Flack/Monroe #2 - It's a Block Party Thing!

^ Exactly -- I mean, I think there are quite a few comedy factors on the show, but the Flack/Lindsay dynamic is easily one of my top favourites :lol:, and it's been really lacking this season. I can appreciate that S6 was maybe supposed to be darker and less funny overall, but I miss the lulz. And especially the FM laughs; it's nuts how glad I was to see they still had it in 6.22, so I'm definitely hoping to see more of that in S7.
Yes, I'm with you guys, they provide great comic relief when they have scenes together. :D My all time favourite was the "wife scene", hehe, that was just too cute for words. :D Oh, they have a scene together soon? Sounds good, I'm in the UK, so I'm a little behind, haven't got to see that ep yet, happy to hear that TPTB are giving them more screentime together, I really miss them working together.
Last night they reran "Dead Rackoning" & made me fall in love with them all over again. They go chasing after a suspect but when they catch up Flack freezes & Lindsay comes in to save the day. Boy can these two run fast. Then when Mac was trying to fish details she tries to protect him but she also wanted to get him help. TPTB please oh please pair them up more this coming season!!!!!
I still didn't get to watch the episode over here but I saw a few scenes of it, this one your mentioned included. I missed them being paired up in episodes, because they work together really well. They have an awesome dynamic and it was great to see it again in this episode. I thought it was cool how they chased after the woman. I love how Lindsay just tackled her down to save Flack. I think it made more sense than shooting at the girl, because she could have also hit him, plus I really don't think she would shoot at someone who is facing her with her back! So I thought it was a really fantastic scene. And I agree, the scene outside the room was great as well. I love how she tried to defend him.

Watching right now & Lindsay has a small quick scene with flack where they are in mortuairy looking for the owner. Flack makes a pysco joke & gets lindsay to laugh while Jo & Hawkes are looking around as well. Lindsay describes how it's sad how the killer could only get together with a dead woman & Flack replies with that wouldn't be the word he would use.

Watching Feb. 18th episode we get some FM action. While checking out a gym where women work out by pole dancing they try to catch their suspect. They say some cheeky lines to each other & Lindsay does a slaming take down of the suspect. I love when she does that.

More FM last episode. And I know if flack was in the lab with lindsay & adam he wouldn't have laughed like danny did. Maybe the TPTB are finally seeing their dynamic & will build upon that. Well I can hope can't I?

Glad to see them working together again. They're good at taking down a suspect together. I wish they joked a little more this past episode.
Bump glad flack seems to be over angell. But I still find them a cute couple. Even if its only friends. They don't get enough screen time together.