CSI:NY Picture Thread #3- Bring on the Pictures!

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:D You are welcomed!

Had a couple of hours free, so I made some HR caps for episode 402. Very big ( 1280 x 720 ) and heavy pics so I zipped them in 2 folders.

100 1280 x 720 caps

57 1280 x 720 caps

I’ve uploaded the zips to a hotlinking kind of server so the bandwidth is limited. ;) If you are going to post these any other place than talkcsi, please credit and re - upload.
OMG all of the pics are amazing!!!

Thanks everybody!!! :D

Man, Stella looks so pretty with that dark red (like the red wine LOL) shirt in the previous page :D. And OMG she's clapping so she's there with Mac *dances*. And the new presentation is sooo cool, I haven't seen it at all, and still they don't have Sid on it hmmm that's unfair.

I'm soo downloading those zips!!!

Thanks!!! :D
Any new promo pics for the up and coming episodes? The thread had sliped to the second page so I thought I would bump it up a bit. :D
Lorelai, fantastic pics. I know it has been said many times, but you do a terrific job. I've tried making caps, and can't get them that large. Just terrific.
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