CSI: NY Renewed For Season 8!

Well, there is a beautiful light at the end of the tunnel, folks!

According to The Hollywood Reporter...

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Ratings for the procedural from Anthony Zuiker aren't what they once were though the franchise as a whole is hugely valuable to the company. Its seventh season, which wrapped Friday, has averaged 10.4 million viewers.

Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior
The spinoff from Ed Bernero stars Academy Award winner Forest Whitaker as the chief of the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit and haD averaged 9.3 million viewers since its midseason launch.
The news follows the recent axing of S#!* My Dad Says, The Defenders and Mad Love, which were canceled on Sunday.

Are you excited to see the show come back for another season?
I am so happy :D:D So very glad NY is coming back. The season finale has left us with a very interesting beginning for season eight and I'm really looking forward to see how everything evolves from there. There's also the very wonderful, awesome reality that we get at least one more season of Sela/Jo :D.
Thank God! Yes! Hahahaha!!!! While the finale was awesome, I felt that itwas not yet the end. The show left us with some ineteresting things to think about that I wanted another season! Plus, I want to see more Sela/Jo. It would be a shame to have her for only one season. Thank you CBS!

They definitely made the right choice in my book. I tried watching CM:SB a few times and I just didn't like the show or the characters. I wasn't even that fond of the acting and I usually like Forest Whitaker. I'm excited to see where they take NY next season. :D
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Are we sure? I feel a happy dance coming on! :thumbsup:

We're sure! Here's some more information coming from Deadline...

In the battle of the bubble crime-drama spinoffs, veteran CSI: NY won a reprieve with a last-minute renewal, while freshman Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior is being canceled after a short midseason run. I hear the size of the order for CSI: NY has not been set.

There has been speculation that it may not be a full-season 22 episodes. It came down to the wire between the two series, both owned by CBS. Yesterday, CBS made all other freshman cancellations -- The Defenders, $#*! My Dad Says and Mad Love -- but left Suspect Behavior in contention. Given the great success CBS has had with expanding its CSI and NCIS crime drama franchises, Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior has been a disappointment, never finding its footing behind the mothership Criminal Minds series on Wednesday. Meanwhile, while taking a dive in the ratings in its move from Wednesday to Friday this season, CSI: NY has a rich off-network syndication deal and sells well internationally. P.S.: For those who keep asking about The Good Wife, it is not in danger. Neither is Blue Bloods.
Best news in a long time!!The celebrations can now begin!!I can't believe the show has been renewed!!!Many sites had NY in big danger...Let us hope now for a great season 8!!!
Think i'm going to have face-ache by the end of today can't stop smiling :) it's nice to know CBS have as much faith in a show as we do and hopefully move it back to a better slot where it can do much better! altho for a friday night show the scores pulled in were pretty damn good i'm told!

Season 8 yay baby! bring it on! cannot wait to see it already! season 7 ending left enough open for a renew and i can't wait to see where the show takes the cast in season 8 :)
Happy that it's coming back, even if it's a half season. Certainly feel better than I did last year at this time, when Cold Case wasn't given one more year to wrap everything up.
Happy that "CSI: New York" was renewed, but disappointed that "Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior" was not; I thought that series was quite good and had a lot of potential for development.
Happy that it's coming back, even if it's a half season. Certainly feel better than I did last year at this time, when Cold Case wasn't given one more year to wrap everything up.
Yes I totally agree! Cold Case ended on terrible note because there wasn't an closure. CSI: NY deserves a proper end story. Like the season finale, they did a good job at making an appropriate end for people. so glad to see some more Gary.