Episode 7x20 - Wolfe In Sheep's Clothing ***CONTAINS SPOILERS***

If Ryan simply took away a evidence, I would understand it, but he has changed a fingerprint. It contradicts the law and rules.
This is my opinion, I'm not going to argue with those who doesn't agree.

He didn't change the fingerprint, he added one to point the finger at someone else.

And we are not arguing with you, just pointing out our opinions as well. It's the beauty of discussion. :)
I loved the eppie, it was really intense.

I think Ryan did what he had to do, I would've done the same. I felt so sorry for him when i saw them beating him up :( After all the punches he got, he didnt seem to have any bruises or anything accept for a cut lip :wtf:

I screamed when i saw Eric getting out of bed :devil: and when he was in the shower :drool:. Loved the E/C look :adore:

Where was Natalia?:wtf:

Anyway, great episode ;)

Love the your avatar Ginnna :drool:;)
So far this season this is my favorite episode:


Ryan not destroying evidence in the case. He just hold the bullet casing and added a fingerprint.

Ryan in the bathroom cleaning his wounds.

Used his shirt to find where he was taken to be tortured and help H finding Billy.

Ryan doing something good for once.

Horatio going undercover to save Billy and how Ryan told Horatio what was going on.

Dave having two scenes!!!!

The ending with the girl warning Eric in Russian.

Best for last:):) of course is Horatio said that the team underestimated Ryan thinking he was weak but not at all. Ryan finally realizing that the Russians are trying to break the team up and Horatio with the one liner "bring it on":cool::cool:

What I didn't like:(:(:

Natalia with one short scene with no lines:(

Not seeing Ryan shirtless:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

Eric and Calleigh not knowing in the end what really happened to Ryan and yelled at him at the end of the episode for hold the bullet casing.

Ryan tucking his shirt in (honestly I missed his style on season 4).
Something else I forgot to mention: I loved the contrast of Ryan in the purple shirt & tie standing next to the purple water. :lol: That just amused me for some reason. :lol:
Jonathan Togo was outstanding throughout the whole episode & the final scenes were just too perfect for an actor like him.
Thank god this was his episode b/c he really showed what a great actor he is. The emotianl parts were just awesome. He did a terrific job with his character.
Though, the dentist justification made laugh :lol:. While Calleigh answering "I do" cracked me up :guffaw:

I was shocked when he tempered with evidences especially when he took that jacket without gloves. Calleigh's yell gave me a heart attack & I really loved his reaction!

I loved Calleigh's concern. You could see it was true & I really felt bad for her too. It was so evident she was really hurt by Ryan's behaviour. I'm pretty sure that if Delko hadn't been there yelling at him, she would have tried to listen to his story. Surely, Ryan would have been able to explain it to her ;)

As for Delko I'm really tired of this guy!!! Gosh he's the one daydreaming while working on a crime scene, he's the one who defended that guy with memory loss who...oh look at that...he was the killer (even if he was forced to do it) & you want me to show Delko yelling at Ryan to stay focused on the case? :rolleyes:
As for the ending, ok that he didn't know anything about Ryan's situation, but his yell was disgusting, IMHO. And he's supposed to be Ryan's friend?
I mean Calleigh should have been pissed off b/c Ryan lied to her more than once....not Eric.

As for the rest of the episode I do have funnier comments LOL
Calleigh's house:
What was the the kitten lamp? :guffaw::guffaw: At first I thought it was an alien & I was like "OMG Delko don't turn it on!!!! You're gonna die!!!" LOL
The batrhoom was nice, though ;)

Ryan's house:
Oh I loved everything of it!!! That fishy thing was just too nice awww!!

Loved the contrast between Ryan & Calleigh especially when they spitted.

