Each Show Has A Wild Child


Police Officer
Does anybody else think each show has a wild child. The Las Vegas wild child is Catherine. The Miami wild child is Eric. The New York wild child is Danny. It would be great if CBS made a CSI movie with those three at a convention or a vacation hot spot. They could investigate a crime and drive the local cops nuts at the same time. They could even go club hopping before or after the case is over. Eric would know Catherine from her investigation in Miami and maybe Horatio could tell Eric to say hi to Danny. It would be a great movie.
I've noticed this. Those three are all different from the other characters on the respective shows, with almost a headstrong will and stubbornness surrounding them. I've actually thought of this myself and couldn't agree more.
Have you ever seen the first episode of the Las Vegas CSI? There is this great part where the owner of a shop that has been robbed gives a rookie CSI a hard time. Catherine tells the store owner that if the owner doesn't care neither does she. Then she and the rookie leaves the scene. It was great. :lol: I would love to see Mac trying to deal with all three. We might see a very pissy Mac.
^^^ Lol! These kind of people make the shows fun and fresh. Without them,and Mac and Horatio, we would just have three more boring crime/dramas