CSI: NY icon competition-Ch.#18-Black, White & Color- Now Up

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So now that I have the green light, I can finally put this up. This is a New York icon competition, and the layout will be a bit diffrent than some other icon competitions.

The format will be as follows. We're going to start with the main character (Mac) and then work our way all the way down until we have no characters left. When this comes, we will do that cast as the last competition. Then if you guys want to continue you can give me suggestions.

So our first round will be Detective Mac Taylor.

Here are the rules:
1. You may use ANY Mac Taylor screencap, but it must be from the NY show, no movies that the actor was in or anything like that. The icon must consist of ONLY that character, no other characters should be in the foreground of the icon.
2. You must send your icons to me, Wyoming via PM. DO NOT post your icons anywhere else, this is anonymous, and if I find them posted somewhere else they will be DQ'd. I will PM you back so that you know I got them.
3. When you submit your icons please give me both the image, and the link. Makes it just a little easier.
4. Don't go around telling other people to vote for you, because that's just lame and it's not showing that you have true talent.
5. Your icons must be 100x100 pixels. If they aren't, I'll have to resize them and they never look as good :(
6. You are allowed to enter a maximum of three icons.
7. The use of promo pictures is not allowed
8. Have fun and be creative!

Also: I am only a beginner at the whole creativeness stuff, so I probably can't make you a banner, but maybe if we are lucky we could get cofi_shot to help us with that when the time comes :D

The deadline for this first competition is Saturday, November 25th, 3:00 EST Good luck everyone!

ETA: promo picture rule
Re: CSI: NY icon competition: Round #1

I love icon challenges so count me in. I´m gonna start with it tomorrow. I´m too tired today.
Re: CSI: NY icon competition: Round #1

this is completely off topic but , i just love your avatar SamStokes!
Re: CSI: NY icon competition: Round #1

Sweet, I'm in! I'm on vacation right know so I'll have to make the icons on a laptop so they might not turn out great, but I'll give it a try! :) One question, how many icons can we send in?
Re: CSI: NY icon competition: Round #1

I've had a few questions about this. People have been asking if they can use the promo pics for their icons, the answer is no. One of the resons why I'm leaving the choice of caps to you is because I think the selection of pictures is one of the most essential steps to making icons, Promo pictures are always good choices, but caps aren't always the best pictures. That was my fault, sorry guys, keep those icons coming though!
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Jessica, if you want it, I could make the winner banners for you? I'm not very good at it but I'd love to do it.
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MissRoosFox that would be GREAT. Thanks so much!
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