Debate/Dislike a Ship Thread -- CSI: Cyber


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Alright everyone welcome to the Debate/Dislike a Ship -- CSI: Cyber thread.

Please the rules below and have fun! :)

I expect EVERYBODY to read ALL the rules and understand them before they post. When you do post for the first time after this post, please leave a comment in your post saying you have read and understood them. Thanks.

First things first. Here are a few of the Shipper Central Rules (the complete list can be found here,) that specifically apply to this thread (all threads but I want to make them part of the rules for this thread).

~ Shipper Central is designed to be a FUN place for people to discuss their favorite FICTIONAL pairings. Shipping is NOT life or death - it's fun AND it's fiction. So, let's please not take things so seriously. If someone doesn't like your chosen pairing, SO WHAT? You do and that's all that should matter.

~ We expect EVERYONE to have RESPECT for the other posters in this forum and their ships. Treat other ships the way you want everyone to treat your ships.

~ To quote TBonz - "Insulting couples (characters) and/or real life actors: DON'T. If you don't like a ship and feel compelled to say why, do it dispassionately and with respect for those who might."

~ It is NEVER appropriate to flame or bash another poster or group of posters. Negative comments and snide remarks towards others will not be tolerated in this forum.

~ If someone flames you, DO NOT respond. Notify a moderator and walk away.

~ DO NOT bring arguments/problems from outside this board into the forum. No exceptions.

Now for the new rules for this thread:

~ This is a debate thread. Debate until your heart's content.

~ There will be NO discussion about couple A being right and couple B being wrong. Stick to what you like and don't like about certain ships. Everybody has a right to ship who they want.

~ There will be NO discussion that couple A or character A cannot be gay since again, everybody has a right to ship who they want. You can say you don't see them as gay and debate why that is, but you cannot flat out say they are not gay.

~ When discussing slash pairings, it IS possible the discussion could center around one or both characters as to why you do or do not think they are gay. This IS allowed. It's practically impossible for the discussion not to turn that way when discussing a slash pairing but please, stick to the topic on hand.

~ This thread is to discuss which ships you do and do not like and why and also to debate with others why you/they do or do not like them and it doesn't matter if they are canon or not. ANY combination of ships is fine as long it stays within the four CSI shows.

Also, the three line rule does not apply to debate threads but it must stay on topic. It is limited to the actual ship threads themselves.

Have fun and play nice! :)

If anybody feels I have left something out, please let me know. Thanks.[/quotes]
(Quick note that I have refreshed myself on the rules. :))

Oh man, I haven't been in one of the debate threads in ages. ~memories :p

I'm not sure how I can debate ships from CSI: Cyber, though! I don't think I have strong opinions about them at all...let's see...

I like Raven/Nelson or Nelson/Krumitz, but Raven/Krumitz doesn't thrill me as much--I definitely get a strictly platonic vibe from those two. But even then, I wouldn't be opposed to it (or to a poly relationship lol). The characters are all pretty new, so there's plenty of places to go with them. I could come back in a few months and completely disagree with myself.

I dig the relationship between Ryan and Elijah, but I don't see it as romantic at all, and I'd be disappointed if the show ever went there.

So there we go, those are my two don't-really-like-it ships for this show: Raven/Krumitz and Ryan/Elijah. Anybody want to debate about it? ;)