"CSI: NY" actors to be on "Hawaii Five-0"


Three CSI: NY stars will be on Hawaii Five-0 in the next couple of months. According to Peter Lenkov in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Anna Belknap, A. J. Buckley, and Melina Kanakaredes will all be guest stars. Per The Futon Critic Anna will be in episode 5.13 scheduled to air January 30th. Per Spoiler TV A. J. will be in episode 5.15 scheduled to air February 13th. I couldn't find when Melina will be on.
I read about that too. It looks like that Melina's character is Karen, an AFT Special agent who is after a serial arsonist, wtih whom she has a personal vendetta. Looks promising.
I'm not a fan of Hawaii 5-0, especially that Borth chick with that nerve-grating baby voice. I do like that big shrimp guy, though. But, I'm thinking of seeing these episodes just for the CSI: NY actors. I'd like to see them out of the stormy-toned atmosphere of the NYPD lab, and all decked in colorful Hawaiian outfits, especially A.J. But, if Eddie Cahill would guest star as well, I'd like to see him in badass colorful surfer trunks. :drool:
I like Hawaii 5-0 mostly because its remind me a little of Rio de Janeiro ( even though it's summer here and hot as hell). But what can I do, I'm a woman of tropics! BTW, has Anna episode already aired?
Yes, Melina is on tonight's episode. I think they stream live a day or so afterward. Melina looked fine. Her character was good--a little grittier than Stella. LPGA golfer Michelle Wie had a cameo at the very end.
I watched last night's H50 and it was really good! Great to see Melina again. She did very well on the episode. I hope she comes back. I forgot to see Anna and AJ's episodes. Maybe I'll wait for the repeat and record them.
There was an open window for her to come back. It seems that the arson guy (amazing actor btw) will escape and I believe he will track her like an abusive husband goes after his runaway wife (like the second plot of the episode - a good one except that the actress they played Amber is very weak).
Melina's job was fantatisc as I expected to be. I didn't see Stella there in any moment, evem tough Kathy Milford (not Karen as I posted before) is also a cop. she worked nicely with everyone on the episode, specially the show main actor.