CSI: NY Renewed for Season 5

Yay! At least 30 more episodes guaranteed to be in the works. :lol:

Oh Flack and Danny shirtless, such a fangirl's dream. :lol: :devil:

I would definitely love to find out more about whatever happened to Louie. We didn't get any closure from that story line. Are we to assume he's okay or has he suffered any lingering effects from his injuries. I can't believe TPTB dropped this story line like a hot potato. Grr.... I want closure! Is it too much to ask? Continuity is the name of the game. That I want more of. :lol:
It was pretty expected that CSI: NY would be renewed, but I always love it when they give an offical announcement. :D Wow, soon we'll have our 100th CSI: NY episode! Imagine that. Don't wanna sound corny, but how time flies. :lol: I wonder what they will do for that episode?
ryansnuttytart said:
It's great news. Let's just hope that over here in the UK the channels are prepared to pay to show the show here (hope that made sense).
Woo! *joins in on celebrations!*

I'm sure Channel 5 will continue to pay for the CSI franchise - it's their cash cow, so to speak lol. I doubt they'll be letting this one go for a while!

Do my eyes decieve me? Did I just skim through and read a shirtless Danny and Flack? I'm booking my front row seat now! I should be in Canada by then so I'll be able to catch the start of the season! I hate how they make us wait in the UK, especially hard when you're like me and trying to stay spoiler free!

Anywhoo, here's to tying up some loose ends and shirtless Flack and Danny in season five! ;)
Woot, I'm so glad that everybody is still there and working in CSI NY, I like the cast they have now, they all work really well togetehr.

CAn't wait to see what the new season will bring!
Unsurprising, yet awesome nonetheless :D

Here's hoping for more interesting and intricate storylines in the upcoming season!
(jumping up and down in excitement) Sure we all knew that CSI:NY was coming back. It's a great show.
I'm drooling over the thought of a shirtless Flack or Danny. Both guys have really nice bodies. (still drooling) (daydreaming about Don Flack)
I would love to work my way up to prime suspect on this wonderful website if only a certain Det. Don Flack would put the handcuffs on me LOL. Det. Flack you can arrrect me any day of the week.
I go away for abit (NO INTERNET!!) and come back to this great news of new eps and seasons!!

Fay i'm with you- bring back Louie!!