Gary #4....Soooooo Nibble Worthy

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Oh I have forget when Gary's birthday is!!!
Is it soon??? I wonder...:confused: :confused:

Cause isn't his horoscope mark Pisces?

"I'm a bit strange cause I sometimes believe in horoscopes!" :lol:
What are we all gonna do for Garys Birthday?

I mean, we could all bake him acake and take a picture and post them couldn't we?

that would be funny, plus we get to eat it afterwards ^_^
That's on Monday, goody! Mine's one day before, and I wouldn't mind getting Gary wrapped in only a ribbon or popping out of a birthday cake before his. :devil: :devil: :devil: Yummy, that'll certainly will take the cake :lol: :lol: :lol:
lol that would be funny, the prob is i can't get him out of my head as Mac, so it's a little weird to think of this hard core marine popping out of a birthay cake!
All this cake talk is making me hungry.
WAIT! I have a piece of cake left from when my sister made some. -goes to get it and hopes it has Gary in it-
lol that would be a nice surprize.
Thanks for that date! :)

Sad it's Monday..I have so long day at school in that day... :(
but maybe that I know it's Garys's birthday will cheer me up! :) :)
And that cake idea is so lol! :D
Great idea bumble_bee89! That would make a fantastic fan project even if we couldn't get it done in time for Gary's birthday - we could all make a cake, decorate it in the style of one of his movies, take pics and send them (of course, we'd keep the cakes :lol:)
Ok well if you want to do this cake project you'll have to decide soon. If the answers yes I wouldn't mind everyone sending me the pics and i'll put them together and send them but i'll have to nip over and speak to people in Merchandise (autograph section) if it's best to send it to CBS. I'll also have get Top's opinion so what do you think?!?!
I'm the founder of the cake idea!

-stands proudly-

Hmmm...i wonder what cake to make now, i could make cupcakes and decorate each one with a different film theme lol

I'm s in for thiscake thing if we can get it done in time that doesn't really matter if it's a little late getting to him, i mean i have images of this.

"Thank you to the Taylor Girls from TalkCSI...and for Bumble Bee for the wonderful idea, you can all have a personalized autograph!"

lmfao. i wish.
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