Finale Movie -- SPOILERS

CSI Ends with a bang
The most popular, groundbreaking and influential whodunit in TV history has to go out with a bang, right? CSI: Crime Scene Investigation ends its 15-season run with “Immortality,” a two-hour episode about an explosive attack on the Eclipse, the posh Las Vegas casino co-owned by former CSI Catherine Willows (Marg Helgenberger). This news-making calamity has Catherine, now working for the FBI in Los Angeles, returning to Sin City to lead the forensics investigation. She’ll be joined by her old boss, Gil Grissom (William Petersen), who is back to help with the case because he, too, has a personal connection: One of the prime suspects is his former dominatrix love, Lady Heather (Melinda Clarke).
“It’s a privilege to be able to bring real closure to this show—something that rarely happens when a program gets canceled,” says creator Anthony Zuiker, who was making eight bucks an hour as a Vegas tram driver when he sold his CSI pilot to CBS. “Our finale is scary and thrilling and entertaining as hell, but it’s also a chance to thank the fans for their undying devotion,” Zuiker says. “We want them to feel good about what happens to this family of CSI characters when the show is over. To do that, we’ve pulled out all the stops.”
But first Zuiker took to social media to find out exactly what those loyal fans hoped to see resolved before CSI ends. No surprise there: They rabidly want divorcées Gil and Sara (Jorja Fox) to get back together. “Can we please everybody with this finale? Of course not,” Zuiker teases. “But will we please most of the people and give them the emotional experience they want? Absolutely.”
This last hurrah certainly had Helgenberger in a state. The Emmy-winning actress, who exited CSI in 2012, read the finale script while flying cross-country. “When I got to the last page and saw the words ‘End of series,’ I burst into tears,” she says. “The flight attendant was very concerned about me. I never would have anticipated such a reaction, but, obviously, this show means a great deal to me. I just had to come back and see it through to the end.”
CSI stunned us with its crafty crimes and state-of-the-art visuals of slo-mo bullets ripping through organs and chest cavities, but it also shook up the U.S. legal system. Don’t believe us? Google “the CSI effect”! The series spawned three spinoffs, too, including CSI: Cyber, which returns this fall. “We made science cool and sexy, and in our heyday, we were pulling nearly 30 million viewers a week,” Helgenberger says. “Who does that anymore?”
There were originally rumors about a shortened season of 6-12 episodes, I believe, but they decided to just have a two-hour movie instead. I'd be curious to know about the decision-making behind the scenes, but I am glad we're at least getting a goodbye for the flagship series in such an important franchise.
You'd think they would have a promo, at least a short one out by now. I think they've almost always started advertising with commercials a month or so in advance, sometimes more. I figured with this being the series finale, we would've had something out by now. 26 days...
I can't remember how far in advance it has been in the past, but since it is the series finale, I do hope we get some good promo. Hopefully they'll share something soon!
So, Season 15 aired on Sept. 28 last year and the earliest promo link that I could find was posted on Sept. 2 (26 days before). As of today, we have 26 days left, so fingers are crossed!
Well that's huge with this description. Hope see promo today or tommorow cause Criminal Minds season 11 promo I saw today morning. And maybe Grissom and Sara will be together after case.
Haven't posted in years but quietly lurked. Watched CSI from the beginning. My favorite is and always will be Greg so I hope he gets a happy ending somewhere in there. My lowest point with the show was when GSR got together as I never was a fan of theirs and cringed at the mere idea of them. Then the show kept making Grissom out to be some kind of god and the lovable, eccentric and most importantly FLAWED scientist from S1 no longer existed. When he left the show I was actually pleased.

I have watched these last few seasons with muted curiosity. I thought the S15 finale was a good one to completely go out on, with Nick leaving. I do love Nick's character but I am rather relieved he isn't in the finale. Nick has quit before on the series so when he left last time it really finite and I thought it was a wonderful goodbye to him (looking at the murder board, I loved that).

I go into this movie with a quiet eagerness, a little worried it will focus too much on GSR and Grissom for my tastes but can live with it if they do. I'd rather they focus on anyone else: Sara has earned her own right to be her own character; Greg has become an excellent CSI; Catherine hopefully has found success where she now lives; Brass has learned to live with the tragedies that have befallen him; DB either continues on in LV as he's a good leader; Finn (whom I always preferred to Morgan) I'd be happy to know recovered but should she die they do a good job in her send off; Morgan still has some things to learn but has mended things with her father; Ecklie is no longer the bureaucrat he initially was; Robbins may talk of retiring and should earn some kind of medal for staying in the job as long as he has; SuperDave also has grown a great deal in his job and could step in or transfer to a promotion; and finally Hodges might finally, I mean, finally, move out of out of his mom's house.

Wow, you write all their names down like that and it's still a big cast (doesn't even include Nick). I know they can't tie everything up but I hope the core at least get their due. Anyway, no offense to those that love Grissom/GSR, I don't want to begrudge them a happy ending should TPTB choose to write it in. But I am coming back to watch for everyone else on the show. LOL. We'll see how they handle that.
Tripp3235- I'm with you as far as GSR goes, I felt that, that was a low point in the series. I hope that
Grissom has moved on, and( who knows maybe he was having a fling with Heather), and that they
( Grissom & Sarah) don't get back together. I hope that she will go to San Diego to work with Nick.
Tripp3235- I'm with you as far as GSR goes, I felt that, that was a low point in the series. I hope that
Grissom has moved on, and( who knows maybe he was having a fling with Heather), and that they
( Grissom & Sarah) don't get back together. I hope that she will go to San Diego to work with Nick.

You can be sure GSR will be back and Lady Heather will be killed...
Don't be so sure! You never know. The writers may have decided that Sarah if just fine without
Grissom, and he's fine without her, and that they are better off remaining good friends instead of husband and wife.