Debate/Dislike a Ship Thread -- CSI: Cyber

Discussion in 'Shipper Central' started by sharp52092, Sep 6, 2015.

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    Alright everyone welcome to the Debate/Dislike a Ship -- CSI: Cyber thread.

    Please the rules below and have fun! :)

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    (Quick note that I have refreshed myself on the rules. :))

    Oh man, I haven't been in one of the debate threads in ages. ~memories :p

    I'm not sure how I can debate ships from CSI: Cyber, though! I don't think I have strong opinions about them at all...let's see...

    I like Raven/Nelson or Nelson/Krumitz, but Raven/Krumitz doesn't thrill me as much--I definitely get a strictly platonic vibe from those two. But even then, I wouldn't be opposed to it (or to a poly relationship lol). The characters are all pretty new, so there's plenty of places to go with them. I could come back in a few months and completely disagree with myself.

    I dig the relationship between Ryan and Elijah, but I don't see it as romantic at all, and I'd be disappointed if the show ever went there.

    So there we go, those are my two don't-really-like-it ships for this show: Raven/Krumitz and Ryan/Elijah. Anybody want to debate about it? ;)
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