Fall Back!


Ward Girl
Just a reminder for those of us that live in North America and that change their clocks, this is the weekend to do it. Before you go to bed on Saturday remember to turn your clocks back 1 hour :)
Of course, the one weekend I could use the extra hour because I am busy, busy, busy. Thanks for the reminder.
I'm looking forward to it. Tired of getting up in the dark. Of course, then it'll get dark even after the time change.. time to look forward to the solstice!
Finally, been suffering from this for the week since we changed it last week and my Neopets schedule is all messed up because of that :p

I really hate time changes.. I mean, in general it wouldn't bother but my cows don't understand it. So when I headed for barn at 6:30am in summertime, now have to go there by 5:30am. Perhaps slowly I could get them understand the new 6:30 as well ;)