Danny & Lindsay Get Married

i think the wedding was just plain cheesy getting married in jeans ans a t-shirt.:shifty:
and you have 2 wait 24 in new york before you can get married and the wife usually has to be there beforehand so they couldnt have done that anyway
I loved the wedding. I liked that they did a montage instead of showing the wedding itself. It was nice to see all those DannyLindsay moments again. It was great they added the kiss from CotP as well. Oh, and I loved the scene before they got married, outside the office. Like a second proposal. :adore: For me, the wedding was perfect, even better than I imagined it.
:rolleyes: And now we have to be subjected to this pairing forever. -shudder- Only Adam and Don will be able to get me through this, and perhaps Carmine's acting skills (I'm afraid there's no more hope for Danny...).
I found them using the deleted scene from CotP equal parts amusing and stupid. First, unless you're invested enough in the show to go online and watch videos you had no idea what the hell scene it was. I can just see people pulling out their DVDs trying to find the scene they obviously missed and going bonkers when they can't find it.:lol:

Second, TPTB is acting like the scene is part of DL's ZOMG!CANON relationship. It's not. It's a deleted scene, therefore it doesn't count toward anything. Their first kiss was Snow Day. Don't try and tell me that something which never made the episode is a part of the characters' history. TPTB has done enough backtracking trying to fill in blanks they left. Putting out videos of deleted scenes isn't going to make me believe that the history between these two is anything other than what I've seen on the show. :rolleyes:
If I wasn't on this site every day, I'd have no idea where the heck that kiss came from. I'm trying to figure out if it would've been better or worse if they had had episode titles on all of the clips, and had put "Charge of this Post (Deleted Scene)".