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quotage thingy not functioning :vulcan:, but not my computer to tweak settings :p. ah well.


As for it being Stella and Mac racing at the end, I saw that as a continuation of their extended exchange in his office earlier. It was no surprise to me, nor did it seem out of place therefore that Stella and Mac were the ones racing at the end. From the dialogue in the final scene it sounded like Mac invited Stella after asking a favour from Danica whassername, (as opposed to Stella trying to surprise him, say, having learned of his childhood fascination).

Had Mac been involved in the scenes with Lindsay, Adam, and Danny, processing the car when that conversational exchange took place, then it would be a reasonable link to have Lindsay out on the track instead. As it was, I had no reason to think Mac would suddenly know of Lindsays surprising revelation that she's a fan of racing. Oh, and the fact she's from Montana...

The M/S office convo and the end scene both referenced Mac's keeness for cars and racing from childhood, and was a more personal exchange between long-time friends, it felt to me. There may have been a parallel between Lindsay and Mac's interests, but there was no exchange between them to highlight it, or to forge some bond because. And it also seemed that everyone, with the exception of Flack anyways, :lol:, was suddenly a fan of cars & racing, as well as being a mechanic capable of disassembling high end engines. (And LOL at the one background mechanig/tech in that scene in the overalls and bandana).

So. No biggie for me.

I might also be tempted to put it to a bit of a backlash because Lindsay's not been in every episode, and the two leads have been getting a bit of focus. And so some people would understandably liked to have seen more of her. Whaddaya do.

I take no issue with it, frankly. With only two women within the main cast of characters, I'd rather see Stella than Lindsay regardless. Sorry for those who have been missing Lindsay this season. But at least in the episodes she has been in, or at least a few of them rather, she has had some decent moments written for her. And it's not like she was just glossed over last night either.

As for Carmine. This ep looked as though it had been filmed earlier on, and not broadcast until now. Messer looked far more like he did earlier in the season with his hair and scruff, and Sheldon's hair was noticeably shorter. Perhaps they trimmed it. Or. Mebbe the ep was filmed awhile ago.

For those who wish more Lindsay material, perhaps she'll get more as the badge issue comes to light, as she's known about it from the get go. Perhaps she'll be placed in a similar position as she was with Flack's "freezing up." Who's to say.

Danny, and in someways, most of the characters, are coming across a little bit ad hoc as writers try to find new ways to expand on them, and in some cases, to fit into a plot premise (suddenly a racing fan, or best buds with the ADA guy or whoever he was for the past decade or what have you). Not quite so fluid and cohesive.

For me, Danny's been warbled since S3, had some decent stuff in S4, and has really lost his way and focus in the past two seasons. I do think DL is a part of that, the way the relationship and his approach the unnanounced pregnancy was incorporated. The whole injury storyline was half-assed for me, and didn't get the focus it deserved given the decision to write it in. Mebbe the return of Shane Casey will be a good thing for Danny, and perhaps might lead to some mention of Louie again, if the "brothers" angle is what they're gonna use to tie them together.

As for Carmine. Perhaps writing an episode was a way for him to approach the show differently, change up his involvement, and might be a way of recharging his interest, if it was indeed frustrated or waning.
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Looks like episode 6.19 is called "Redemptio".

Be back in a bit with more info. :)

ETA: Oh, this looks good. Like, really really good. And it looks like it'll be the start of the Shane Casey stuff!

(BTW, I know this seems like a lot of information, but I promise it's only the first half of the episode - I wouldn't ruin the whole thing for everybody. :))
6.19 "Redemptio":

~ Hawkes is called to Pennsylvania State Penitentiary. A man named Reggie Green requested that Hawkes be there for his execution. Hawkes doesn't know the man, but he gets there just in time to exchange a few words with Reggie. Before Reggie gets led off to be executed, he delivers a shocking blow: he's the one who killed Hawkes' sister Grace. Hawkes is stunned, but he doesn't get to ask any more questions as they lead Reggie away--they're on a schedule.

~ Hawkes watches them hook Reggie up to deliver the lethal injection--but one of the guards isn't acting right. He collapses onto the floor, blood coming from his mouth. The other guard yells for a doctor. Hawkes rushes in, kneeling to check on the man, but it's too late--he's dead.

~ The warden orders the guards to take Reggie back to his cell, and Hawkes takes the opportunity to call Mac. Meanwhile, a group of sheriff deputies arrive and head for the crime scene--but one of them breaks away and takes a different path. He pulls a gun on the guard in the control room, demanding that he release one of the prisoners. When he doesn't move, the deputy pulls the trigger.

~ Hawkes hears the sound of a gunshot and hangs up the phone, heading toward the control room with the warden. When they see that the guard is dead, Hawkes rushes off to chase the shooter--ignoring the warden's calls for him to stop. It's only after Hawkes has pushed through a door that he realizes what's wrong. There's a full-on riot taking place in the prison. Hawkes turns to run back the way he came, but the door closes--he's trapped with the inmates.

~ A bit later, back at the lab, Mac is trying to get ahold of Hawkes--they're watching the news coverage of the riot, and they realize that Hawkes is basically a hostage. If the inmates find out he's a cop, he's dead.

~ Adam points out something: Shane Casey was transferred to Pennsylvania State Penitentiary.

~ In the middle of the riot, it's obvious that the inmates know Hawkes doesn't belong. They start to attack him, but someone rushes in to help--it's Reggie. He gets Hawkes out of harm's way, and they duck into a side room. Before Reggie can say anything else, Hawkes attacks him--this is the man that killed his sister. Reggie doesn't fight back, but Hawkes can't do it. He's not a killer. He lets Reggie go.