When Ryan thought Billy was death I just felt so bad for him. WOW that scene was so intense. Though, I really would have enjoyed seeing both Delko & Calleigh walking in that moment just to see their reaction :p

Loved H when he told they underestimated Ryan :p

And you can't even imagine how much I loved Ryan's last comment when he said to H "they're breaking us apart" or something like that. This comment was so true & sad at the same time.
I think this episode was great for Jon Togo. It really proved that he is a terrific actor. I am glad that he was able to get good air time on an incredible story! I would have also done what Ryan did. A child's life was on the line. Any person in their right mind (not the Russian mafia, obviously) can ever imagine hurting an innocent child. Ryan did what he had to do to protect the life of a child and friend. That is why Horatio helped out. H has always had a soft spot for children. He did what he had to do to save Billy as well. Calleigh and Eric were angry with Ryan because they did not have all of the pieces of the puzzle. I do think that they should have realized that something was wrong though. As Calleigh said herself, it was not like him to make mistakes like that. Ryan tried to tell them he had a reason, but they just didn't understand. As we all know, Eric has always been tough on Ryan. But seriously, they should have known something was wrong and confronted him about it especially at the end. However, these are characters and I am not the writer. Leaving the show to end as it did does leave some suspense. And it leads up to further possible confrontations with the mob. As Ryan said, they are trying to divide them as a team. Snarnoff even told Horatio that his team was falling apart. He is trying to divide them, threaten them, wear them down so that he can get what he wants and have the run of Miami. This is not the last we have seen of the Russians. I think they will be back especially towards the end of the season.

P.S. I am still drooling over the bedroom and shower scene with A.R. :drool:and every time I hear something break or snap, I get cold chills. The sound of that tooth being pulled...UHHHHH! :wtf:
Does anyone thinks that Ryan has "trust issues"? I am NOT saying this in a negative way becouse some people are more reserved then others and there isn't anything wrong with that.This was different but I haven't seen him sharing a secret about him with anyone(please correct me if I am wrong).I wonder if he would have told Horatio the truth anyway ot just try to work things by himself.This doesn't take away how compassionate is Ryan ,mainly how different people react to the same situation.

While I do agree that Ryan was brave,I understand Eric reason for being upset.This is not about friendship,it's about a case.Both have their points.
I agree that both have their points. I still really wish Eric had let Ryan explain though... or rather I wish the writers had let Eric allow Ryan to explain. But, I guess to that they wanted to end on that note to further get the message across that the Russian Mafia is trying to break the team and the writers wanted to leave it hanging and leave the audience thinking "maybe they're suceeding a little". Hopefully though, the writers will in the next ep allow Ryan to explain to E & C. I wish Natalia had been involved I would have liked to have seen how she would react to it. Given the fact that the FBI basically forced her to be an informant (even though she only fed them positive stuff lol). I would think she'd be very understanding of Ryan's predictament.

If Ryan doesn't explain to C&E, I'm sure Horatio will and everything will probably be peachy keen again in the next episode. :lol:

Other than the gambling thing, I'm not sure Ryan really has any personal secrets. :lol: He did mention to Frank (I think) that his uncle taught him how to pick locks. :lol:
^ You are probably right.Maybe the point is that we haven't seen many personal storylines from Ryan ,rather then him keeping everything a secret, and that's why I see him as distant and reserved.For that reason the scene where he tells Eric and calleigh the truth is SO needed.
-The opening sequence. I loved the contrast between what Ryan did and what Eric and Cal did. Eric on the bed, Ryan on the floor, Cal spitting water, Rayn spitting blood, Eric toweling off water, Ryan toweling off blood, etc... very dramatic, very cool.

Couldn't have said it better myself. :thumbsup: The juxtaposition of those opening scenes made the Ryan scenes all the more powerful, in my opinion. It really brought home the severity of Ryan's situation in a big way.

(And thank you TPTB for the joy that is an Adam Rodriguez shower scene! :drool:)

But, certainly, only Eric is evil, blunt, unfeeling, b/c hi has a bullet in his head. But Ryan for some people is the beau ideal :confused:.
In my opinion, in this episode Ryan was the finished traitor :(.

There was friction between Eric and Ryan way before Eric got shot...going back as far as the 3rd season. I don't think it has much to do with Eric being shot in this case.

I agree with those that said the two have progressed in their interactions with each other (Eric telling Ryan not to worry about the interrogation, for example), but yet they still have a ways to go (Eric not wanting to hear Ryan out about why he did what he did). But it is better than it was.

