Eddie Cahill #5: Charismatic Brilliance

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You guys gotta help me out...is there any great pics online of TV/movies where Eddie is shirtless? I found some screencaps from his episode in Sex and the City....man he is hairy. :guffaw: He has such great pecs though!

Anyway, help me out guys? :p And the screen shots from season's 2 finale don't count...it will make me cry. :(
Hey all...its been awhile since I posted, with summer being here I don't get online much often, but I posted this on the AJ Buckley thread, but for all you Eddie fans, I figured you guys would like this, he looks like he might've had a few drinks at AJ's birthday.


:guffaw:Thank you so much for posting that pic!! So adorable and funny. Oh boys haha.

I wonder if Gary is there somewhere shaking his head.
Hey ladies,

I am going to be the guy who delivers you all the bad news, lol. My cousin sent me this,

[registry info edited out for privacy reasons--Top41]

also check the william sonoma website, hes in there as well.
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Wow, I'm surprising we didn't know that was coming earlier. Took me a few moments to realize what i was looking at when i got to the page but I see it now... Should I be wondering why it wasn't publicized like other celebrity weddings?
Married?!? Where have I been?! Oh wow... well, congrats if this is indeed true! They've apparently been together a long time... I guess it's about time! :) July 12th is like... only a few weeks away... !
Well this could definitely be a hoax but who would take the time to register as them at not only one store but two? Also, some of the items on the registry have been purchased.

I'm happy for him. :) But how on earth couldn't anyone know anything about that especially when they already set a date for a wedding? :confused:

Well, while Eddie may be very popular among CSI fans he's not exactly a massive star. I mean paps don't follow him everywhere he goes or anything. He's also always been very private so I'm not shocked.
Congrats to him, if this is true. I don't think I actually know what his girlfriend looks like though. Anyone have pics? All I know about her is that she's older than him, and they been together for a while, don't really know how long though....

Married Eddie Cahill *sad sigh*
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