Episode 10x03 - 'Blown Away' ***CONTAINS SPOILERS***

I love Ryan and Walter together and Walter has become one of my favorites. I'm glad he has someone to be "buddies" with since Jesse is gone.

Just watching Ryan/Walter's bond grow makes me really miss Jesse, I hadn't forgotten how much I loved seeing those three hang out, they were my 3 Musketeers! :(


As for the episode overall, if I throw away science and logic, then yeah, it was pretty fun. But then again, I was watching for Jamie Bamber in this one so as long as he was there, I was happy. ;)

And seriously, Eric needs to chill, like really! Watching him running around like a bulldozer with the emotional control of a plankton is just ridiculous. If I have to hear him get all mouthy one more time, I will shove him out a window! I mean honestly! He's always acting like a freakin' 5 year old throwing some tantrum fit! It makes me wish that he died instead of Jesse. If this is what I got Eric back for, then I'd wish he stayed away! :shifty::scream:

Exactly my thoughts!
I so loved the trio that Jesse's death stunned me. I sincererly joined Walter in his last speech to Jesse.
I enjoyed how they three teased each other and especially that they were so friendly towards Ryan who's been sorta neglected since day one (Eric again mostly).

I was really touched by Walter's care for Ryan. He truly looked worried and scared.
That I enjoyed. And most likely I'll sneak those 40+ mins from my weekend plans to see that again.

Eric. Well Eric is Eric and I don't expect him to be "gentle". He's not my fav character never been ('cept for like first two seasons).
Yeah I never suspected that kind of violence. I guess he's gotten that from H.
But I'd prefer him to be away instead of Jesse if that's gonna happen ever again. Then I'm gonna be really mad. Or will send angry feedback to CBS about that matter.

As I've stated before, for me there were like two, three scenes I enjoyed fully- Ryan being blown away & saved, towel/locker scene.