Overall, this was a fantastic episode--two weeks in a row that I've said that now, yay!

Jonathan Togo totally owned this episode from start to end. He really got across Ryan's fear, anger, frustration and helplessness in such a way that he nearly had me on the verge of tears several times.
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nice to see you stop by. I miss you!! :( I hope all is well.

Jonathan Togo totally owned this episode from start to end. He really got across Ryan's fear, anger, frustration and helplessness in such a way that he nearly had me on the verge of tears several times.
That is the honest truth. Jon did such an amazing job in this ep. Even if I wasn't a huge fan of his, I'd been on my knees crying. Every part he sold it like he was working on winning an Oscar. I think the part that might have gripped me the most was at the end when he hears the gun shot and he thinks the kid is dead. His scream made me tear up and then when he sunk down the wall and his face, I teared up. I'm so glad I was alone watching it. Over all the ep was really good. It had a lot of holes that bothered me. I was really ticked off they had Delko in the shower instead of Ryan..WHat the hell, this was us Togoholics chance to see some skin and all we got was a little shoulder and a bloody chest. :(
Jonathan is a talented actor, I've always been a fan of Ryan and it was great to finally see him have a storyline of his own. It's been a long time since that's happened and Jonathan delivered a wonderful performance. I felt his pain and desperation throughout the episode.

Hopefully in future episodes, Ryan will get some shirtless scenes too. I like when the writers do that, give us a glimpse at the CSI's personal lives.
Hi, I'm new to the fandom (watched my first episode last night), but I have a feeling that Ryan will end up being my favorite already.

Yes, the juxtaposition was just stunning. I really loved that. Although, it made me kinda angry that Ryan was suffering and Eric was not, lol. :p The best part, I think, was towards the end, when he was on the phone with the kidnapper. He really gets the right emotions through. :D
Just in case there is any debate left:

Just imagine if Ryan didn't mess up the case. Billy, an innocent child, would be dead, and Ryan would be even more of a *$&#^# in everyone's eyes. So really, he did the best possible thing, morally and logically.

I don't believe he could have asked for help. The more people who know, the more risk. It was dangerous for him to even tell Horatio.

I understand that he DID frame a guy, but the grubby kidnapper demanded he put the blame on someone else. And Ryan made sure that if Billy came back he could undo the damage, and he DID!

They got the real bad guys, Billy was saved, the Mob lost, and Horatio got to shoot someone. WAHOO!

I don't know, sounds like a pretty good end result to a horrible situation to me.

I really can't figure out how he could have done any better of a job. Just look at the situation, and look at how it ended. Look at how it COULD have ended.

^ You are probably right.Maybe the point is that we haven't seen many personal storylines from Ryan ,rather then him keeping everything a secret, and that's why I see him as distant and reserved.For that reason the scene where he tells Eric and calleigh the truth is SO needed.

Yeah the fact that we don't know much about his family beyond him having a niece (which means at least one sibling) and an Uncle Ron and possibly parents who are leaving him their lawn mower (lol) and that he had a gambling problem is a little annoying. But, we learned more about him as a man last night. We learned how he would lay down his life and career to protect the innocent. That's something at least. :)

I agree that a scene where he comes clean with Eric and Calleigh is very needed. I'd love to see their reactions (particularly Eric's). I have a feeling if Calleigh saw Ryan's wound (where the guy stabbed him) and after hearing the details of what that dude did to him, Cal would probably tear up and immediately want to hug him. I'm sure Eric would feel bad for him and maybe would even apologize for not letting Ryan explain earlier. But most likely, Eric's voice would go soft (like he does sometimes) and he'd say "why didn't you just tell us, Ryan? We would have helped you in anyway we could of." To which Ryan probably would reply, "because I was already risking my career and I couldn't allow you two to put yours on the line too". I'd love a scene like that.

Also something I forgot to mention before, remember the scene where Eric said he'd go do something on the case and Ryan asked to be the one to go? I think right there, Ryan was trying to protect Eric. I don't remember the details of the scene, but I know that I immediately thought that's what he was doing. If he went down for this, he didn't want his colleagues to go down with him.