Eddie Cahill #5: Charismatic Brilliance

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Three words : HAWT, dangerous, sexy.:devil::devil::devil:

Ok, So many news so overwhelming at Talk CSI.

Soo excited I can bounce off the ceiling.

Moving right along, I would wondering If I could interest anyone in a fan

project (If I'm alowed to do that) we would be 3 months a 15 days a

head...but..maybe we can pull it off.

A b -day gift, like the book you guys did, way back. except its different.
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He looks so hot in shades...Well, he looks hot most of the time anyway, except the time he had that pornstache in Lords of Dogtown. :lol: That was really awful. Anyway, thanks for posting the screen cap from The Narrows, Zhu. I can't wait to see the film. It's always fun to watch Eddie in other roles. :D

Welcome back Zhu! Thanks for the pic from The Narrows! :drool::drool: Where did you find it? I want to see it so bad! I wonder when we will get to see it, anyone know? Damn, he's so hot!

Don't need to thank, I very take pleasure in sharing with everyone , but.....
I hope know, Does have Canadian here?I discover Eddie's<The Narrows>have already been shown in Canada, have who saw it, whether it has already been shown in the USA , who have concerning its gut , perhaps more photograph, I hope sooner to see it in China.

Hahaha, I can so relate to this. Case in point...I pretty much got suckered into purchasing a Lords of Dogtown DVD because Eddie was in it! :lol: ...Despite the hideous pornstache! :lol:

:lol: Too funny! Eddie + mustache=not good, lol! I don't know, think he's best clean shaven. Though I can't imagine him with a beard!

I cropped one of the 100th episode pics with Eddie, Carmine, and Gary. Look at that beautiful smile! And those eyes! And that chest hair! I never thought chest hair was sexy until Eddie! LOL!


Oh.Friend, that be the beautiful picture and do you discover him over there?

OMG! Where did you find that sunglasses picture?! :drool:
Since hockey started this weekend I was hoping to see Eddie update his official NHL blog. But haven't seen a post, maybe we will soon? I have it bookmarked though.
Ah so I have to wait till the playoffs? Ok, I guess I can do that. :) I'll have to start watching hockey with hubby now. LOL!

Zhu, I love that pic! Thanks for posting it here, the link wouldn't work. I hadn't seen the one picture where he looks like a deer caught in headlights, heehee, poor Eddie! Still so :drool:-worthy!
Speaking of hockey -Rangers won 2-1 against Tampa Bay in Prague,

Brandon Dubinsky shot the second winning goal for the NY Rangers.

I like this team, their playing a lot better this season, mainly because they

got new players on the team, so its pretty cool.
NHL Connect, celebrity blogs. He and A.J. Buckley discuss their favorite teams. As well as other celebs.

I've sent Eddie a friend request, hopefully it works out.
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