~ Reggie rushes out of the room just as Hawkes' phone rings. Mac and the rest of the team are huddled around a speaker phone, and they ask if he's alright. Mac tells him to conserve his cell phone battery.

~ When they hang up, Mac tells the team to get blueprints of the penitentiary. Stella knows what Mac is getting at: they're going to break Hawkes out of prison.

~ Meanwhile, Reggie returns--with a prison uniform. If Hawkes is going to survive, he's going to have to blend in with the inmates. Reggie wants to help Hawkes, but Hawkes doesn't care--helping him won't make up for his sister's death. But Reggie needs to tell Hawkes the truth. He needs to explain. He accidentally killed Grace when he was high, and he told the police she was killed by her drug dealer--but Grace had already beaten her own drug addiction. Her only mistake was trying to help him. All these years, Hawkes assumed his sister died because of the drugs. Reggie wants to help Hawkes out of the prison for Grace's sake, not for his own.

~ Hawkes wants to find Shane Casey's cell--he thinks Shane is behind the death of the first guard and the subsequent prison riot. He can't let Shane escape in the midst of the chaos.

~ For those who are keeping track, Mac, Stella, Danny, Lindsay, Hawkes, Flack and Adam are all mentioned, so Sid seems to be rotated out in this episode. :)
It's hard to believe that's only the first half. :eek: This should be really good. Considering that we know Shane is part of the finale, this is bound to be an open-ended episode. But the big question is whether they can get Hawkes out of there!

I'm super excited. Hawkes in the middle of the action, and the team working to help him escape. Good stuff. :D
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It's-gonna-be- A-M-A-Z-I-N-G:eek::eek::eek:
just half of it?:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:

Action, action, action and the team working together!:drool::drool::drool::drool::drool:

are you sure this isn't the Season Finale? It sounds incredibly GOOD!

we are getting excellent episodes!!!!:drool:
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just half of it?:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:
I know! :lol: It looks like so much information (and it is), but that's just the first half! :eek: I'm always careful not to give too much away (because it would ruin the episode, and also because I don't want to risk having the spoilers dry up), so I felt a little odd posting that much - but that's the major stuff from the beginning of the episode, and the second half will be even more exciting. :thumbsup:
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Thank's Faylinn sound really good I can't beleive I want to be end of march already:alienblush::drool: but no mention of Danny in this one ????
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Everybody but Sid is mentioned - the team seems to be taking a backseat to Hawkes in 6.19. They're in the lab, but the episode looks like it'll focus on Hawkes at the penitentiary.

*edits original spoilers to put that the whole team is there*
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Looks good. Thanks, Faylinn!

I recently watched a movie about a prison riot that got me in awe. I know better than to expect half the awesomeness, but I hope this episode is better than the rest of season 6 so far. Of course, we all know evil Shane Casey will escape. If he didn't, well, that'd be really shocking.

BTW, where's Sheldon lover?:scream:
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Thanksssssssssssssssssssssss a lotttttttttt Fayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :)

Grt Line in Scene tonight-- Hawkes: "Sid, we're not always right, but not always because we're wrong." CSI: NY writer's are doing a grt job!
Il y a about 3 hours from UberTwitter


The title Rédemptio, reminds me that maybe or Shane wishes to redeem himself to Sheldon wanting that the truth is made concerning her sister (thirst of the truth as his brother did not make him with him.

Let be he in madman downright lol and that it is just a good reason for him lol to occupy the cops with taking out their buddy from there and to offer the opportunity to put veils(sails) without being lol too much seen!

In any case, He strong guy, because how he knew for Reggie, how he had killed the sister of Sheldon?

After it maybe during the season 3 when he followed him, he had maybe already conducted his investigation and when he said to himself that that would serve him one day when the other one lol

To motivate him to go out of prison and Danny's badge, I always wonder what expects from him

To have put him in prison lol, he made him no evil thus why make all this?
What does he really want?

And his badge, that does he want to make it? To kill and make carry the hat to Danny?

Put him a monstrous pressure to hurl him the blow fatal in the final

Maybe that Danny is only a delusion lol and that in fact it is one other its prey lol

Adam, Mac, lol Lindsay, Lucy lol
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Okay, wow....either there's been some serious turnover with the writers, or they've been waiting all along to pull out all the stops for the end of the season :wtf: Redemption sounds more exciting than the rest of S6 put together (including Epilogue).

Oh my god, Sheldon. Between his ex-girlfriend and his sister and his uncle, it feels like the guy's had nothing but pain in his life. It's about time they focused on this stuff again.

Kind of surprised that this episode implies that Shane Casey hasn't escaped yet ... on the upside, someone else might notice that Danny hasn't had a badge in weeks now.
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Wow, that sounds like an amazing episode! So awesome to see something like that for Hawkes--nice to see him take center stage, and sounds like a really intense ep!

I do kind of wonder how Shane got Danny's badge/dog tags, got his prints on the dog tags and sold them all from jail. I guess we'll find out soon enough...

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That does sound like an interesting episode! Hill Harper will be awesome, I'm sure. :)
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Sounds like there will be some excitement... finally :D can't wait!!
Re: CSI: NY Season 6 Spoiler Discussion - Solving Crime in the Empire

IT SOUNDS FREAKIN' INTENSE! Hawkes <3 Poor guy! I can't wait to see this episode!
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Hawkes had a sister? That came out of the blue.
Nice to hear about Shane Casey again... I was afraid that storyline wasn't going to pick up until the season finale.

Defiantly has the potential to be an amazing episode.
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WOW Can't wait for that episode! it seems a bit intense for CSI NY though
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