Title: Fairytales
Summary: Sometimes Fairytales do come tru. D/L and maybe Smacked
Disclaimer: I do not own anything.

“Hey guys you all ready for the annual Christmas party.” Said Stella walking into the Break room where the whole team was sitting.

“Well the Christmas parties are normally just suit and tie, why would we want to go to that.” Said Danny, Lately things between Lindsay and him had been awkward. Since there little talk they had about there relationship they really hadn’t talked.

“Nope not this year.” Said Stella “The new Big Boss, Mac’s Boss wanted a change.”

“Really what type of change would that be Stella, seeing as though I am your boss and I don’t know anything about this little change?” said Mac

“Well maybe he thought you wouldn’t go along with it.” Said Lindsay

“Exactly, he knew for a fact you wouldn’t go along with it and made sure I was in charge.”

“Interesting.” Said Hawkes “What is this Change going to be.”

“Oh instead of having suit and Tie it will be Fancy Dress.” Everyone groaned. “Before you guys go making your mind up about this let me explain, what will happen is throughout all the employees in the building the computer has randomly chosen what you are going to be dressed up as.”

“Okay what’s the Theme?” Said Danny

“Let me finish. What will happen is you will get a piece of paper where it will say, what you are going to be and where your costume is.”

“So the costumes are supplied.” said Flack Just walking in.
“Yes. Now to answer Danny’s question. What will happen is on the night seeing as though no one knows what each other is wearing you have to find your partner.”

“What do you mean partner as in our own team partners.” Said Hawkes

“No. with the costume you are given you will have a partner that will go with your costume, so there will be pairs. You don’t know who your partner is you have to find them on the night.”

“You still haven’t answered my question.” Said Danny

“The theme everyone will have is fairytale characters.”

“Oh No way.” Danny said ”I would have gone along with the whole fancy dress, but not fairytales.”

“No one will see your faces you will all be wearing masks. Great everyone’s aboard. Here are your pieces of paper to tell what you will be wearing. Don’t tell anyone. Bye.” Stella said leaving everyone Dumb founded.