Flack #8 - Flack, Don Flack

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Lovely screen caps and captions you've got going guys. :D

I agree with most of you about getting more development on Flack's character. I'd definitely like to find out more about his background, his past, particularly his relationship with Papa Flack. I'd love to find out whether there is any tension between them, any family drama lurking beneath that polished surface of his.

Faylinn said:
Gerrard and Sinclair sort of hinted to Flack at the end of S3 (the episode with Mac's little internal investigation trial thing) about how playing the political game is necessary to move up in the ranks of the NYPD, and I'd like to see Flack dealing with that at some point.

Oh this I'd love to Flack deal with. It seems to me Flack is the up and coming Detective, poster child of the NYPD. I'd love to see how playing the political game would affect his career as well as his relationships with the CSIs.

I'd also love to see more of him interacting with each of the CSIs. He and Mac are dynamic together, he and Stella are just fantastic, he and Danny have such a good rapport--he and Hawkes have a ton of potential for some great interaction, as we've seen in a few episodes so far, but he rarely interacts with Lindsay at all to even form an opinion beyond 'hi, they know each other and don't want to stab each other in the eye.'

Funny how he interacts so well with the members of the team. He has great chemistry with them...well, except for Lindsay. They have no chemistry whatsoever, nada, zero, zip. They're like chalk and cheese. It's like Flack barely finds her tolerable to work with. :p

And, being me, I'd love to see Flack interact with Adam. Those two are just way different and I think the result would be comic gold. :lol:

Oh, and Sid. Flack and Sid would be hilarious. :p

I'm sure those scenes would be priceless. I'm sure it'll be a hoot. :lol: I agree that whatever they talk about, Flack's facial expression would be a dead giveaway as to what he's feeling. :lol: He really seems to love working those facial muscles. :lol: :lol:
I's a pity we don't get scenes with Adam and Flack together; it would be great to watch Falck as Adam rants about all the evidence and the science behind it all. Maybe, after not getting a word, Flack would say something like 'I just asked if you liked this coffee'

Is it me or everytime Flack gets overhelmed by scientist or complicated explanations he gets sarcastic? He did it with Aiden and the chemicals she told him.
lol No it's not just you, I notice that too when he gets the complicated explanations,I love that one when Aiden tells him the chemicals its great. I guess sarcasm is his little defence mechanism or whatever you wanna call it.
I absolutely love flack his perfect little but of sarcasm, his wonderful blue eyes, and his height he has the ,ind of height that if there was penut butter on the top shelf he would be more than happy to get it for you... lol he's so great
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She sees my bedroom the photograph of Flack.
She***Yipe***:'Oh! Hao Shuai !The eye is verily beautiful!He is who?' :confused: :confused:
Me***crow over***:'Don Flack,CSI NY.......' :lol: :D :devil:
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Hey Fay, great macros. I can totally see Flack saying those things. :lol: :devil: :lol: And his facial expressions? Just too funny. :lol: :lol: What would Flack be without the sarcastic and witty comments...and his ever expressive face. :lol: You've just made me laugh and made my day a little bit better. :D
Commiserations, ZhuShuaijie, you now know to take that photograph down when you have visitors, so you don't entice unwary females. :D We cannot resist the Flack. Fortunately, there is plenty of Flack to go around. ;) You'll just have to share.

Happy Year of the Rat!
Those are awesome, Fay. :lol: Especially the whipped cream one--his face is totally saying that. :lol: :lol: :lol:
tee hee, Fay, you dirty gurl...luv it! Those were HI-larious! particularly the "did you just call me pretty?" and the whipped cream one...gives me the naughty thoughts :devil: :devil: :devil:...thanx!
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