom'....:drool:

I'm going to dive into my pile of movies again. I can't rest until I find it....:brickwall:
I had a dream last night and Gary was in it towards the end. Everything before Gary showed up made NO SENSE because it was all like Mario and Yoshi worlds and stuff, but then once Gary showed up it was back to the real world and I got his autograph.

I wish that was real. Even if I had to go through the Mario and Yoshi world to get to him. I would go through it 20 times faster and better knowing what awaits me at the end. lol.
Ow Spaz, I wouldn't wanna wake up when dreaming of Gary. Hope you're feeling not to down, finding out it's only a dream. :guffaw:
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