Dancing with the stars

Yeah, she's a MP. She was so pretty.

Miss Finland was pretty... stiff, ya know. Same with this MP. They both danced waltz. Same problem was with my fave, Keith. But he had sore ankle because he hurted it in football practise :p I think Miss Finland (Suvi Miinala) will be dropped next Sunday. I hope so. I like the rest too much :p

The actress, Kristiina... she's 63 and she was awesome! They danced cha cha cha and... she was wonderful and they got the highest points.

But they were quite ok all of 'em. Athlete, Markus Pöyhönen was quite HOT when he danced cha cha cha
I know there has been discussion abotu DwtS season 3 but since i am posting about Finnish show...didn't dig that one up.

We are starting our 2nd Dancing with the Stars. We have actor, swimmer, rapper, ex-newsanchor, singer, again old miss Finland, and then one dude I don't know...and ah yes, one guy who is host of one record show.

It's funny to see Mariko, lead vocalist (rap-ish band) of Kwan. She is bit...different looking :lol: