Downtime for maintenance [complete]


We'll be closing for a short while on Saturday 30th for a routine update to the board systems. While that's taking place, I'll take the opportunity to do a few bits of other routine maintenance.

This work will take place at approximately 2pm BST (1pm GMT, 9am EDT, 6am PDT) and should take around 30 minutes.
Re: Downtime for maintenance (Saturday 30th)

This work is now complete.

The only new 'feature' is that you can no longer have your username as your password. I didn't think anyone would be that stupid, but 74 people were! People affected have had their passwords reset for security reasons and will get an email with their new password.

I have also made a modification. If you have any notifications, the top window will turn red. You haven't done anything wrong! It's just so you don't miss any mesages/notifications that need your attention.