Danny/Lindsay #23: Because it is a big deal to us!

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I havent been in for ages as ive been way to busy but i saw an icon of the TV guide front cover and pretty much ran to this thread.

They look so cute! And Carmine :devil:
I'm still so excited about the fact that Danny and Lindsay are going to be parents. :lol: I wonder how they'll be as parents. How will they raise their kids? Will they have different opinions about how to raise a child? So many questions! For me, from all characters in the show, Danny and Lindsay will be the most interesting parents.
doobedoo. so this is what the thread looks like again? :lol:

So our baby, :D I think they'll be pretty funny as parents, I see one of them being slightly scarily overprotective while the other thinks that as much as they'd like to be lock-em-up-till-they're-30, they've gotta be slightly reasonable.

I can see Danny being the one who investigates everyone in the daycare whilst Lindsay tries to reassure them that everything will be completely fine. Especially since Grandpa Mac checked everyone last week!

I really wasn't sure about a baby when this season begun but I think the writers have definitely recovered with this season. Everything is back to normal, slick, fast paced, funny and all round awesome. Really is a team game all round, not just CSI:Mac, nor is it overrun with DLness. A little face to face interaction after that episode will be nice but if they keep the balance right they way they have so far, I think this is really gonna work!
So our baby, :D I think they'll be pretty funny as parents, I see one of them being slightly scarily overprotective while the other thinks that as much as they'd like to be lock-em-up-till-they're-30, they've gotta be slightly reasonable.

:lol: I can definitely see that! Especially if they're as warped by their job as my parents are (my dad's a police officer, my mom's a lawyer....needless to say I don't get away with anything!) I can see Danny being super over-protective, and Lindsay letting their kid have a little bit of freedom.

Does anyone know when our baby is coming, or has that not been released yet?
It would be great to see how they handle the education of their child, but I'm not so sure we'll get to see a lot of that. Of course they cannot skip the birth (and ^ no, we don't know when that will be, yet), but I'm suspecting they stick with mentioning it once in a while after that.

As was already discussed in the spoiler thread, I'm also curious whether the fact that they will have a baby together will influence their work relationship. Will they still be working together, or will they be mostly on different shifts/hours?
just thought this would interest a few people

According to Matt Mitovich's Mega Minute there are now no more plans for Rikki to come back. They've decided to push it back due to the DL baby. The original video is on TVGuide

I don't know about anyone else but i think this is a good thing :)
after D/L have their kid i wouldn't mind a little D/L time out for a few eps. don't get me wrong i love the D/L ship just as much as the next person but sometimes too much of a good thing isn't always the best. i'll be expecting them to be working with someone else rather than each other to give the actors a break from each other and the fans a break (especially those that are not fans of D/L).

i'm just curious as to how D/L will work out this season. so far it seems like TPTB are going to make this a great story and make it work along with the whole aspect of the show being a crime show. the one big thing i would love to see is D/L work out their crap with the distrust and where their relationship is now and how they're gonna get through everything.

i am so loving this season :)
I really liked tonight's episode. The case was pretty good, but the last scene was really sweet with Danny and Lindsay and then with Danny, Lindsay and Mac. I wish we could have heard what was said in Mac's office but we can assume; it was good anyway.
I loved what D/L said to each other. And I loved that when they went in and presumably told Mac that he hugged them both. He put his hand against the back of Danny's head like a father would. That was so great to see.
I have resurfaced after months and months of silence! XD
Just saw the scenes from the latest epi and yay, couldn't be happier!

It's interesting how different opinions can get. On one side, we've got people saying how corny and bad the scenes were, while here we're all doing mental happy cartwheels about it. Oh well, that's the way the M&M's crumble... (or melt in your mouth, not hand? :p)

I personally thought the conversations between the two of them were very sweet and meaningful. But I'm glad Lindsay didn't rush into 'Yes! Of course I'll marry you!'. It was indeed a little too quick. Then again, when has Danny not ever rushed into things?? :rolleyes: But from her explanation to him at the end, it sounded as good as a 'yes' to me, 'just not anytime soon'. But we can probably say there will be plenty of DL goodness in the future!

Anna Belknap is right... Danny is adorable! Anyone else caught that goofy Messer grin during the 'How's the baby?', 'I'm fine, she's fine', 'She??' phone conversation? :lol:

And, awww. Grandpa Mac!
Hey everyone! *grouphug*

Wow, how great was The Triangel?! I think I'm still squeeing! :lol: It was so sweet. I loved it even more than The Box. I loved how Danny asked Lindsay how the baby is and how she reacted to it. The proposal was indeed adorable. But it was not the best way to ask someone to marry him. :lol: The scene at the end was really perfect! I loved how Lindsay explained her answer and that Danny understood her. And finally, finally they said the three magic words to each other! 'I love you!' I'm so happy! You could see how much they love each other. What a wonderful scene!
The phone conversation was cute. Loved all of Danny's questions about Lindsay's family. :lol: Not a D/L moment, but loved when Danny, Hawkes and Mac were up on the tower and Flack called and then Danny goes "Can you hear me now?" :lol: I get the feeling that Stella knows that there's no "friend". And Tantoo? I've never heard of that before. :lol:
I really enjoyed all the D/L moments in last night's ep.

Danny asking all those silly questions while trying to get out the real important one was so adorable, but I'm really glad that Lindsay listened with her head instead of her heart and said "no" anyway. Even people who love each other can still have a lot of issues between them that they need to work out before they take that step and at least she is fully aware of that.:)

The "I love you" was perfect, Danny obviously took the time to think about his feelings, and even after she said no to his proposal he still wanted to say it.

I'm really curious what was said in Mac's office, and if he will take further action regarding their schedules.
I loved "The Triangle", the scenes between Danny & Lindsey were sweet, especially when Danny was asking about the baby and how and where he proposed to her. Don't take this the wrong way but I'm kinda glad that she said no. I mean until Lindsey found out about the baby she and Danny weren't exactly communicating very well with each other and now Lindsey's pregnant and Danny wants them to get married?.

I think for now they should leave things the way they are. They said they loved each other that's enough for now and hopefully in the future they will get married for the right reasons and no just for the fact that Lindsey is pregnant.
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Hey all! Wow the "The Triangle" really had me squeeing! It's like the ultimate episode for any D/L shipper especially to those who had to go through that madness in Season 4. :lol: Danny's proposal was so cute. Awww. It seemed right that she said no but still it's Danny! :adore: And I sooo love the scene with Mac in the end. They looked so happy and Mac was so fatherly. :lol:
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