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    some of you may know politedissent.com, where a medical doctor does (among other things) write-ups of each House MD episode, discussing especially the medicine depicted in the show. Fascinating reading.

    Is there a similar site for CSI? Because if not, I'd maybe like to start one. I have been downloading and watching the complete CSI and Miami series for some weeks now, originally for research purposes, and while I'm aware that writers need some licence to come up with a gripping and enjoyable show, there have been some really annoying science goofs especially in the current and previous Miami seasons.

    So much so that I sometimes think it would be justifiable to talk of a separate "CSi universe" where physics works a little differently, just like in Star Wars :devil:
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    Since this relates to the science used on the CSI shows, I'm going to bump this topic over to the Forensic Science forum. :)

    (Websites are also mentioned, but I think a discussion about science is better placed in FS. If there's a website created about this, then a thread in Websites might be in order. ;) Just thought I'd explain my reasoning.)

    *moves thread*

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