Episode 9x01 - "Fallen" ***CONTAINS SPOILERS***

'Fallen' is a great season opener. It's much better than last season's Eric-centric premiere episode. The opening scene with Natalia and Jessie was intense, thanks to Eva La Rue's performance. The writers should give her more screentime. She definitely knows how to act and connect with the audience. :thumbsup:

Jessie died. I'm not happy with it. I feel bad for Eddie. Whether you like Jessie or not, Eddie was fired because Adam decided to return after his Ugly Betty was cancelled. It's just unfair.
Fallen was a great season premiere(the best since season 4) although the last season's finale was better.:)The case was ok but the main reason I liked it is because of the scenes we had with Walter and Natalia's over Jesse's body.Ryan should have a similar scene though instead of Calleigh.

The improvement on equal screentime was also nice.Ryan and Natalia got more time compared to last season premiere which was all about E/C.The basketball scene at the end was also great.

I didn't like that when H shot at the window they instantly woke up.:brickwall:
That was totally wrong in my opinion.
I myself had mixed feelings about this premiere. After all, it was the premiere, and I was curious about how they would handle Jesse's departure.

It was a refreshing change to see Frank, Natalia, and Ryan get more screen time. Still not sure how Walter got to be a CSI so quickly. I liked Jessie just fine, but it was clear that he was just a placeholder for Eric. I think Eddie Cibrian might have had a chance, but to be honest, I don't think this crop of writers gave him much to work with. He made a great unsub in Criminal Minds.

Unfortunately, there was the predictable hokiness that I've come to expect in the last 3 seasons.

1. How is it that Super-Eric ran in there, nothing over his face, not calling 911, running all over the place and he's not affected by the gas? And yeah, somebody said it, but how does everyone wake up immediately, all at the same time, when Horatio shoots out the window? No hazmat coming in to check out the building? No ambulance?

2. Nobody was really clear on what killed Jessie. Isn't that what they have an ME for? Maybe they need Alexx back.

3. Horatio should've been charged with unnecessary use of force and aggravated assault when he threw that guy against the cage, but since they did away with IAB, I don't think that will happen.

4. Could someone please explain to me how Eric could just throw on a labcoat and step right back into his old job?

I have to agree with Ruby & The Headmen. Horatio cursing was very disturbing. He had thrown and pushed people before (Lost Son, just minutes after Speedle's death).

And don't get me started on how they downplayed Jessie's death. He and Horatio went back a long way. Seems nobody got the sendoff that Speedle did. Jessup's and Jessie Cardoza's deaths were treated more like minor inconveniences than Line of Duty. I mean come on, people! This is a police officer! The police here will mourn a fallen officer for at least a week. It would be all over the news. Whoever was on guard detail would salute the casket as he was put into the hearse. People might even line the route as Jessie's body is taken to the airport to be flown back to LA. At least that's the impression I got; they didn't make that very clear.

I can accept that they're playing basketball at the end. Everybody has their way of dealing with a fallen officer. But this is just how I would've ended it. While the team is playing basketball, a plane flies over the beach in takeoff mode. Though it might not be the plane carrying Jessie, everyone just stops and watches the plane until it disappears. Horatio says "So long, Jessie."

That's probably all I'll watch this season, unless a certain IAB guy is involved in a prison break. :thumbsup:
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Not entirely true. The fans spoke and indicated they preferred Eric over Jesse. CBS responded to the feedback. You can be assured that if Eddie had done a better job with his character, and the fans had fallen in love with him, Adam would not have been allowed to return.

No what the fans did was trash and bash Eddie before his character even appeared on the show saying that he was a stupid replacement, dragging in his personal life, and saying he didn't belong and that his character was crap before they even see his character in the show. You should see the reaction on the CBS message boards, they were so nasty and insulting that you'd think Eddie killed their pets or something.....

They never gave him a chance, in fact, from the very beginning a campaign built up to get rid of him before he even started appearing. The fans put all their anger in Eric leaving and blamed Eddie and his new character for all of it. They intended to hate him and bash him for as long as they can, they never intended to like him because they love their Eric so much.

Eddie came into a hostile environment where he had to bear the brunt of all that anger and hate, yet he was able to do with his head held high and he didn't say anything blaming anyone, he was humble, and he did his job.

This was never about if Eddie had done a better job, this was about the fans never gave him a chance, they wanted to hate him from the very start, and nothing Eddie did was gonna make them feel better because they just want to hate him for Eric leaving. So they took ever chance and every reason to bash his character and talk about how bad he is. What Eddie had to go through was unfair.

And the fact that Eric was constantly hovering around and it was clear that CBS favored their golden boy, didn't help the transition. With Eric popping in and out, people just want their Eric back, they see their Eric and they just hate Jesse.

I'm sorry but I just don't believe this was ever about Eddie doing a better job and Adam would not have come back. That's just being naive. Adam came back because he needed to and the network were so thrilled they just kept on putting him in more episodes and kicking Eddie into the background because now they have their Eric back. And considering that Eric's fanbase was much bigger than Jesse's (gee I wonder why?:rolleyes:) they just killed Jesse since now they have their golden boy back.

I don't mean to sound rude or harsh, but this is the simple truth, it was all about CBS wanting Adam back, and Eddie suffered the price.

BTW, cerebral hemorrahage from a simple fall is a quite common cause of death.

But he was the ONLY one who fell and hit his head?

You mean to tell me out of a whole lab full of people falling down, Jesse was the ONLY one to hit his head? Really? I find it hard to believe...:shifty:

Firstly, I want to say I really liked the episode and it made an excellent start to the season. I didn't have time to read everyone's posts thoroughly but I read that some people thought Jesse died by hitting his head which I agree would have been really lame, and then others said that he died because he fell near the gas. I agree with the latter view cos I think they showed a scene with him fallen just near the vent and so he must have inhaled a stronger dose of gas, which like any substance in excessive quantity, would have been lethal.

The problem is they never gave a clear cause of death, they just threw out a bunch of theories and then specifically stated that Jesse possibly could not have been revived from the gas because he was the ONLY one who hit his head and suffered internal bleeding in the head.

If they had just clearly stated that he died because he was too close to the vent and inhaled too much gas. That would have been fine.

I agree he shouldn't have died at all and if the people who make the show wanted to get rid of him, they could have just had him say bye in the first episode and move to a different city (Stella in CSI NY didn't even get to say bye but at least she didn't die!). but death by inhaling gas is more plausible than death by hitting your head I guess.

They could have just downgraded him to recurring character and send him back to LA or something, the death scene was stupid.

And as for Stella, well, she didn't get a goodbye because Melina did not come to film it.