CSI Vegas - finding a fic HELP PLZ!

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by roxydaisy, Jul 4, 2013.

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    Hi all you ficers out there. I need some help in finding/remembering a Vegas fafic I read several years ago. It was a pretty epic fic split over several 'books' and I seem to recall it had its own web page with book covers and family picture albums etc. though I did initially read it on fanfiction.net.

    It was primarily a GSR fic, though there was yobling, nick/oc and greg/oc as well. Through out the fic there was an underlying villian, a nasty cop on the lvpd who terrorizes I varrious subtle ways and not so subtle ways (i cant remember the name though)the whole team knew he was a bad guy though could never prove it.

    I remember several plots n scences from this fic, in no particular order. Gsr I suspect have kids after getting married, though as always it takes a while, and I think sara is involved with the bad cop before grissom. And the cop doesnt take well to sara esc as ping his clutches so to speakP which is what puts him on the teams radar to begin with. I also think he was one if nick.s cop 'buddies' .

    Nick and his girl friend/ fiancee ends up getting preggo even though she's technically a virgin.

    Nick's brother(i think called drew) is involved as a rich bussiness man, he has a hooker / girlfriend (candy, maybe?) Who i don't think he treats too well, but in the end she ends up with greg (married, with kids (twins???)

    There was one scence where the team were having a party , and dancing about tho save a horse ride a cowboy and the baddie cop shows up and threatens (?) to have them done for endangering minors (due to 'dirty dancing' in their presence.)

    There was also a bit where Grissom is trying to get a case toghetger against this cop for an old rape from years back of once of the baddies old gfs but I dont think I ends up the way Grissom hopes it does.

    I suspect there is probably a lot more involved than that but if you've read it then that should be enough detail, but who knows!!!

    roxydaisy xoxo
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